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We Need a Global Coalition to Defeat the Face of Evil
Tue Jun 9, 2015 19:26

We Need a Global Coalition to Defeat the Face of Evil - Wed Jun 10, 2015 - - - Posted on the Message News Board - by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson on June 10, 2015 - - - Wed Jun 10, 2015 - We Need a Global Coalition to Defeat the Face of Evil -

TEHRAN (FNA)- The United States and its regional cronies don’t want to see ISIL defeated. They want ISIL to break up Iraq and Syria into denominations as it coincides with their strategic aims.
That explains why the terrorist group is advancing across the region. It is settling in some regions of Libya; there are problems in Lebanon; and there is even evidence of an ISIL presence in Afghanistan. In parallel, other terrorist groups are stepping up their actions too, including al-Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula.

Under the circumstances, those who buy into America’s anti-ISIL coalition and/or airstrikes are only fooling themselves. The suspicious airstrikes – sometimes targeting Iraqi and Syrian forces - have not yet had an impact on ISIL’s ability to further expand its cross-border rule.

Under the pretext of fighting ISIL, the US and its cohorts continue to aid “moderate” terrorist groups in Syria too. The irony is that the majority of these so-called moderate oppositionists, who receive assistance in the form of weapons, funds and foreign instructors, eventually join the ISIL club for ideological considerations!

Nonetheless, the international community, even the US-led alliance, knows it just too well that training “moderate” terrorists and carrying out airstrikes are not going to deliver on the task. There has to be another approach if they truly want to defeat terrorism. This is a global threat, which requires a global response.

The world should recognize the severity of the danger and make it a top priority, rather than an afterthought. The foremost priority when it comes to ISIL should be neither Iraq nor Syria but the whole region.

As consistently advocated by Iran and Russia, ISIL is the face of evil and can only be defeated through united efforts, as per international law, and in strict compliance with the United Nations and its resolutions. The world cannot fight terrorism in one territory (Iraq) and support terrorism in another territory (Syria). It just doesn’t make sense.

Moreover, as long as the focus is only on one country, there will be no common strategy to address a wider region that is facing the same threat. Lest we forget other terrorist organizations have pledged loyalty to ISIL. They are expanding their sphere to Sub-Saharan Africa, Egypt, Libya, and even occupied Palestine, where some Persian Gulf Arab states “believe Israel can work magic.”

The US, Israel and their Arab allies might spar in public, but share an interest in countering what they see as rising Iranian influence in the Middle East. They share strategic goals, particularly around the regional ascendance of Iran, regime change in Syria and partitioning of Iraq.

It’s all the reason why the terror-mongers don’t qualify to be at the forefront of the war on terror. We need a global coalition to prevent fanatics like ISIL, an al-Qaeda spinoff, from taking charge and spreading its violent creed across the globe. There is no alternative.

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Posted by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, on June 10, 2015 on the (World Renown.), Message News Board:

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  • The Docunentary of ZIONIST HATER Hitler...a REAL EYEOPENER!Richard P. Sheridan, Tue Jun 9 16:54
    There is a 6 hour documentary called ALDOLF HITLER...THE GREATEST STORY NEVER TOLD. It goes into depth why Hitler hated the ZIONIST Jews. They were responsible, per the docunentary, for Germany being ... more
    • Hitlerpeterradon, Thu Jun 11 07:43
      Richard, I just sent you a response to your response of my earlier comment. You misinterpreted it. My view of Hitler is a relatively positive one, and yes, I have seen the Documentary on him, and I... more
      • Thanks Peter.Richard P. Sheridan, Thu Jun 11 08:47
        Thanks for the clarification. We could view Hitler as the lesser of the evils of the then world leaders, and thats certainly open for debate. As a civil engineer, with a professional engineers... more
        • Re: Thanks Peter.peterradon, Thu Jun 11 22:41
          Richard, have you ever heard the famous speech given by the ex-jew, Benjamin Freedman on Hitler? He (Freedman) sat at the Treaty of Versailles and discovered to true nature and intention of organized ... more
          • Great Idea Peter!Richard P. Sheridan, Fri Jun 12 03:21
            I will look for that speech. We need to get speech to the American Jewish community so they know whats really going on. Im from the Bronx New York which may have the highest population of Jews... more
            • Re: Great Idea Peter!peterradon, Fri Jun 12 08:09
              Good luck Richard; you may find that most, if not all the jews you speak to, care little for what the "truth" is; they care more for how their Tribe is perceived, for how collective jewry is... more
    • Richard, I would dare say that your assessment of Hitler over time will not change, as any objective assessment of him, along with his accomplishment, will only bolster you positive view of him. At... more
      • I DID NOT PRESENT HITLER POSITIVELYRichard P. Sheridan, Thu Jun 11 06:24
        I shared the truth as I know it. DID YOU OBJECTIVLY VIEW THE DOCUMENTARY? ARE YOU A JEW? A SEPHARDIC OR ASKENAZI JEW? A EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN? What about Eisenhower letting 1,500,000 German soldiers... more
        • Hitlerpeterradon, Thu Jun 11 07:19
          Perhaps I wasn't clear; I admire Hitler, and have seen the documentary. I was responding to the part of your writing where you say that "one day you may see something about Hitler that will change... more
    • Hitlerjchorak7441, Wed Jun 10 23:53
      In the flawed great man theory we become misled into supposing that events are shaped by men instead of events shaping men. In the cross hairs of close research we find the truth somewhere... more
      • Christians, Sephardic Jews, Muslims...ALL SEMITES?!Richard P. Sheridan, Thu Jun 11 04:55
        Yes, we must know true histoty. Its been said IF WE DONT LEARN FROM HISTORY WE ARE DAMNED TO REPEAT HISTORY. The Zionists control much of our world, much of our media, much of our books, our movies,... more
        • Sharejchorak7441, Thu Jun 11 05:01
          I indeed share many of your sentiments, Mr. Sheridan. JCH
          • TOGETHER...WE WIN...FOR GOD!Richard P. Sheridan, Thu Jun 11 05:09
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