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willpwilson 908
Why is the TPP Deal Such a Big Secret?
Mon Jun 8, 2015 05:41

Why is the TPP Deal Such a Big Secret? - - - -

willpwilson 908 Is This World or Even This Planet Salvageable? So Far No. Sun Jun 7, 2015 -;article=154434;title=APFN
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Thank you to the Judge coming out with the controls used on the Judicial System. Here are some additional points to share with the Judge: Revolutionary War.’ [See: Republica v. Sweers, 1 Dallas 43 and 28 U. S. C. 3002 (15)]. American Bar Association is a branch of a national organization titled; “The National Lawyers Guild Communist Party” and can be found recorded in the United States Code at: [28 U. S. C. 3002, section 15a]. They have become so big and entrenched that they no longer fear reprisal!

powerful and wealthy “……….to ourselves and our posterity!” Initially, their plan was to steal America away from the King; despite the fact that King George funded the exploration of the New World, which legally gave him first claim to all new continents discovered.

One thing the Founding Fathers did not know, was that all of the Kings lands and all future acquisitions such as the AMERICAS, had been given and pledged by King John I to Pope Innocent III and the Holy Roman Church, by the Treaty of 1213. After that fact was proven to the Founding Fathers; King George II and representatives from the Vatican; decided to use the Constitutional draft

(King John's 1213 Treaty was not only voided by the Catholic Church misconduct, it was also irrevocably withdrawn by Henry VIII )

a Did you know that 98% of the Law Schools in America and England do not include Constitutional Law as part of their law curriculum? The reason for this phenomenon is because Constitutional Law does not apply to or affect the enforcement of statutes, codes or administrative regulations, which have replaced constitutional law, the common law, public law and penal law and which have been designed to control

[e.g.] Constitutional Law is taught as an elective at Harvard, Yale and Cambridge, and only for students of law who are planning a future career in government.

Neither English or Colonies side won the Revolutionary War.

Mr Amschel Bauer founder of the Rothschild Banking empire owned King George II by then through debt. When the English soldiers did not want to fire on the Colonists hired Hessian soldiers to fight at 50 pense a day and charged one pound to the English Monarch. Who in turn taxed the Colonists enough to pay the , interest on the debt of King George's bill to the Rothschild banker then demanded the interest must be paid in gold or silver. Which was too much for the Colonists.

Members of 'Free and Accepted Masons' were also members of the illuminati such as Ben Franklin which explains the unapproved loan taken out by Ben Franklin, that had to be paid back by 1788. Ben Franklin was not the person as heralded in history books etc. He rather had a very questionable background evidenced by the bones of children dating back to the time Ben Franklin was the occupant. These bones were found in the basement of his English house and showed his participation in pedophilia, probably being used to gain power and control in the political agenda of the day.

Once the cost of the Revolutionary War sufficiently placed the Colonists in debt; the English soldiers were ordered to dispense with their efforts, recover their arms and within the next eight years they eventually returned to England. The Colonists were so glad to see the fighting stop; that they allowed the soldiers to retreat and exit America peacefully. There is an old legal Maxim that states: “The first to leave the field of battle – loses.” Pursuant to this Maxim, the Founding Fathers proclaimed the Colonists the victors! A Maxim is a legal truth that is time honored and incorruptible.

Founding Fathers, their family, heirs and their posterity! The Constitution is a business plan and any reference contained within it that appears to be the safeguard of a ‘Right’ is there because none of the Founding Fathers trusted each other. The safeguards were intended to prevent any one or group of them from cutting out the others! Proving that; “There’s no honor among thieves!”

Americans are not unlike all other humans who inhabit the earth. All human beings possess malleable minds, which are minds that can be shaped and controlled; and when government shapes and controls a mind, it’s called “brainwashing.” Brainwashing causes the subject to become ‘functionally illiterate.’ In America, our functional ignorance excels in the areas of history, government and law, which really are one in the same. Ninety-eight percent of the officials in public office are lawyers and these so-called representatives set policy and created the laws that govern this society. Their use of Greek and Latin terms in law and the habit of changing definitions and usage of common words is intentional. The intent is to confound and confuse the general public; and to hide the treason they are implementing; and so that members of the public are forced or decide to hire a lawyer out of frustration, rather than try to represent

themselves in our, ‘fictional courts of law.’ As you read on I’ll explain to you why and how, our courts and laws are fictional!

There has never been a law on the books created by the Congress, which made it illegal for a common man to practice law. Every Judge of a District, Circuit or Appeal Court, except Justices and Magistrates, is a lawyer and a member of the Bar. These Judges have the authority to establish local rules of court and those mentioned, have created a local rule that prevents common people from representing any other person in their court or ‘to practice law without a license!’ A license requires that you produce your Bar Association number. For those who don’t know, the Bar Association is simply a ‘Lawyers Union,’ and when lawyers are accepted into the Bar, they are required to swear allegiance to a foreign power! The American Bar Association is a branch of a national organization titled; “The National Lawyers Guild Communist Party” and can be found recorded in the United States Code at: [28 U. S. C. 3002, section 15a]. They have become so big and entrenched that they no longer fear reprisal!

Whenever I tell people that there is no actual law that makes it a crime to represent another person in court, their reaction is, “liar!” I remind them that Abraham Lincoln and Clarence Darrow never went to law school or passed the Bar, but their reaction is understandable because the Bar is a very powerful organization and its members have infiltrated every niche of American life and business.

Well, it wasn’t presented for a vote because the Constitution wasn’t created for “We the People,” it was created by and for the Founding Fathers, their family, heirs and their posterity!

Clear evidence of this is seen by the Bill of Rights not being part of the original Constitutiton.

And it is no mistake that the Constitution came into being in 1789 the year after Bonnie Prince Charlie ended up dead January 1788 at the Vatican Basilica Chapel while trying to pay the loan Ben Franklin was not supposed to take out in the first place.

Documented proof that the Constitution was not for us can be found at: Padelford, Fay & Co. v. The Mayor and Aldermen of the City of Savannah, [14 Georgia 438, 520]. This was a Court case wherein the PlaintiAt City of Savannah, for violating what they believed were their constitutionally protected rights! The decision of the Judge says it all: “But indeed, no private person has a right to complain, by suit in Court, on the ground of a breach of the Constitution, the Constitution, it is true, is a compact but he [the private person] is not a party to it!” [Emphasis added]

At first glance, it appeared that Guy Madison of Virginia; was so concerned about lawyers holding any position in American government, that he championed the 13th Amendment, which barred lawyers from holding any public office in government! The 13th Amendment was ratified, but never made it into print

And look to the memebers of Congress, Executive branch, how many of them are attorneys with loyaty to the BAR? You can not serve two masters!!!

The United States Constitution was converted into a (Trust) and the legal definition of a Trust is: “A legal obligation with respect to property given by one person (donor), to another (trustee), to the advantage of a beneficiary (Americans).” The property in this Trust includes all land, your personal possessions that you believe you own and your physical body. The donor of the Trust is the King of England and the Holy Roman, church. The Trustee’s are all federal and state public officials, which means that they truly are Agents of a foreign power; the King and the Vatican.

Now the problem with this, is the Virginia Charters of `1606, 1609, 1612 have been used to claim that the King of England had the right to 'own' the new country etc. HOWEVER, the Charter reads "for Us, Our Heirs, and Successors"

NOTE is says heirs AND Successors. This is NOT heirs OR Successors. If George were the heir of James VI & I, Charles I, Charles II and Queen Mary as in William and Mary, he must be an heir successor. Since he was not an heir of the ones writing the Charters he has no rights to claim the use of the Charters. There are those who would say George was an heir of James VI & I but DNA should be done to prove or disprove this. Certainly no matter what he is not an heir to Charles I. As for the Georgia Charter written by George II check out the Charter you will find clever wording that basically if read right he admits he has no right to grant what has already been granted, (which indicates to me he knew he really had no rights as per the previous Charters)

As for the VATICAN claiming ownership two basic points should be taken into consideration. These points are the Vatican claiming King John gifting the Vatican with his assets was countered by King Henry VIII disavowing any connection with the Vatican. Even if that was not enough the second point most likely has to do with the Vatican's claim through Bonnie Prince Charlie's half brother Archbishop of the Basilica Chapel Henry Benedict (note the name Stuart is not attributed to him because from all evidence so far Henry was a product of rape and was not a Stuart). What is little known is that Henery Benedict went to the Washington D.C. area to claim the kingship of America by forming a new area for the capitol of the new country of the USA. There was an uprising in July of 1807 and Henry Benedict just happened to end of dead in July of 1807. Just because the Vatican claims it still owns the 10 miles square of the heart of Washington D.C. does not mean that it rightfully owns anything, due to it was a fraudulent claim in the first place.

He (The judge writing this explanation) also explores how the ‘Great Depression’ was orchestrated and how President Roosevelt illegally confiscated America’s gold, selling it to the Vatican by way of China.

What happened to our Grand Jury rights of old? The Bar Association has successfully stolen that right away from the Sovereign people, little by little, through rewrites of the Judiciary Act, so that now the American public believes that the Grand Jury is an instrument subject to the jurisdiction, right and whim of the prosecuting attorney! The prosecuting attorney controls the entire proceeding and who testifies. With the help of the Admiralty court total control over verdicts has been acheived over and over.

Since the Admiralty court is prohibited by the Virginia Charter or 1606 and only can be changed by the Heir and Successor or from the Loins of the House of Stuart no admiralty court should be allowed to be recognized as having any jurisdiction on American soil.

Page 129 line 15 in the Georgia Charter indicates if this Charter shows the Monarch was quite worried about Quakers. Since Bonnie Prince Charlie just happened to be Quaker this shows George was tryng to own and or control Quakers.

'to be taken instead of the oaths of allegiance and supremacy; and also the oath of abjuration, to all and every person and persons which shall at any time be inhabiting or residing within our said colony; and in like cases to administer the solemn affirmation to any of the persons commonly called quakers, in such manner as by the laws of our realm of Great-Britain,'

[To put it simply this charter is a matter of legal double talk!] - How to avoid prosecution under the Trust, when a Sovereign is taken before a corporate prosecuting Attorney or a Judge:

First: “the Sovereign must inquire if we are on the record, and if not, insist upon it! Say nothing, sign nothing and answer no questions until you are convinced that the proceedings are being recorded!”

Secondly: all a Sovereign has to say for the record is: “I am a beneficiary of the Trust, and I am appointing you as my Trustee!” - Thirdly: the Sovereign then directs his Trustee to do his bidding! “As my Trustee, I want you to discharge this matter I am accused of and eliminate the record!” - Fourthly: if the Sovereign suffered any damages as a result of his arrest, he can direct that the Trust compensate him from the proceeds of the Court by saying; “I wish to be compensated for [X] dollars, in redemption.”

This statement is sufficient to remove the authority and jurisdiction from any prosecuting attorney or judge. The accused will be immediately released from custody, with a check, license or claim he identifies as a damage. It doesn’t matter what the action involves or how it is classified by the corporate law as a civil or criminal action! It works every time! - America's prisons are Debtors prisons!!!

What makes it worse is the fact that the Queen of England, entered into a Treaty with the federal government for the taxing of alcoholic beverages and cigarettes sold in America. The Treaty is called The Stamp Act and in this Act, the Queen ordained that her subjects, the American people, are exonerated of all other federal taxes! So the federal income tax and the state incomes taxes levied against all American’s is contrary to an International Treaty and against the Sovereign Orders of the Queen!

Judge and the Prosecutor, attempt to trick and intimidate you into giving your consent! If you don’t know how to invoke your Sovereignty, and you take what they throw at you, and stand your ground; they will be forced to release you after 72 hours has elapsed!

Constitutionalist = Constitutor? - A “constitutor” is defined under civil law as, “One who by simple agreement becomes responsible for the payment of another’s debt.” [See: Blacks Law Dictionary, 6th Edition].

Colonists were never presented the Constitution to vote on its passage and approval because the Constitution was never written for them and has been rewritten two more times since then, but only our government officials know about that! And now, so do you!

The IRS is not a U. S. Government Agency, they are Agents of a Foreign Power, operating under a private contract and your obligation to pay and file federal taxes is a scam! Only federal employees and persons born in Washington, DC and the federal territories were ever obligated to pay and file, prior to The Stamp Act but we were never informed of that

A Citizen is also defined by law as a “corporate fiction.” The people were bound to the Corporate State and the States were bound to the Corporate United States and fraudulently obligated all of us to pay the debts of the Federal Government owed to the King! This was necessary because the United States was officially bankrupt on

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