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"This Milistate cashed the white folks." Tele receive. 3.42
Mon Jun 1, 2015 10:09

"This Milistate cashed the white folks." Tele receive. 3.42 AM


"You failed to save yourselves helplessly they scrimmaged you technical. Victims life forces you do well. They busted you's DC. You're pretty nest egg they caught you. Really incredible they sapped you out. They failed the police force real Jewishly irritated. Settlement nest egg leaves you out. Quite abusive raspberry.

You’re all perished now. You’re all disappearing. You fell for disciples. Patrick knew their gen and spirit and racist force. You’re presently assaulted true. Lunatic found the sale. You sort of particled yourselves free. Your real cycles of tissue, they pushed you out. You’re definitely nice toast for them. Your God saved you's and delightfully you discovered truth of university.

Your skirts have died domicide. Your potential has been perversed, you failed to save yourselves. You've been rising helpless. Mature would set you light bulb. You let your life go to martialists. You'll ever burn exhausted. Principal is ever refused as thug.

Helplessly you've been boomed delightful for cash. A useless caper took out your life. Hopelessly you died for lunatics. Sinfully you expired. Delightfully you've failed this tyranny. The Stone Age theory has been sampled perfect. You've skipped your life force foolish. You fell shoot. You saved yourselves horribly wicked. You martialed this land criminally.

You forced out your humous. You're dangerously out fisterly. Your scientist found boot camp real delightfully and helped you see level maturity. The world rates you abusive. You failed to save yourselves, close you up with prison for a while. Catastrophe is coming field way. Police can be sued real nice. When particles come in federals leave.

Your genital rights human have been exhausted. Your genital life is useless. Particles are obviously genocide. Genital leave to roll because you failed to save yourselves. You've established your whole purpose here is bleed. You've been challenged de-sightfully. Your perv is finishing you up. Wholesale capable men have beamed you real tossed out.

Real stupid life force criminalized you's. Punish you'll taste here because you're exhausted Jewishly. This state here, you totally failed to save yourselves. It's going to be additional crisis here. The birds flew away because you failed to save yourselves. They've scrounged your sanity. All failed displacing. Cruelty will disgorge you.

Saved you scientist, criminal died you. Criminally forced you outside. Defiled you everyday with abuse. Conquering squashed you marvelous. Electricity will stretch you awesome. Criminals failed thee nicely. They're dying this field all in fierce.

Their continentals did a dutiplus sale. They failed you nicely. You're evicted nauseous field. Quite corralled by your spitish. They like racially tearing you's up. You're free to their algesight. You were raped great, marvelous fish. You lose your life for free. Homelessness and a morsel. You've been scored by officials using Houston. Outrageous Boston has ever failed you's.

You've failed to save your lives, you lost you lives to criminals. Their deeds are outrageous bourstals. They failed thee ruse. Your Jewish used you real smooth. Your scientist explained it to you electricity. You've failed the universe and have been melted. Excitedly you pushed yourselves out. Your total life force is out of here.

Assaulted you peasantly well. A world of justice you failed. A new age of justice stupidly failed. You failed new provisions well. They just fire you's. Its obvious you've been destroyed Jewishly. You've been toasted now, You've failed to save your own lives.

You've been scuttled victimly incident. Foreman tossed you out. You've established delightfully useless. Failed yourselves in picture. Failed your selves viciously. Nice to be off all your sales. Marine force is delightfully useless. You're endorsing officials off field. Scientist found you fabulously worthless.

Economize has failed you. Congress dolt you for Jewish ness. Delightfully you invested in your lives falling down. It's over here cannibally. Very delightful you yield real estate off. You rightfully dissolved yourself. English do not fail to save yourselves. Nazis are done. You've been delightful hostages exhausted primarily ricely.

Jewish just scored you off the field. Junior was threw out of quality. Immigration will take you rightfully. You'll cease to remember that you were free. A dumb luncheon has failed you. Real jesterly went inside. Got your way done. Caught abusive now. They put you in a file to get you gone. You've established crown players inside force. You've established nuclear rights jaded.

They're tossing you delightful interest. Heretics failed you off of here. Helplessly you’re done for a dumb ruse. Helplessly you failed, they're dying this field. They've assaulted you in health village, they've assaulted you liberty. You've failed the assignment holding a sight.

You've fouled your ables. Your scientist has pushed them out and you've done nothing. They scored electricity. They’ve scored you electrically. Your purity heads have scored you off your field. They've pushed the button and you've done nothin. You ghosted out yourself. It's the end of freedom. Confused nervously they use you's unfair. They risk exciting. 2.00 AM

That is a message heard between 1 AM and 2.00 AM. From elders. It was "B" speaking. Surely it was heard by many others. "Confused nervously?" Might that not be a bad description of many people?

They've been serving us dumb luncheons. Chemicals cooked in to take our intelligence downwards. Widespread they've done this to us. Might that help to explain partially why we have done nothing to protect ourselves from them yet?

It's a racket, a failed one at that. Privatized by 1% of the population. Held into eternal war to produce selective advantage to Judah worldwide. They're done for their big all out nuclear attack upon us. As the minnows die out like flies, it will become even more apparent what they've done.

They've fled and gone into their mountain hotels. The people, might it be that we're so habituated to doing what they say, that we just don't have the ability to think for our own best interests? How have we let them crucify us and our fields while looking right at them make war world wide? More so, how do we finance their assaults upon us and not act to do anything to stop them?

Now finishing us out of life form, they continue to abuse us and our world every single day. Grand juries would protect us, and end their war in all the states of the world. But labor will need to help us. It is labor that is funding the wars. It could as easily fund the peace. Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us a chance to survive their Jewish electricity war?

We're sealed into a major die off. It does require some thinking to see the truth. Judah has already won. The die is sealed in.

Bitch, a fair scientist, has been giving you all the truth. He has explained how they are using Jewish electricity to poison our fields and die us all off. That little job you do, it adds to the great collective of wealth that Judah uses to make war. That little bit of labor adds to their powerhouse that they use to smash the world.

Velocity, it has been in operation in Judah underground hotels for about 20 years. It's all figured out, including multi phase motor controls, and has been for well over a decade. Judah wouldn't use dangerous Jewish nuclear electricity in his world; he only puts it into ours to make war on us.

Bitch so sorry to see the people go out with no rights, helplessly poisoned by their own dollar in Judah hands. Any legitimate political operation would have balanced this nation somewhere along here. Judah, fists out our helpful when he finds them. No legitimate political people to be found anywhere. Judah either has them in prison or in the ground.

Bitch is one of them "political boys." One of the ones that goes to the library and looks up legal and economic cases to support those who act in his interests. Some in Chicago referred to Bitch as "Harold's head." Very few ever heard of him, which for him was perfect. Supported Harold Washington (1922-1987) because Harold supported him. Harold was a just say "NO" to nuclear weapons guy.

The honesty of one man may have stopped the series of wars that began in about 1990. That one honest man, Harold, regrettably was already gone for several years. Stolen away by the night cleaning crew that tampered his pies and coffee creamers, and the paramedics that showed up with the double oxygen tank. Are these Judee boys that stole him away not a sly bunch?

Unlimited ability to issue checks for free, do we see what paid to steal Harold away? Do we see what it is that is stealing so many of our real useful away in our world everyday?

News reporter shot to death in Washington DC. News said that it was an accident, it was another person that was the target. Do we not spot a Judah ruse right away?

Our reporters, our political, our legalists, our useful, stolen away. Does labor not see that if you do not protect our people there will be no one left to help you?

Bitch had seen numerous people involved with union activities in the Chicago land area that fell out at young ages with heart attacks and cancers. Some real "freak" work related deaths. Some vehicle accidents. Learned by the 1990s that it was the "invisible hand of the power elite" that were behind it all.

Do we see now that the invisible hand of the power elite was all along actually weap Judah?

He has his kids lure our kids into doing stupid things at young ages to get them into the juvenile system. Start them off on the wrong foot to send them into the wrong direction, making them prison meat at an early age.

When Judah invades a nation, it is a total war that he puts upon the people of the targeted land. Brings his shell people in to take the leadership positions in most all communities. Stages terror attacks to cause the people to not be able to get together on a large community basis. Atomizes the population into "them or us." Spreads racism wherever he goes. Makes court cases with desired outcomes planned before it begins.

When the useful are spotted, an accidental shooting or a false arrest is arranged to remove them from helping us.
DC Reporter Charnice Milton killed in shooting
Video at:

"I just dream a columnist fell, we always cap them all," Judee say.

No coroners grand jury here. How are we to know the truth? Ghosting operation?

The presumption of innocence, what our original American law is based upon, Judee now has made opposite, and uses suspicion rather than "probable cause" to arrest "suspects."

A false arrest will destroy your liberty and may cause you to lose your income and maybe your life. NO legal remedy or redress at this time because Judah has tyranny rule in operation. No ability to civilly sue those who perp crimes against us using official corporate offices to perpetrate them.

Might their ability to false us have been so good that we don’t remember what it is like to be free? The constant menace of a deadly armed corporate clerk assault and kidnapping. Will labor not open our courthouses up? Will labor not bring our grand juries in?

A couple of hours after posting on Weebly Heard a Tele receive that may be related to that last paragraph:

"He's a victim of threats." 1.53 PM

Bitch left Chicago because of Judah threats and then after surviving a set up in Michigan where I had properties, I left that state to. They’re gone labor. Will you not help us open the court houses up so that we can grand jury them right and put this society and world at peace?

Is that not a good read on that? Will labor not get the threatening, menacing armed ciphers out of here? To save your own lives will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Right after that Tele receive heard another one:

"We're clearly after state." 1.55 PM

The state is out of here labor. It has had its franchise revoked, it has lost its permit for genocide. Will labor not get smart and listen to the thousands of warnings from our good God above and STRIKE THEM OUT? Is there anyone who doesn't get it yet? We're being perished by weap Judee.

"This milistate cashed the white folks." Tele receive. 3.42 AM

Does that not bring to mind Judee reverse speech saying, "We had fun with the white guys."

Bitch was thinking it through from the extraterrestrial perspective. He is a Druid with 1/8th weap Judee. As the white fish is the only fish completely subordinated to serving weap Judah sport wars, do we see how Bitch may be useful to our advanced relatives as a spokesperson to the white fish who is being done most seriously wrong? Explain to the white fish Judee is using them to lose their souls by harming our family? We are one family worldwide labor, God made us to love one another. Be certain of that.

The 1/8th Judee gives Bitch enough vitamins for his bullsh*t detector to read the score and the other 7/8th's Druid gives him enough love to want to fix it up for everyone.

Does the white fish not yet see how totally he is being wiped out here by weap Judah and his nuclear waste Jewish electricity storm? When velocity power sources are understood as real, do we not then see how Judee has been plotting to burn us from the inside out of here Jewish electricity ways? Europe is also heavily mined with nuclear dirty bomb power plant shots. Do we not see that it is in the Druid lands that Judee planned to harm us the most?

Druid, the party that allowed for the creation of the United States of America only after a Bill of Rights was accepted as the deal, now has no rights whatsoever that Judah must observe.

From infringing on our liberties, to stealing our property and our lives. Centuries required, wars fought, governments overthrown to bring our rights to life. To do nothing in the face of the ultimate loss of life, liberty, the pursuit if happiness and property by way of nuclear weapons of mass destruction, must Druid not get better here? Have we forgotten the losses suffered by our earlier peoples who made these rights to protect themselves and their descendants in the future?

The American Bill of Rights that were made the law of the land in 1791 are by far, the best protections ever installed for the protection of the lot of ordinary men. The federal courts, under control of weap Judah bourse, have done their cleverest to take them away from us. Today's American stands with no rights at all. Must we not get better here?

"We had fun with the white guys," Judee say.

From the 1215 Magna Carta, a demand that brought trial by jury in, to the grand jury process of 1430 Poland, to the English Bill of Rights in 1689 that was designed for ending cruel and unusual punishment, none have with stood the assault of Judah man.

The new Americans gifted by their founding fathers with the guarantee that a Bill of Rights be put in and stay in. Now we have no rights and are sitting in a violent tyranny system with 1% that is directing the sporting of us all.

Have we not suffered and endured enough corporate state abuses of Judah tyranny century to have an appreciation of why our founding fathers would not agree to the constitution of the United States of America without a Bill of Rights in it?

"They're closing us suckerage." Tele receive. 3.52 AM

Is there not some awareness that that statement is very true? "They're closing us suckerage." For those that have read their bibles, have we not seen all the signs of the end times that are now upon us? Is there not some ability to understand that only one dirty bomb nuclear power plant shot, if allowed to burn for an extended period of time, will kill most everyone on the surface of planet earth?

Continued at:

Judah has another 435 old run down nuclear dirty bomb shots to go. Is there not some sense o

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    • "This Milistate cashed the white folks." Tele receive. 3.42 — Patrick Sullivan, Mon Jun 1 10:09
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