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May 29, 2015 To Adam Trombly (http://projectearth.com/about/adam-trombly), from Will P. Wilson, about your appearing on the AllDayLive and other televised programs by phone/Skype - https://twitter.com/alldaylive - sometime. https://www.facebook.com/willpwilson
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From Will P. Wilson, in reference also to my broadcast colleagues Patricia Shupe, Don Grahn, Laura Solway, Angelica, Keith Ljunghammar, Keith Dougherty, Mathew Gordon, (http://www.OldTobyStrain.com), Lyle Courtsal - author of Violent Politics, Gerald Sutton, Criminal Spirituality, Dr. William B. Mount, Shawn Abrell, Ron Gillman, Curtis Kimble, and to former guests on our televised programs, Eric Griffin, Derrick Robinson (https://www.freedomfchs.com/), Lorien Fenton - http://supersoldiersummit.com/, and author Sam Jenkins, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=17LCAjEJ1r4, How Black Ops Stopped Ascension, Richard P. Sheridan, Stew Webb, http://www.StewWebb.com, Chip Tatum, http://www.ChipTatum.com and others.

About an invitation to appear by phone on the AllDayLive, Call4Investigation, Truth vs. News, All Ways Pursuing Truth, and Mind Control USA, programs that are archived and broadcast weekly worldwide from http://www.SeattleCommunityMedia.com and on local Seattle & King County cable TV channel 77/23. These programs once they are broadcast on local cable TV and archived also then fall under all Federal Copyright protection.

To Adam Trombly, (http://projectearth.com/), from Will P. Wilson, the producer of the weekly AllDayLive, MediaCific & other programming Cable & Internet, Archived broadcast on http://www.SeattleCommunityMedia.com - http://www.MediaCific.com . My contact information is - willpwilson@gmail.com - (206) 383 - 4817 - and my colleague Angelica can be contacted at her e-mail - - Whereas, Angelica has researched the misuse of Neuro Economic Warfare Research Being Mis Used On Millions of Targeted Individuals Worldwide. Her input is in part briefly written about below. Angelica has great deal more to report.

Adam, I haven't seen you since the Hans Nieper European Free Energy Conference in 1987.

I am involved with my responsibility to serve as a informed messenger who is trying to perform as an effective news reporting catalyst on my weekly AllDayLive (And, other programs.), televised interviews and documentaries of important events and people every week.

We are currently in a worldwide and serious Global Extinction Event and most people are not even the slightest aware that we as a people need to find remedy now or all humanity will also become extinct, soon, very soon.

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I am only trying to bridge our community awareness so that then more then only a few informed and insightful people will not only be being the only ones even talking about finding remedy.

Thereof, that maybe then and soon all of our community then will also not just be only sitting around and hopefully even just talking about it.

And, that then our global community will begin to be talking about finding answers to this huge unbelievable dilemma that the entire planet is in right now.

And a global community beginning to at least appear as if they are trying to appear as if they are doing something about this gigantic worldwide mess.

At least acknowledging that this (Fukushima and other evasive and invasive super developed deadly forms of warfare technologies.) that is now happening, and that this circumstance is very serious.

All of this encompassed nuclear contamination being now proliferate through uranium nuclear particulate from world wide military activities.

Nuclear contamination that is also mostly not even being properly monitored worldwide.

But that soon our community is going to have be the ones who will actually be seeking (Technological.) remedy to this gigantic mess.

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And, that this will then lead to the enactment of such technological and implemented operations guidance for the implementation of the such operationally accepted technologically defined remedy that then can then shut down this worldwide contamination insanity.

Remedy that may also involve the over riding of already considered to be already involving advance worldwide contractor operated cloud computing data base Advanced Human Psychotronic Behavior, Mind Control Research, Development, Contractor Implemented Under Research support .

Two known contractors as Angelica has pointed out are the worldwide Pro Mega Corporate Networks, and the Tableau Cloud Computing Networks, that all apparently directly tie into the DHS Dept. of Homeland Security, the NSA, the CIA, etc., etc., (ABC Soups.) who all also all receive their contractor funding through these fusion centers.

What can then only be considered to a very advanced operational bio warfare technologies system that resides under the mostly globally un conscious and un awareness of this earth's entire population.

A sleeping global lack of awareness of peoples and countries who are need even the least even thinking about the critical circumstance their entire world is really in at this time. Let alone the misuse of advanced psychotronic and other exotic technological research and experimentation being implemented on many many millions of unknowing targeted Individuals worldwide. and all continents.

A mess of unmonitored and mis used super advanced technologies that are only being currently used to destroy the entire planet and the entire human race.

Targeting of many hundreds of millions of T - I's who have been the key focus of what is disguised as being only considered as being research.

Deadly and Destructive Research that has only encompassed mostly the use of also advanced energy technological research that can only considered to referenced as being super advanced Psychotronic and other arrays of super advanced weaponry.

Super advanced types of research and development that is currently not being monitored whatsoever and or even mostly even being known about let alone as being even commonly known about and how many tens of thousands of contractor groups are involved in this by the way.

Unmonitored and mostly Un Known global communications systems being used for unwarranted Neuro Economic Psychotronic Research and Development.

Un Monitored and the Un Warranted use of Neuro Economic Psychotronic Research and Development of (And, the Global Money Laundering.), Advanced Militarized and Weaponized Weapons Technologies Contracting and Sub Contracting Through Neuro Economic Banking and Fusion Centers worldwide.

All of this worldwide electronic (Harassment.) covert weaponized technological cloud computing systems also tie directly into all of the global cell phone and communications and banking data base systems.

Advanced Neuro Economic Research that has led to the murder and to the destruction of many many millions of unwitting and un knowing victims worldwide,.

Thereof, to consider as to how the implementation for the shutting down of these Global Neuro Economic Fusion Center Financed Perpetrator (Perp.) referenced worldwide Militarized, cloud computing databases.

How can these heinous and globally threatening operations be over ridden and shut down?

thereof, for us to able to begin seeing this shutting down of these highly earth and human threatening programs to thus be not only shut down but the victims and the targeted individuals who are still among the still surviving be compensated for their misery and for their suffering.

It is time for our community, and for all of our communities to begin to work together to help us all being to be informed of our duty to sustain our global community and in part this also means the shutting down of toxic and destructive technologies as well.

It is our duty as responsible community members to begin to responsibly begin to inspire our community to begin to start implementing the resolution to enact proper mandated and managed implementation of these soon to be commonly accepted future alternative andf free clean energy technologies and under the guidance of proper technological management guidance worldwide.

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JULY 10, 11 & 12, 2015 – (Friday, Saturday & Sunday)http://energyscienceconference.com/

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Where the Hell is Matt? 2012 -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pwe-pA6TaZk
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bNF_P281Uu4 - http://i.ytimg.com/vi/ogcqFaNbah4/default.jpg

Posted on May 29, 2015 by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, on the http://www.APFN.org Message News Board - http://disc.yourwebapps.com/Indices/149495.html


It is our duty as a concerned worldwide community, to now do something, now. Will P. Wilson -

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