There is God, and there are gods
Sun Jun 7, 2015 05:24

The gods are the Satanic gods, the Pagan Gods, the gods who sent down their sons to have the daughters of men. The vengful gods, the gods that did not want us to eat of the tree of knowledge. What God would not want us to have knowledge of good and evil? DUH!

We must reject most of the Old Testament, and go by what Jesus told us. Love is the way to God. Doing Gods work is the way to Revelation 22.

It will remain a mystery to us how our universe was created. That we must accept. Love and faith in God is all we need, plus getting off our arses each day to do the work God asks us to do! Amen.

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      • JUST SAY NO!Richard P. Sheridan, Mon Jun 8 03:57
        If they kill us for saying NO we will go to another place, a much better place that God has prepared for us.
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