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The Docunentary of ZIONIST HATER Hitler...a REAL EYEOPENER!
Tue Jun 9, 2015 16:54

There is a 6 hour documentary called ALDOLF HITLER...THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD. It goes into depth why Hitler hated the ZIONIST Jews. They were responsible, per the docunentary, for Germany being defeated in World War 1, They, with about 1 percent of Germanys 60 mollion population, controlled a big part of Germanys banks and businessess. The Zionists...and their jew followers were degrading Germanys morality, putting forth adultry and homosexuality and sexual perversion in books and movies.

Hitler agreed to let any jew move to Palestine in the 1930s as long as they bought their tools from Germany. So there are certainly two sides to the story.

World War 2 was declared by England because Germany invaded Poland to stop the genocide of Polish Germans. At the time both England and France were the two major world rulers and they didnt want Germanys competition, although the documentary stated that Germanys take over of Poland was not to expand their empire.

Yes, the Zionist jews are perhaps the most evil people in the world. They are heartless.sexual perverts, and care only for the material. Im for giving them an island, and sending all of them there. I would tell the good jews about the Zionists and let them decide whether or not they wanted to go with the demons or stay with Gods real people. Hitler allowed good jews to stay in Germany, according to the documentary. Some were Generals, lieutenants, etc in the army, and one was his chauffer, and some were citizens.

So Hitler, up until WWII appears to have been a relatively good man who helped his people get out of a bad depression created by the Zionists. While the west was still reeling from the Wall St crash, Germanys economic growth was historic. He significantly improved Germanys morality, and was loved by most of the German people.

Did the former owner of the Cincinnati Reds, Marge Schiedl?, who was thrown out of baseball for saying it, say it best about Hitler? "He did good, but in the end he went too far."

I strongly recommend seeing the documentary, ALDOLH HILER. THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD. I still have 2 to 3 hours to go. Maybe Ill change my somewhat positive view of Hitler after seeing it all.

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    • The Docunentary of ZIONIST HATER Hitler...a REAL EYEOPENER! — Richard P. Sheridan, Tue Jun 9 16:54
      • Hitlerpeterradon, Thu Jun 11 07:43
        Richard, I just sent you a response to your response of my earlier comment. You misinterpreted it. My view of Hitler is a relatively positive one, and yes, I have seen the Documentary on him, and I... more
        • Thanks Peter.Richard P. Sheridan, Thu Jun 11 08:47
          Thanks for the clarification. We could view Hitler as the lesser of the evils of the then world leaders, and thats certainly open for debate. As a civil engineer, with a professional engineers... more
          • Re: Thanks Peter.peterradon, Thu Jun 11 22:41
            Richard, have you ever heard the famous speech given by the ex-jew, Benjamin Freedman on Hitler? He (Freedman) sat at the Treaty of Versailles and discovered to true nature and intention of organized ... more
            • Great Idea Peter!Richard P. Sheridan, Fri Jun 12 03:21
              I will look for that speech. We need to get speech to the American Jewish community so they know whats really going on. Im from the Bronx New York which may have the highest population of Jews... more
              • Re: Great Idea Peter!peterradon, Fri Jun 12 08:09
                Good luck Richard; you may find that most, if not all the jews you speak to, care little for what the "truth" is; they care more for how their Tribe is perceived, for how collective jewry is... more
      • Richard, I would dare say that your assessment of Hitler over time will not change, as any objective assessment of him, along with his accomplishment, will only bolster you positive view of him. At... more
        • I DID NOT PRESENT HITLER POSITIVELYRichard P. Sheridan, Thu Jun 11 06:24
          I shared the truth as I know it. DID YOU OBJECTIVLY VIEW THE DOCUMENTARY? ARE YOU A JEW? A SEPHARDIC OR ASKENAZI JEW? A EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN? What about Eisenhower letting 1,500,000 German soldiers... more
          • Hitlerpeterradon, Thu Jun 11 07:19
            Perhaps I wasn't clear; I admire Hitler, and have seen the documentary. I was responding to the part of your writing where you say that "one day you may see something about Hitler that will change... more
      • Hitlerjchorak7441, Wed Jun 10 23:53
        In the flawed great man theory we become misled into supposing that events are shaped by men instead of events shaping men. In the cross hairs of close research we find the truth somewhere... more
        • Christians, Sephardic Jews, Muslims...ALL SEMITES?!Richard P. Sheridan, Thu Jun 11 04:55
          Yes, we must know true histoty. Its been said IF WE DONT LEARN FROM HISTORY WE ARE DAMNED TO REPEAT HISTORY. The Zionists control much of our world, much of our media, much of our books, our movies,... more
          • Sharejchorak7441, Thu Jun 11 05:01
            I indeed share many of your sentiments, Mr. Sheridan. JCH
            • TOGETHER...WE WIN...FOR GOD!Richard P. Sheridan, Thu Jun 11 05:09
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