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willpwilson 908
Is This World or Even This Planet Salvageable? So Far No.
Sun Jun 7, 2015 13:07

Will P. Wilson.

And, a lot is about to happen and that many important people now are beginning to realize and to thus, to think about what we (us) have all been televising, writing, posting, encompassing, and now trying to critically be implementing as our all being supposedly all concerned people in reference to what is also considered to be all people, and all people's communities worldwide.

This current and present worldwide extinction event is relenting to inspire and to importantly motivate all of humanity's desperately needed serious and immediate responsibly and timely implemented (Humanly possible.) decisive actions.

Actions that can only be defined and therefor, to be inadvertently and properly enacted upon and thusly, in a timely manner, to be inherently implemented wisely on the part of all concerned people who are presently existent and living upon this planet at this time.

Encompassing and involving now, all communities who are now transcending into the across all of earth-wide abyss of human failure to work as a global community to effectively guide human destiny away from the failure of us, and our human time period at this time period that we are in as being also our failing to sustain our planet and all of humanity.

Pending the overall failure of us to be able help this world to be able to exist let alone ourselves.

This current worldwide referenced Planetary Extinction Event is presently serving as being the all encompassing decisive factor in this time period.

A factoring into our current human history of unwarranted human tragedy.

Global human tragedy encompassing a total planetary wide and humanity wide, end times dilemma.

A present, past, and future historical respect to what this entire dilemma as referenced means, and to what is quickly becoming to be and to mean as this being and prevailing into being a human and planetary extinction phase.

And, thusly this time phase being rendered into this current historical arena as now being this planetary allusion of this period of history.

This time period thus also then becoming and then being the final moment of all encompassing and everlasting overwhelming destruction of the entire human race and thus, the final end to all life that currently lives and that has resided upon this planet at this time.

Our Own Planetary Rendition to all known human existence and the forfeiture of all living things.

Thus, solely and only just human extinction.

Or thereof, should it be wholly referenced and to be then logically mentioned concerning these current human end time historical phases that are overwhelming this time period of history, to now thus be manifesting and hence, a final sequencing in of these diminishing and closing final days of human presence in this universe and upon this planet.

As being considered to be the paramountly revealed Current Extinction Events.

Almost as if this entire ordeal is merely of having always being a matter of recognized Biblical Prophecy, that has become significantly a now key final manifest of human destiny.

How is this entire arena of present human survival going to be played out at this time if mankind is going to only potentially and or, possibly only to partially survive these transitional moments of universal and planetary life changing, altering, and ending time of faltering living and surviving processes that are being played out to the end, in this Earthly Light Matrix on this planet at this end time?

Now considered to be universally recognized and indexed and there so, as these entire parameters of historical transitional reasoning are now being fully referenced as now being and representing this entire episode of human failure for humanity to sufficiently not fail all of humanity.

For what is now considered to the final and prevailing historical perspective to all human destiny to now becoming extinct-ed at this time.

As is now understood, that the entire outlook of human destiny thus even appears to be many times far worse then just simply being abysmal.

We are thus, in a time considered to be what can only be thought of as being now an entire world that is transcending into now being a resulting equation involving all of humanities continued and ignored lack of understanding.

That this equation apparently interprets and equates the meaning of the end times to all of human history on this planet.

That in this time of being all, or thereof, the most of all of our known, past, present, and future human history.

That being of what we think of as being this planetary (Light Matrix.).

What about all of the other known and unknown historical conspiratorial influences?

Did the people properly and or effectively defy these influences.

Did enough responsible and good people try to defy effectively, the NWO and their Oil, Nuclear, GMO Toxic Food, etc?

Did the concerned communities and intelligent people seek the proper and timely means to react, to respond, and to try to at least do something?

That apparently though, and in truth, that this time in our planet's history is wholly a time where the descriptive meaning as it applies to our worldwide circumstances of closely approaching end time events and extinction event consequences also add up to our failure as human race of beings to not be able to properly address and or to stop this current arena of worldwide annihilation.

A now worldwide extinction event that is purely and simply the result
of humanity not being responsible.

A lack of human responsibility thereof, referencing and outlining these historic matters as being the result wholly, that these end time circumstances can only be inferred to as being (This.) time period of history that mankind has not properly and or logically addressed adequately, yet.

. So the meaning and the references here, that in part also refer to this final end time statement: Humankind has failed itself.

That Who Cares What the Global Energy and Military Industrial and global banking and money laundering networks, have also have done to thus will have always also played as being a key part in this scenario.

Thence. that all of this is only being what we may consider to be a time where everything is and should be thought of as being meant to be - and so then, if it is as usual, the all holds no barred strategic hope for the future, no matter what may happen, something always will happen, anyway and always for the good and for the evil.

Posted by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, on June 07, 2015 on the (World Renown.), Message News Board:

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    • At the Brinkjchorak7441, Mon Jun 8 20:57
      Many of my friends, my colleagues and, indirectly, others have struggled in noble efforts to provide as many as we can with information and the conclusions that information most strongly suggests... more
    • What About Revelation 22 Will?Richard P. Sheridan, Mon Jun 8 04:24
      Revelation 22 is the prophesy that OUR WORLD IS SALVAGABLE...doesnt it? You must be smoking some bad weed, or taking prescription drugs. I will pray for you Will. We all get down now and again.
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