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"Organize, your Life is Forcing out yourself" That is a Tel
Sun Jun 7, 2015 08:55

"Organize, your Life is Forcing out yourself"

That is a Tele receive at 3.05 AM. "Organize, your life is forcing out yourself."

The biggest single die Judee has ever scored, a couple of hundred million dead fish, he is now doing to Americans.

"They pushed the button and you've done nothing." Tele receive. 3.08 AM

Do the ordinary fish fear that they won't be able to handle issuing our money? STRIKE THEM OUT labor and take this most important function into your hands. Have no fear, our good God is with us holding our hands.

All we get from Judah is assault and battery and genocide against us and our family in every part of this world. Our powerful industrial machine built in the United States of America, Judah calls his fifty weap sheds. His constant stream of terrorism, do we see that is his chosen way to maintain himself in office here?

We must get ourselves together to save ourselves or we’re gone. War will be removed from our species if it kills us. Only when a species reaches the level to live in peace, can it transition up into a higher level off planet life form. If a species cannot transition out of war, the dominant members of the species die the simpler members of the species off.

That is what weap Judee is doing to us now, he is dying us off scientific. America now in line to lose 200 million people over the next 6 years. Industrial waste pollution. Every breath, pleurisy, heart attacks and cancer.

"We pray dear God that you please give us our miracle of peace beautiful Father."

Judah is burning out our fields, and with it our food supply. Our constitution guarantees us our God given civil rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. With no funding for our rights, is the constitution then not much more that what the decider guy called it, a "GD" piece of paper?

There was a crooked man and he had a crooked smile
He had a crooked sixpence and he walked a crooked mile.
He had a crooked cat and a crooked little mouse,
They all lived together in a crooked little house.

Ah ha, oh no, don't let the rains come down
Ah ha, oh no, don't let the rains come down
Ah ha, oh no, don't let the rains come down
My roof's got a hole in it and I might drown
Oh yes, my roof's got a hole in it and I might drown

They all live together in a crooked little house. The lines from a children's song. Has Judah's house not yet been seen as the crooked little house?

His crooked little smile. Does that not bring to mind the "smirk" that accompanies his crooked employees as they lie in our faces?

"It's insane, they're destroying us." Tele receive. 3.50 AM

Oh, oh, take me there


I know a place, y'all

Ain't nobody crying, no

Ain't nobody worried

Ain't no smiling faces

Lying to the races

If you're ready now, oh

(Hey) come on

(I'll take you there)

Lord, have mercy

Say if you're ready

(I'll take you there)

Oh, oh (help me, help me)

(I'll take you there)

Come on (hey, hey, yeah)

I said come on

(I'll take you) play it

(Oh, Lord) play on it

Play on the keyboard (yeah)

If you're ready now (I'm ready)

I could use some guitar (me too)

Sounds good

Help me now

If you're ready now

Come on


Oh, I, oh, I

I know a place, y'all

Ain't nobody crying

Said there ain't no

Ain't nobody crying

(Help me, help me)

I said, I said ain't no

(Ain't nobody worried)

Nobody worried

(Ain't no smiling faces)

No smiling faces

Lying to the races

Help me now

(I'll take you there)

I said if you're ready (hey)

(I'll take you there)

I said (mercy, y'all)

(I'll take you there)

Come on if you're ready

(Mercy, y'all)

(I'll take you there)

Come on

Ain't nobody crying

(Lord, have mercy)

(Come, go with me)

Let me take you there

(Lord, have mercy)

(Come, go with me)

Help me, Lord

Said mercy, mercy now

(Help me, help me)

(Let them lead the way)

Come, go, come, go with me

Are you ready now

(I'll take you there)

If you think you're ready now

(I'll take you there)

What good times, happy times

(I'll take you there)

Just take my hand and come on

(I'll take you there)

BeBe, CeCe

(I'll take you there)

Can you see it

(I'll take you there)

(Hey, hey)

Wipe the tears from your eyes

(I'm gonna take you there)

(I'll take you there)...

Will labor not help us wipe the tears from our eyes? Can we not go with our beautiful precious sweet Father into a world of peace for all mankind? If so, will labor not take us there? Will labor not take the authority to issue our money away from the only member of our species that originally hates us, weap Judah, and put it into the hands of a committee of the whole comprised of members of labor?

(Let them lead the way) The words of the nice song said, "Let them lead the way". Who is them? Could it be any other than the people of labor who will lead us to peace in our world?

"Ain't no smiling faces, no smiling faces, lying to the races."

Wipe the tears from your eyes

(I'm gonna take you there)

(I'll take you there)...

Judah management has chosen to not respond to the needs of the constituents of the corporate state of the United States of America, the people of this land. Judah enjoys smiling at us as he listens to our needs explained, and does absolutely nothing to address them. Not merely fails to respond to the constituents, but actively sports us to poverty, homelessness, imprisonment and death.

"This guy's a legitimate political man that's thrown them all out." Tele receive. 9.49 AM

How has he been able to maintain himself and his vast worldwide conspiracy, the world on tyranny? Do we not see clearly that it is the authority to issue our money in his private hands? Do we not recognize that it is as simple or complex as that?

With the private authority to issue our money in his hands Judah has now done his all to destroy America not once, but twice. First attempt with nuclear blast. Second attempt now with Germany's industrial chemical nuclear waste. Will labor not listen to the thousands of warnings from our good God to STOP THE WAR?

Our beautiful nation is being destroyed and we have lost our lives. And Bitch is a failure here.

Cleverly deranged models have fooled enough people long enough to get enough nuclear waste into our environment to die us all out. We've all failed consciously. We've ignored the thousands of warnings from our good God and now, unless we get a miracle, must die out over the next 6 years from the radiation war that Judah is waging upon us all.

Will we not stop making war if it kills us?

"They're breezing us." Tele receive. 4.26 AM

They sold us a gun and mace, stun gun and a cage car. We've claimed no rights to life, liberty or the pursuit of happiness. We've done nothing to reclaim the gifts of God to us all. Will God have mercy on a people who have now fallen about as hard as we could?

Is it finally be reaching the ordinary worker that loss of life form may now be our edition's fate? Mercury, Venus, Xanthia, Vril, Brasil, and many others, made their way to peace and went into outer space to live with our elders in the universe. The United states of America, managed by weap Judah, continues to pound out our world with war each and every day, 24/7.

Will we not end war, if it kills us? Do we not yet see that is where we are headed to now? Is there not some way to convince labor to stop funding Judah as he kills us all, using our money to do it?

How many have conscientious scruples against war? Seventeen draft resisters died from torture at Alcatraz for their conscientious scruples against killing their fellow man in Judah first world war. Brothers Joseph and Michael Hofer were a just two.

Bitch is the library boy, the guy who shops the shelves and stacks to find what may be useful to move all of our ships forward into peace. Never sought to be out in front, left that to the real unlimited guys. Regrettably, our unlimited guys are always picked off by Judee guys with their sport of us. Many of our unlimited guys who are not already dead, are in Judah prison houses.

The bible tells us that in the end days, the people will have an increase in knowledge.

Isaiah 8:16
Bind up this testimony of warning and seal up God's instruction among my disciples.

Isaiah 29:18
In that day the deaf will hear the words of the scroll, and out of gloom and darkness the eyes of the blind will see.

Daniel 12:4
But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book until the time of the end: many shall pass by, and knowledge shall be multiplied.

American Standard Version
But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

Douay-Rheims Bible
But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time appointed: many shall pass over, and knowledge shall be manifold.

Our good book reveals to us that in the end times our knowledge "shall be increased." Must our knowledge not be increased enough so that we will act and save ourselves? Must our knowledge not be many and varied, manifold, to make an attempt to save ourselves from certain loss of life form due to Judah nuclear brimstone war on us?

"Why didn’t you try it?" Our good God asked us about the strike. "Why didn’t you try it?"

"I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

Daniel 8:17
As he came near the place where I was standing, I was terrified and fell prostrate. "Son of man," he said to me, "understand that the vision concerns the time of the end."

Do we not recognize that with loss of life form due to suffering a nuclear war, it concerns the time of the end for us now? "Understand that the vision concerns the time of the end."

"Barbeque," Judee say.

We live in a time of hatred, war, famine, poverty, and despair. Thank you, God, for providing us with hope that one day the world will be at peace. Until then, help us to be strong in faith and love. Amen.

Only if labor will lead the way to protecting our brothers and sisters in this world from weap Judah, do we ourselves have a chance to survive. We are being perished massive. Make no mistake, this genocide is by design. We are now in the end times. The very last chance the people of America have to save themselves is now.

Luke 13:28
"There will be weeping there, and gnashing of teeth, when you see Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, but you yourselves thrown out.

"But you yourselves thrown out."

Will the Druid in particular not awaken to how the Druid has been cast so low by weap Judah throughout our history? Made the people hungry to then use the children of Druid to go and harm the children of other Druids. Then used the newly harmed Druids to travel the world and harm our brothers and sisters throughout the world.

Has Judah not put a dually royal face on it, and hid himself in the background?

The war is over if you want it to be. It will be ended now one way or the other. Either labor will STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money into its hands, or the alternative is to breathe in the nuclear waste weap that Judah has now sealed us into. That route will require us to die out sick over the next 6 years.

Once we lose a couple of hundred million people in America to Jewish electricity waste, is it not likely that Americans will be too sick to fight any more free wars for Judee?

Bitch didn’t spot the error until he was 18 years old. Raised in the mindset of a German catholic grade school, he knew very little of truth. Denied a dictionary that had the etymology of a word. Only when he saw Judah war sport in Vietnam first hand, did the first clear thought about war occur to him: "There's something wrong here?" Though didn’t know at that time exactly what it was, but sought to learn what was the cause of war, with the intent to stop it.

In 1969 Bitch Declined an opportunity to join the regular democratic machine in Chicago. They supported the war, Bitch preferred to go with the ordinary independent people. Could of picked up some free money with the old party people, but he chose not to deal with them.

Vietnam war ended, Cambodian genocide came in.
"To spare you is no profit, to destroy you is no loss." Kang Kek lew (Mid kevel leader of the Khmer Rouge regime. In 2010 he was found guilty of crimes against humanity, murder and torture in which he was given a sentence of 30 years imprisonment.

Pol Pot, the leader during the Cambodian genocide, educated in France, an adherent of Mao. The leader of North Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh, also educated in France. Are we recognizing the Judah brand of genocide cipher that Judah put into Asia?

The killing of journalists and intellectuals were carried on as they were deemed "threats to the state." Do we not see the cipher brand of Judah stealing our brightest away from us in the Cambodian genocide?

"The Oriental doesn’t put the same high price on life as does a Westerner. Life is plentiful, life is cheap in the Orient." General Westmoreland Commandeer of all US forces in Vietnam.

Might we now consider those words in light of learning that US forces, have attacked us all out for Judah sport with nuclear weapons? Will we ever again look at a general in the same way knowing now what they have done?

One Khmer Rouge leader said it was for the "Purification of the populace." A person who has been spoiled by a corrupt regime cannot be reformed, he must be physically eliminated from the brotherhood of the pure."[16
Who does that sound like other than a shell weap Judah? "Brotherhood of the pure?

Do we recall the Japanese plane in Judah second world war the Zero? Here in the Cambodian first days of their terror, we have Year "Zero."

The American B-52 bombers that during the Vietnam war dropped massive amounts of bombs on Cambodia. Might that have had something to do with bringing on the conditions that let Pol Pot and his genocide leadership take over there? Might that not have been the very purpose of it?

Might we note that as we in America are being put to a well prepared and planned genocide with nuclear waste, it is "Abe" in Japan that is at the top authorizing it?

"Oh my God; close these oppers." Tele receive. 7.42 AM

Eric D. Weitz says that the mass killing in communist states are a natural consequence of the failure of the rule of law, seen commonly during periods of social upheaval in the 20th century. For both communist and non-communist mass killings, "genocides occurred at moments of extreme social crisis, often generated by the very policies of the regimes."[38] They are not inevitable but are political decisions.[38]

Might we not note the extreme failure of law that America is in at this very moment? Do we not see that this failure of law is a plan by weap Judah as a prelude to genocide of the people of America?

"God's had mercy on us." Tele receive. 7.50 AM

Stephen Hicks of Rockford College ascribes the violence characteristic of twentieth-century socialist rule to these collectivist regimes' abandonment of protections of civil rights and rejection of the values of civil society.

Continues at:

Hicks writes that whereas "in practice every liberal capitalist country has a solid record for being humane, for by and large respecting rights and freedoms, and for making it possible for pe

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