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The White Fish has been Awfully Stalled; you Lost your Lives
Fri May 29, 2015 10:05

The white fish has been awfully stalled; you lost your lives.

Your artificial views have been put away for everyday. Judah has offed us out. Our fields soaked with nuclear waste. Totally he threw us away with corrections. Banged us with muscle we provided to him.

Now theyíre boursing our selfish selves out.

We're boursed Geranimal. He's truly dead. Is it too late to ask, why did labor not stop itself from being made dead too? Bitch beside himself with his failure here. Donít you see that you have sourced yourselves right on out of life?

A false family has crushed us. Gave us massages too. A heroin state of snake. "I love you all." Bitch's last words if there is no one around to hear them.

So sorry we had to destroy ourselves.

We were warned year in and year out. To no effect. Now the wasting days big time begin. Selfish, foolish. The crimmen has gotten in and penetrated our nation to end it. Instead of asking "Why" we let him do it might it be more useful to ask "What will it take to end it?"

The nightmare of death and destruction of planet earth and its resource base. World war funded by American labor. Who will be left to question why so many did nothing as they were wiped out of life form?

"With NATO I opped you," Judee say.

Intelligent people living well. Richest land to ever appear. Nothing we can't build or deliver. We let them score our resource base. What could we ever be thinking to allow it to happen to us?

Heart attacks. Radiation induced polio. A new wave of paralyzed children. A new march of dimes. Is it not seen it is all part of Judee plan? Has Judah not demonstrated mastery over the rest of ordinary man? Knocked us right out and not a move has been made to save anyone, even ourselves.

Apparently the mouse and minnow thought they could side step getting involved with the dangerous Judah. Not so. He's got the kids and grandkids now. Those yet to be born, poisoned to. The white fish has put himself out of here for the assault of war that he is doing. Under cover of war that he is fighting for Judah sport, Judah pushed him and his right on out of here. How's that for Jewish?

"My parade throws you rightly," Judee say.

A cannibal force. The strength of the psyche of one who preys on his own species. The manager who counts. Falsing out our selves. Frightened? Not mature enough to save ourselves? Too mentally controlled to free ourselves from the parasite trance? What can it be that is keeping labor frozen into shooting us?

We failed our rights viciously. The gift of God that was made the law of the land in 1791. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Americans of today failed to demand them in. What will it take to stop them from burning us all out? Judah makes it look as if it is white folks that are prejudiced. Judah the racist that has sown disharmony in every land that he has been a tourist in.

"STRIKE THEM OUT, you'll be a state true again." Tele receive. 3.06 AM

God our Father is mourning the loss of his Simian children of planet earth. Druid, only funding his own destruction still. If only Bitchie wouldn't have insulted ya's, might you have saved yourselves?

Judah will fall out the day that you walk out. No push, no shove, no violence at all. A general strike by labor and Judah will be gone. No more war. No more poisoned food and drink. No more fighting. A world to live in at peace. Instead of God mourning the loss of his children, will our good God not be soothed by us living in peace? Father loves us all. He sure will be soothed if only his children will help us and STRIKE THEM OUT!

We have no peace though, Druid is funding and fighting sport war for Judah. Judah snuck out the back door and left us scored. His failed attempt to get us with nuclear missiles known quite widely. Still no response from the people who are paying for our dying; ourselves.

Shooting his war chemicals on us. Looks to be nuclear waste heart attacks will do the best numbers. Cancer and respiratory diseases will follow. Heart attacks look to be the easiest way to go. Sudden though, no time for good byes to anyone. With cancer, one gets to spend time and say good bye to the family before leaving.

"I'm gonna finish you with my dog, that's my root, I know how to play you great. As the years go on we're throwing you away. We've established sportness. White ghettos I'm closing all over the country. I hold you with a child so I can bourse more terrorism in," Judee say.

"They're defeated." Tele receive. 3.36 AM

Do we not see the difference between the foul force of war and the sweet force of peace? That is, Mercury, Venus and Mars, never fired shot one at Judah. And yet, Judah is defeated.

Do we not see his dangerous beliefs? His self claimed right to harm us. In the face of the love of God for his children. Might a jury of his peers not find the Judah man totally insane?

The unclean soul of Judah; will labor not let them off right? Have they not proven that they do not have the right stuff to transition into higher-level life forms? They're destroying us labor. Must labor not STOP THE WAR?

They know that high-level life forms do not make war. They have known this for many centuries. And yet, because they have been so effective bashing the simpler life forms, they found that they enjoy it just sweet.

Poisoning us at the corporate factory level. Chrome is one of the things they use to take our brains organically out of heads. The old folks in the homes, they use to soften them up and properly get their property before they die them off. Our children in school, useful to confuse their young heads.

1% Judah in collaboration with 9% goy to get us done. 13%, the hands on grips and ground hoppers hired with the money of labor to fit the fist and cage on us. That leaves 77% of us as the population to be poached upon in their zoo.

Less than half of the 77% provide the labor to create all the things that we need. Judah uses war to burn up the surpluses so that he can rightfully claim there is not enough for all of us. It is the fraction of the 77% that is holding him in. The fraction that is Labor. Will labor not end its subordination to war?

The ordinary worker not invited in to consider the big issues of war and peace. Might Judah have convinced many that that arena was only for foreign policy experts? Might the picture of a dog be keeping the people from thinking big?

"It's your punishment Patrick weíre seeking to keep this opp in here," Judee say.

God our Father is mourning the loss of so many of his children from nuclear waste. Having warned us thousands of times over the years to STOP THE WAR and yet labor is letting us be burned right on out of here. Labor is funding our demise, Judah doing all that he can to keep his opp in to punish Patrick for throwing him out.

Patrick would just love to sooth Father. Would love to end Father's mourning for the loss of his children. Patrick would love to STOP THE WAR. But Patrick canít do it. Only labor can.

Judee, flawless in his execution. Thousands of years of winning against the ordinary sort of man in our world. His secret life. His creation of shells in every land to put our kids in.

"Shanty's got em gone." Tele receive. 6.16 PM

Is that not known as a fact? After revealing their shots on us in the middle of the night and then explaining the pictures of their shots in the sky all around the world, did shanty not for sure get Judee out of here?

"I die," Judee say.

Of the 77% of us, the ordinary people, maybe 30-35% are labor. Large numbers of people ready and willing to work, just that Judee has gotten the system designed to lock out large numbers of simple workers. Might it be to dispirit the people? Not having a useful function in society, might that not put crippling feelings into many? Might it not keep many in low or no income situations? Do we see that this abusive economic system is all set in and held in place by whoever has the authority to issue our money? When labor is the issuer of our money, will we not have a fair system for all workers? Sure we will.

While these things will for sure be changed when labor has the authority to issue our money in its hands, do we not see that there is the question of just who will be the survivors of Judah nuclear war upon us here?

How foolish was the man who thought he could mock God and survive? As Judah has gone into his undergrounds to die off, do we not see the right of the divine justice of God?

Though the ordinary person does not mock God, how is it that the ordinary worker has ignored the thousands of warnings from our good God to STOP THE WAR?

Judah ignored God's command to love one another. Now he is gone from us for ever more. Has labor given any thought to how it has ignored the thousands of warnings from our good God to STOP THE WAR? What might be the outcome of failing to heed God's warnings to us to end our involvement in sinning against our family in this world?

Too comfortable to want to involve ourselves in stopping the war? Has money made some helpless? Why invite calamity in? May be if I donít think about it it will all go away? Is that ostrich?

The ostrich has been raped out, he is dead my friends. Poisoned out with his kids.

"Foolish to do nothing." Elders have said for years.

They donít say "You're foolish, " merely, "Foolish to do nothing." Do we note how polite our elders are? They never criticize us in any way.

The rains and mud slides of recent days. Any chance that Judah may have had a hand is such devastation here? Possibly HAARP induced storms of unusual proportions? Here's a reverse speech of a high level elected person:

"It was an old mud slug, my chrome be sportin milk," Judee say.

Once labor takes the authority to issue our money into its hands, will not look into what Judee has budgeted for his secret HAARP weather war programs? Will labor not end the weather war that Judah is waging against us here?

"Our hosiery failed to muss you right. I used my missile, I'm sorry I didn't do it right. I notice always stupid truth holds you up. It's essential you see white people close you rude. I see white peoples, I see sport, now I'm dead for my crumble. The white head, we're setting you out. We wipe the white people soon. White people have a beautiful life I bare. I stabbed you right and I fell," Judee say.

"I notice always stupid truth holds you up."

Is a picture not truth? If it is a stupid truth, why should that hold us up? So Judah buys some stupid truth about Bitch from 30 some years ago, should such stupid truth hold us up from saving ourselves? As one Tele receive asked, "What's some silly bullsh*t got to do with them killing us?"

"These guys are crazy." Tele receive. 5.27 AM

Their sucker punch in the middle of the night, is that not pretty convincing these guys are crazy? We need some help to get them off of here. They'll race us until we all have died. Will labor not help us let them off of here right?

God almighty sent Jesus Christ of Nazareth to give us the good news of the love of God the Father for us. Are we understanding that it is only the love of God that has kept us alive through the nuclear wars that Judah has waged upon us here?

Over 40 nuclear power plants shut down in the last two years due to emergency or other unscheduled reasons. Are we not grasping that nuclear waste is the other half of Judah nuclear technology of genocide of us? The first half was Judah nuclear blast technology. Didnít he scare us with that?

God has had the angels pull all the blast shots off. All we need to get out is Judah nuclear waste shots now. Is there not some way that the ordinary people of labor will respond to the love of God and get the nuclear dirty bomb shot shut down?

God our Father is mourning the loss of his children to nuclear waste. Judah is shooting off the radioactive equivalent of 2688 Hiroshima sized bombs every day, from his dirty bomb Hitachi-GE reactor at Fukushima.

Judah reports in reverse speech that he has succeeded now in poisoning to death 45 million people in America. This number to pass away in the next 6 years from his genocide war chemicals, his Hitachi-GE dirty bomb shot.

If he is funded to allow him to keep shooting us, in about a month he will have sealed in, non reversible, the loss of 200 million people in America over the next 6 years. The majority of people will not be around in only 6 years if labor keeps funding the war upon us here.

All reported, all known, to those who wish to be informed. Father has done so much for us here. Father has saved us from Judah blast genocide. Doesnít that count for something? Is there not some way that labor will thank our beautiful precious sweet Father and end funding the slaughter of his children on earth?

Will labor not STOP THE WAR to sooth Father? How about stopping the war to save ourselves?

Bitch owes his life to beautiful sweet Father. Father had a guardian angel keep Bitch in all these years. Grandfather was watching over me all the time. Sure would like to try to repay the kindness shown to me. If only labor would STOP THE WAR, it would sooth Father so. Grandfather's time then would not have been wasted caring for me.

If you havenít figured it out yet, you are being destroyed. Judah is dissolving us with his nuclear waste instrument. He tells us until we take his bourse away from him, he will keep killing us all.

"Our powerful ways ruse the guys mental right. I show you some pictures to make you snap," Judee say.

They're dying some of us off here big time. Their syndicate racket is taken out now. They're off of the cow for ruse. Yet mutilating it still. Will labor not find the guts to put our rights in again? God gave them to us labor. Papa loves us all. Will labor not put Papa care in? Must labor not end the genocide?

Do we not as of yet recognize that Judah fish have a problem? They have a personal problem that elders define as the "cannibal complex."

They have the same hardware that we do. Two legs, two arms and two eyes and ears. Teeth and toes, the same as most everyone else. It is in their software that we find the differences. Their attitudes, beliefs, their theories of how things should go.

They know they have a problem. We might call it an anger management disorder? They've turned their errant character development problem into a problem for all of us. They claim a right to harm others to solve their personal problem.

They know at the conscious level that their problem is crazy, and we do to. They seek out those who have never harmed them, spend generations working the innersprings to breed up look alike shells to the people in the terrain. Once they get a good grip on them, then they exterminate them all. Is that not some strange sort of a problem?

They call it their "sport."

"I sport you right, genocide." Judee say.

"I'm always foul so I have to sport," Judee say.

"I used my missile, I'm sorry I didn't do it right," Judee say.

We know that Judah has planted atomic bombs in our El cars, and throughout our cities. The CTA "Ghost train," that went through 5 or more safety shut down switches to ram into an other train. It takes two hands to over ride a safety switch. How could such a thing happen? Do we not see the supernatural hands of our elders from space?

Elder Maxmilian, our brother from outer space, said four words to President Truman when the decision of whether or not to use an atomic bomb on the children of God was being made:

"Destroy them, you're out."

Now the fully cracked and their half cracked in a shell, theyíre out of here now. Will labor in the name of our good God not help us? We're being fully destroyed.

For Christ's sake labor will you not do something to stop us from perishing?

"White ghettos I'm closing all over the country. It's essential you see white people close you rude."

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That last reverse speech came from a person that appeared to be a white fish. Do we see how Judee has his inner spring 5th c

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