UN Conference 30/31 May 2015 - Universe Make Up
Mon Jun 1, 2015 04:02

During the latest Lucis Trust conference there was a most interesting guest that spoke - Dr James T Ryder.

Dr Ryder was the retired VP of Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company.

During the conference he discussed the ongoing Star Ship Construction Program and exactly where the Human Race is when in comes to understanding the Universe. Here are some key points:

1) Science has taken a wrong turn:

a) The last experiment with the Hadron Collider proved that everything we know is false - nothing we predicted occurred. All scientific Gains for hte last 30 years have been incorrect.

b) The medical journals have revealed that 50% of all their published stories overt the last decade have been: Wrong - Fake and outright Fraud.

c) Nature Magazine admitted that 30% - and perhaps much more than that - of their published work have been lies - Fake - Outright Fraud.

d) The Stories were done to obtain US Grant Money and this constant publication of lies has led us down some very wrong roads.

e) The way they thought the Universe is organized is not exactly what they are running into.

f) The original Philosopher Empedodes - who was before Aristotle and Plato - may have had it wright all the time and that by understanding the original philosophers one might truly understand Modern Physics.

g) The sun is neither a gas nor a solid but made up of Plasma. something they do not understand.

h) They can manipulate things but do not know exactly what it is.

i) Steven Hawkins has just admitted that he was wrong about everything - and that Black Holes do admit particles - so really strong gravity can act to attract and repel. If you know him please tell him we can reverse his nerve damage - so please let his handlers know we can fix him at little cost. I will pay for it.

j) 90% of the matter in the Andromeda Galaxy surrounds the planets but is not the actual planets - so the particles seem to be both repelled and attracted at the same time.

k) Magnetism, light, electricity - all work together and are together and are everywhere - so what differentiates a stone from a soul?

l) The US Government does use telepathy and frequencies to invade the minds and screw with people - and he was not in favor of these practices.
2) After crawling into Dr Ryder's Mind it became pretty clear exactly what they do, and do not, know about the Make Up of the Universe - so here goes:

a) The Universe is made up of Band Widths where life is formed. We vibrate at round 85MHtz, the Astral Plane around 8,500MHtz, and so on an so forth.

b) There is an inverse relationship between Band Width and size of the particle and this may be logrythmically. The higher the band width the more space the particle takes up. This is exactly the opposite of what our Space Program invisions.

c) As we move up the harmonics all moves from Dense Matter to electricity, to light, to faster than light and the space between galaxies decreases and our understanding of the properties of each level decreases - as does the effectiveness of our weaponry. Thus light is both particles and light - a combination of particles vibrating at different frequencies traveling together.

d) At the extremely high Bank Widths all of space is completely filled. Thus at this lower level of vibration we think there is a Void - when in fact we are surrounded by energy - "Dark Matter."

e) Accessing this through machines is fairly easy once the structure of the Universe is understood and thijus changing Gravitational Constants can be achieved fairly easily.

f) Just as we have Octaves of sound here in our Music so to we have Octaves of vibration within the Universe and this is manifested in a Logrythmic Patterns as one goes up into higher band widths, although the Fabronachi Principles may apply as well.

g) So to capture these higher energy particles (as the N-1 Generator Does) you would construct an antenna array matching these "Band Widths" of the Higher Energy "Harmonics" and thus have unlimited energy. Now obviously one cannot make an Nanometer Grid so you upscale into inches in the higher band widths and build the grid.

h) Weaponizing is the reverse process: Build a Triangular Antenna matching the "Octave" of the Bandwidth from whence your opposition comes and point the array at the them and energize it and they simply dissolve.

i) When a child is born energy from the Life Plane (highest Plane) begins to grow in the child and it remains unconcious until it is born - when it is aborted it simply goes back to the Life Plane as a sentient being and is grows up on that plane - this is why we say: GOD raises the child - because GOD resides on the life plane.

j) So imagine a bunch of funnels where the tops all connect with energy band widths swirling clockwise, then counter clockwise, then clock wise.... the highest plane is completely filled with highly charged particles and they have a tiny bad width and galaxies are all together. As you go down the particles are less charged and begin to condense and the distance between galaxies begins to emerge. When you get down to this level at 85MHtz the galaxies very are far apart.

k) Suppose you wish to traverse 4 Light Years in - say - in 1 minute - easy. Look at Radionics Communication. Rather than tugging on the entire Funnel to move across galaxies it travels up and then down the Band Widths and communication is instantaneous.

l) When you try and travel at a high rate of speed in the Lower Harmonics you tug and pull at every harmonics above you - since they are all inter connected. You pull against allot of energy. Try working inside the energy field and travel using the higher harmonics to propel you not restrict your movement.
Okay - Too Much Info

My guess is that this information will now be used by many different nations, and Corporations, very soon.

Just as easily as one can find an Rogue Nuke or read a human body - one can comprehend the Universal Make Up. It is all in the mind of the Living GOD.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

As a side note: If one fully understand the Old Testament in the Hebrew and the New Testament in the Greek these writings are completely consistent with these writings. This is why the Pinhead Lucifer can never beat GOD - GOD's control, and understanding, of the make up of the Universe and GOD's Ability to eliminate beings like Lucifer is incredible. Yeshua (Jesus) is GOD's direct representatives to us as Humans. No own can deny Yeshua - not even Lucifer.

Just watch the Demonically Possessed generals run form me this after noon as I go onto Fort Lewis - as they did during the Memorial Day Celebration a few weeks ago.

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