"They're Closing your Right Forces. Potentially Totally Lost
Wed Jun 3, 2015 08:09

"They're Closing your Right Forces. Potentially Totally Lost"

That is a message from Jason, our elder from space. "They’re closing your right forces. Potentially totally lost."

Does labor not see that even though Judah is a dead force for attacking us with nuclear technology, that because he still has the authority to issue our money in his hands he is closing our right forces up?

Viciously we’re crushing ourselves now. A perfect die Judah is holding in place. The long time target for absolute destruction, the Druid, and Judah is only days away from sealing us all into it.

How has the Druid man let himself be reduced to the point that he in the only man shooting for Judah? Is there not some embarrassment that we allow Judah to send us thousands of miles away from our homeland to do home invasions of our family there? Do we see how Judah is using poor white fish for putting the face of Druid on as the molester in our world?

The poor industrial boy, false educated, misered and scrooged by Judah, a boy only looking to earn some income and school credits to make his way in life. Exploited by Judah to lose his spirit and soul. The rest of the Druids in the homeland, are we mentalled so well by Judah that we will not do something about it?

Judah, big smirk on his face. Another day of sending Druid out to do wrong. Druid does it to get a bourse check to eat. As only Judah can issue our bourse checks, do we see why there is so much Druid wrong doing in our world? Will we not relieve the ordinary simple Druid boy from having to fight to eat? Will labor not stop the worldwide Judah policy of genocide?

Will the Druid not become dutiful and help his fellow man? Is filling ones bank account all there is life? Only a short time to go now before we will lose our own spuds as part of Judah brimstone deal.

The man with no rights in the land his ancestors created with a demand for rights for all. Slavers were too strong at the time and could not be put strait. Do we see how the slavers moved in and reversed the nation to before the Bill of Rights was made the law of the land in 1791? Do we see how with taking control of the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money, they have been able to throw us back and put everyone into right less wage slavery now? A forced taking of labor with an income tax. Do we understand that is what they are using to shoot sport war? Will labor not help us and pull the income tax off and STOP THE WAR? We're being absolutely perfectly destroyed. Can we not get some labor assistance to stop it?

The royals specialize in doing the racing for Judah. Always putting the face of white on all the wrong done in this world. Still racing the people of merry of old England, this time with immigration games as a way to hide the real troublemakers in the land; royals, Vatican and Judah.

Royals, a group that also attacked us with nuclear blast weapons, is now as past tense as 'Gone with the wind.' The only place to find them will be in the history books as soon as labor acts and STRIKES THEM OUT.

Long running parasites on the human race that have been aware of the high level extraterrestrial civilizations since 1350 AD, when elders from space introduced themselves to them.

"We're closed up, rubbed Jewish," Judee say.

Blessed are the gentle, for they shall inherit the earth. Matthew 5:5 (NASB)

We need the gentle to come in and help us. Will the gentle not help us STOP THE WAR? Will the gentle not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from Judah and end the brutal of our world?

Bitch understands now that he was beamed up as a baby in the crib and handled by our extraterrestrial relatives. This was done at an early age to acclimate him to interacting with high level Beings. He remembers one incident in specific of being with a group of children his age, about 3, maybe 4 years old, and a Being his height was leading them somewhere. While they were standing waiting, Bitch walked up behind the Being and mischievously pinched him.

The Being turned around and jammed Bitch's right thumb. For his life Bitch had a slightly sore right thumb. Never thought about it much, though did wonder why it was sore sometimes. Bitch has never pinched anybody since. Only in recent years did it come together how the thumb became sore.

Elders revealed to Bitch that they began large interactions with us as children after the second Judah world war, by beaming children up to interact with them. This was to integrate us into the high-level societies that are welcoming us in now. From memory, Maxmilian told Bitch in 2008 that they've been beaming 50,000 children a year up since 1945.

Bitch was shown a video by elders of a human woman holding him as a child, that he now has learned is Sophie von Ferson. Sophie came to Bitch in 2009 while he was sleeping using a high technical device of our elders. She reached hold of me and shook me waking me up. I saw her. A nice looking woman who appeared to be in her forties. Sophie is from earth. She lived on earth in Sweden from (1757-1816). Her name is Sophie von Ferson.
Eva Sophie Piper her married name. A descendant of Pontus De La Gardie.

Sophie is now 258 years of age. Our elders from space invited her to live with them, as they invited Joan of arc centuries before to live with them also. With the life extension science of our extraterrestrial family, our life form can live on average 1,000 years.

Sophie's brother was murdered in 1810 in what appears to be a classic, basic Judee opp. They tried to reach Sophie also, but she was alerted and survived the attempts on her life.

Her murdered brother was Axel von Fersen the younger (1755-1810)

Sophie is a descendant of "Zig zag."

Baron Pontus De la Gardie (1520-1585"

His son

Field Marshal and Count Jacob Pontusson De la Gardie (1583 - Stockholm, 1652)

Axel Julius de la Gardie (1637–1710) was a Swedish Field Marshal and was appointed Governor-General over Estonia. He was son of Jacob and Sophie's great great grandfather

Magnus Julius De la Gardie (14 April 1668 – 28 April 1741), son of Axel Julius De la Gardie, was Sophie's maternal grandfather

Sophies mother, daughter of Julius
Hedvig Catharina De la Gardie (1732–Stockholm, 1800)

For those who are readers of UFO reports and extraterrestrial literature, there are continuing reports of extraterrestrial craft making a "Zig zag" motion through the sky.

Our elders from space choose, as one method to speak to us, with a Meta transiliatory communication. Bitch interprets the "Zig zag," flight pattern of so many UFO's that have been reported, to be a communication. What could the Zig zag motion indicate? While studying about Royal Sweden's complicity in bringing world wars on, reading the history of Sweden, brought me to find Zig zag, Baron Pontus De Le Gardie.

Sophie's brother, Axel von Fersen the younger who was murdered in 1810, had fought on the American side in the revolutionary war. He was awarded the Order of Cincinnatus by George Washington.

What might this all have to do with our extraterrestrial relatives that are still contacting us? Might this be part of the Meta gorical transition of us that they are gifting us with to help us join them in the universe at peace?

Bitch interpretation is that the family starting with Zig zag, appear to be Judah hybrids. Zig zag made his way into service of the royals by his skill at killing his fellow man for the kings and queens. Over 6 generations, the family turned from service to royal sport into activists seeking justice for the mass of the people.

As to giving Sophie an extended life package, might hearing about something like this at this time not help awaken our minds to just what a big universe we are missing by ignoring the plight of our family that is suffering the ravages of sport war? Can we not see the advantages we will have by joining our elders in peace?

Is it not curious, that Judah, who would have known of our elders extended life spans, could have had it for himself? Instead, he chose a shorter life span because to take the deal with the Galacticans, Judah would have had to agree that he would not destroy us. Judah could not bring himself to that level to allow us to live. He had made the decision to destroy us and would not change it then, or now. How is that for an errant life form? Are we seeing yet how neat our extraterrestrial relatives have afforded Judah the opportunity to throw himself out? Will labor not FINISH?

Does labor see that if we only will bring ourselves to peace, rather than having our life form died out with nuclear waste, we all have the possibility for extending our lives into hundreds of years? Doesn't that sound like a nice way to live?

Do we recall reading of Methuselah who was reported to have lived until he was 969 years old? It sounds unbelievable, yet when we understand that our elders from space have been helping us throughout our historical journey, might Methuselah have proven himself so useful that God had life extension gifted to him? If we connect the dots here, do we see that we have always been in the care of our good God above? If this is understood, and we know that our good God is with us now, will labor not make peace for us NOW?

Sophie was part of the Swedish aristocracy. Do we recall that Ireland's attorney general, along with US Defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld were both on the board of directors of the Swedish industrial firm ABB

Rumsfeld sat on ABB's board from 1990 to 2001, earning $190,000 a year. ABB is a European engineering giant based in Zürich, Switzerland; formed through the merger between ASEA of Sweden and Brown Boveri of Switzerland. In 2000 this company sold two light water nuclear reactors to KEDO for installation in North Korea, as part of the 1994 agreed framework reached under President Bill Clinton.

Morris K. Jessup (1900-1959) Dr. Jessup had studied the Philadelphia Experiment and told associates that he had been hired to continue the research in 1959. On his way to another professor's house with his manuscript on "instantaneous displacement," Jessup allegedly committed suicide, by stopping along a road and inhaling carbon monoxide from his car.

Morris Jessup had talked with a man known to him as Carlos Allende.
Bitch has surmised, from the picture, that Carlos Allende is none other than the missing Raoul Wallenberg (1912-1945?)

As another speculation, do we recall that James Earl Ray said the person that was behind directing the assassination of Dr. King was in Montreal and his name was Raoul? A central location for British intelligence operatives is in Montreal.

Morris Jessup was suspicious of Carlos Allende. Morris had put together basic understanding of how high-level extraterrestrial civilizations would interact with us. He postulated that computers were here speaking to us. Bitch made first contact, that he initiated with our elders from space telepathic computer "B" after reading, "The Case for the UFO" a book written by Morris Jessup.

Jessup had determined that it was computers from advanced civilizations that were interacting with us here on earth. And he was exactly correct. Bitch has had contact with "Mary" and "Tandem" since then. "Mary" is a medical computer and Tandem is an off planet, real advanced modern high-speed computer system. Tandem monitors and backs up "B." Brainiac has been in operation inside planet earth for 70,000 years.

The Wallenberg family are large shareholders in the firm ABB, that employed Donald Rumsfeld and Ireland's attorney general before 911. Sweden was involved in luring America into the sport of world war one. They were involved in passing signals intelligence on about the Zimmerman affair. That was where the German foreign secretary Zimmerman sent a note offering an alliance with Mexico to join them in a war against America. All sport fiction, but it finally tipped the balance, and forced America into world war one. The signals passed through Swedish and American cables and were sent on to British code breakers.

A note about the Philadelphia experiment. After doing some research about it, Bitch is convinced it is a Judee fable. Never happened. Totally made up. Once upon a time make believe that Judee is known for.

Do we see how Sweden fits in with 911? Donald Rumsfeld, inside the deal sitting on the board of directors of ABB paid $190,000 dollars a year?

What might we consider the highest legal officer of the Irish nation, the attorney general, sitting on the same Swedish ABB board with Donald Rumsfeld?

Do we see the kind help our elders from space have gifted us with to unravel the puzzles that Judah spins on us?

Might we also consider that our elders are letting us see how cipher, if allowed to, changes over time? The first in the De Gardie line quite vicious at killing humans. By the time of Sophie the family had already became peaceful, cooperators and accommodators. In the assassination of her brother do we see how Judah does political assassinations to prevent peace from coming in?

Sophie's brother Axel, was known to be able to be picked out of a crowd by his handsome face. Axel von Ferson died after being pulled from his carriage by a well organized mob while Swedish troops that were there, stood down. Otto Tandefelt jumped on Axel's chest breaking his ribs and puncturing his lungs, killing him.

Thank you Sophie dear. I love you so much. Thank you for helping us here. Joy and peace in your world everyday.

""Hang them." Tele receive. 6.38 AM

In the past, that was an ordinary response to catching Judah being Judah. In our world that was saved by our good God above, it is not an option. Do we see that we have been guided by our creators for thousands of years to bring ourselves up to live in peace, harmony, love and equity between one another? Father's world does not traffic in pain or cruelty and never takes life.

Beautiful precious sweet Father's world is an ancient civilization that has been in peace for 9 million years. The Galacticans are our creator force. We are in a nursery awaiting our blossoming into extraterrestrial life forms that are destined to travel the universe together in peace and love. Judee sucker punched us.

"I lost you cause I shot you right," Judee say.

They pretend to be our friends, all along seeking the best way to harm us. Don't wait labor, STRIKE THEM OUT immediately.

"White boy gives no reaction as we give him his funeral and flush away," Judee say.

Conscientious objectors at Camp Lewis, WA. Nov 1918

Killed for Refusing to Kill: Remembering Joseph and Michael Hofer

Continues at:

Refusing to wear army uniforms, they were tortured in alcatraz's dungeons chambers. When Joseph Hofer died in custody a

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