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Soon All States Will Manage All Agriculture by Seed to Sale.
Sat May 30, 2015 22:14

May 27, 2015 This e-mail informative input is for all to now know a little more about.

That Soon All States, and all State Departments of Revenue, Will Be Managing and Legislating To Take Control of All Agriculture Data Base, Bar Coding, and Remote Security of all Agriculture in their Jurisdictions to Control all Seed to Sale and not just for Cannabis and Hemp. http://cdn4.theweedblog.com/wp-content/uploads/medical-marijuana-raids.jpg - http://www.nicolewolfart.com/images/color/Wolf,N_mycology.jpg -
http://www.mycology.adelaide.edu.au/ - http://www.mycology.adelaide.edu.au/images/cover3.gif

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Concerned People are as Precious as all of Gods Greatest Treasure, because try to imagine if there weren't any concerned people to be found any where. Who are We, if we don't even try to change this matrix?

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William Mount Happy 70th Patch Adams Thu May 28, 2015

Consider as to what may also be transcending into also being possibly another area of Seed to Sale Data Base and Bar Code, and remote security monitoring of what may also become Spore to Sale in all areas of Mushroom Mycological markets, as well.

Mycological Agricultural Markets that soon will possibly be encompassing medical mycological research and development since it has also been found that certain types of mushrooms including ones that are psycho-active also can stop cancer, psoriases, and remove nuclear contaminants from the human body. .

Seed to Sale infrastructures will be transcending soon into encompassing all agriculture management infrastructures.

That the soon to happen Seed to Sale Data Base, Bar Coding, and Surveillance Applications will be also involving (Very soon.), the evolution of how we think and how we will begin to think and to see a different way of doing doing things in this matrix we are in and on concerning how we sustain and manage our agriculture markets and sectors.

And, our beginning to see ways and how we do things we have never seen or done before in this reality and in and on our earthly matrix.

Thereof, but that will soon be what we will now be transcending to be able to see newer and different ways, and newer and different things.

Hence, and to be able to find the results from our actions and from of our being able to now being able to think and to see a different way of doing and seeing things. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eX0IjD5DPQI
That the Seed to Sale applications will also now transcend into soon, becoming the way we do, create, and manage agriculture.

That we will soon, have this newly evolving phenomena to contend with, in order to now allow for the many states, counties, provinces, regions, jurisdictions, tribal jurisdictions to begin to re architect a means of agriculture that will thus reinforce and substantially support all sustainable jurisdictional, legislative, tax systems, research, development, educational, legal and commerce infrastructures to now be able to surpass anything a Federal corporate governmental monopoly can try to take control of.

The establishing of this emerging Seed to Sale nationwide, continental wide, hemisphere wide, and worldwide Cannabis and Hemp Industry arena that is now leading to this soon to be an agricultural infrastructure that will become a Data Base Managed Agricultural Transcendence of Production, Management, Shipping, and Commerce.

Especially by all of the many jurisdictions beginning to bridge their jurisdictions through their own shared records of sovereignty, and reconstructed recognition of commerce between the many jurisdictions.

We need to meet with the people here (linked below.) at the Bedini (Free.), Energy Conference in order to begin to architect the future of the critically needed Plasma Water Filtration Technologies that can and that will begin to not only filter out all nuclear contaminant particulate out of our water systems, but that will also be able to also grow gold, silver, and other types and even new forms of crystals that can then help us to begin to regrow our economy for our all of our communities.

Time to think about this and the facilities that will be encompassing this research and development will also be completely run on water sourced free clean energy technological applications.

James Paulsen owner of http://www.OxyClone.com - roots@oxyclone.com -
(206) 730 - 7688 - attention Mathew Gordon (http://www.OldTobyStrain.com) and Mathew B, Top Crop

May 25, 2015 From Will P. Wilson, concerning a world known and respected research scientist and inventor for many years named John Bedini (http://www.JohnBedini.com) who is sponsoring an Alternative Energy Technologies Conference this July 10, 11, 12, 2015 in Coeur d'Alene.


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