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GOD Has It All Handled
Sat Jun 6, 2015 14:46

One of the biggest reasons for people calling me recently is fear for what is coming. The Alternate media is filled with stories - whether true of not - scare the living daylights out of the normal person.

Not to add gasoline to the fire - the stories I produce add huge fear into people's hearts.

For 8 years I have been focusing n stopping Nuclear False Flags and Presidential Assassinations in accordance with GOD's Will.

If you are a believer like myself - that the Living GOD sent his Number One Son to die on the Cross for us - and you accept him into your heart (Jesus, Yeshua) then everything on this planet is merely a distraction to keep you form your daily walk with GOD. Once you give your soul to Yeashua Lucifer can never take it from you..........Never.

When Moses asked GOD what his name was he said: I Am That I AM, in Hebrew this is Yeshu Raha Yeshu. Therefor his Number One Son was named "Yeshu -A," servant of the Living GOD.

"Ya Way" means "My God" in Hebrew.

When the New Testament was translated into English the world Jesus was substituted for Yehsua because in means Light in French - which means Lucifer.

When you call on Jesus - GOD understands, he will not condemn you for calling HIS son Jesus.

Yeshua is mentioned by name in the Old Testament over 50 times -like Isiah 49 --- "The Coming Salvation" is actually written in Hebrew: "The Coming of Yeshua."

Yeshua is mentioned in the Koran more than Mohammed is - and in Abram 28 iMohammed Says: The Old Testament Profits told you to follow GOD, Yeshus told you to follow GOD, and i tell you again: Follow GOD so even Mohammed himself acknowledged Yeshua.

GOD has all of this handled - everything.

Hey - only the Living GOD could place HIS own servant in the middle of the Lucifer Trust. Imagine how shocked they were when GOD's Servant began researching Lucifer - Yet everyone one of GOD's profits in the Bible seems to have worked, and witnessed, to the Head Lucifarians ---

I, however, am not a profit but the lowest one of the Totem Pole - a Messenger of the Living GOD who through HIS SON Yeshua was placed here at this time to warn those in the world of what is going on and extend their time of repentance by a few short years.

Do not worry - keep strong in GOD.

OK - so out of Yucca Mountain came miles and miles of Medium Range Nuclear Missile this morning - not in the news.

Yes - Obama is now at Hitler's Favorite Castle planning the invasion of Russia with his Demon Possessed Friends: Elmau Castle. He plans on having a united NATO invade Russia within the month.

Yes - the Front Left Wheel on Air Force One still has a cracked bolt - they never fixed it, morons so steering may be compromised soon while landing at the next location.

Yes - there is a Nuke headed for DC on 12 June AND another attempt to kill Obama Openly (Double #6) to start a war and cancel all debts with China, Russia, etc.

Yes - The world seems to be falling apart as Obama and his Demons from Hell try and destroy this planet and Russia and China fall in line like happy little children with no wisdom.

And Yes - even those who follow the Coward Lucifer are scared an frightened to the core because these workers now realize Lucifer hates even his own workers - why else the monthly Human Sacrifices of even his own workers?

Even Lucifer's Workers can repent and turn toward's GOD's Son - and when they do they must try to right what they have wronged.

YOUR eyes should be focused on the Living GOD, HIS son, and what they wish YOU to do.

Ask GOD what YOUR role in all this is - what are you to do?

Prepare your family, pray, write a letter, move to Minnesota, what are you and you r family to do at this time to serve GOD better?

You can keep praying those trying to destroy this nation are completely immobilized for life - keep praying.

We Fight Not Against Flesh and Blood but against Powers and Princes of Lucifer.

Keep right with GOD, prepare for any Natural Disaster as it says we should in the Bible, and draw close to GOD.

GOD will deal with the rest. Quit trying to do GOD's Work - HE has it handled and may GOD bless each and every reader tonight both financially and physically.

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

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