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"You Sport out your Date by Failing to Save yourselves" Tha
Wed Jun 10, 2015 08:29

"You Sport out your Date by Failing to Save yourselves"

That is a Tele receive from 2.58 AM. "You sport out your date by failing to save yourselves."

"Your rising in the field will clearly help us." Tele receive.

"Finish." Tele receive. 3.34 AM

Toxygen. The soup that we are breathing. Getting thicker every day. Radiosis coming in to take us away. While heroin may be a bad way to enterprise, is radioactive waste not an even worse way to oxidize?

Background radiation up 10 to 30 times across the United States of America. No slow down in the Hitachi-GE Jewish electricity dirty bomb shot on us.

"I lost you." A voice just said. Might that have been from God? Has God lost us? As Bitch heard that in the middle of the night and thinking it through a little bit, might it have been Judee on his crystal ball saying good-bye to us now? "I lost you." For his all out nuclear blast attack on us, did he not lose us for sure? He's lost us labor, will labor not give him the breeze and take our money away from him? What might it take to convince American labor to stop funding destroying us?

"STRIKE." Tele receive. 7.35 AM

They're strangling us true. Not a fresh breath of air to breath on the surface of planet earth is coming in. Judee is poisoning it all out in total for forever. Of course, do we not recall that is his right?

Having died us massively in America, his sport troops dying the rest of the world massively to.

The tyranny that America became in Judah hands. Do we see how he perfected it with his ability to gain control of the authority to issue our money? His best weap, might it not have been with Sealy?

Judah commitment to destroying our lives in total did not end with the loss of his nuclear missiles, that he lost to our elders from outer space. It continues on with his last weap, nuclear waste disease die off of our environment, and everyone in it. Regrettably, labor is funding it in the face of all sensibility to stop poisoning us out.

Now set for hundreds of millions of us to die out over the next 6 years, labor keeps pouring the funding in that lets Judah poison us so well. With the vast wealth produced by American labor at the free disposal of whatever Judee wants to spend it on, as Judah only spends for war, we cannot survive a nuclear waste war. We will die off out of here.

Are our arrangements not incredibly suckerful? Our right electricity died, we're deceasing up ourselves. All in the face of our good God that has warned us thousands of times over several years to STOP THE WAR.

A corrupt syndicate pushing itself out of here. Forgot about the rights the people had, and now suffers the people a vassalage of a right less tyranny state. The score that Judah put on us here. Will be halted in a day, our God given rights restored to us all. Judah war on us stopped once and for all. Yet labor will have to be the one to set us right. So far, no help from labor at all. Will labor not help us and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Big fish, they'll make their way to the inside of our earth to survive the years of nuclear war on the surface. They know the score. The ordinary fish to be lost out of life, when Father wanted you all to save yourselves. How have the little fish left themselves be so fooled that they lost their life forms out of here?

A millionth of gram of Jewish electricity waste, enough to send a healthy person out of here. 40 tons now up above our heads raining down onto our fields and into our streams and air. Does it not look as if Judee has cut us off at the pass?

The ordinary people, so simple, not able to care for themselves against Judah nuclear war wrath. Shot his blast, and threw himself out. Removed himself from our politics forever. His voice to never again be heard. His shouts, demands, his incessant threats, will labor not quietly silence them now? Is it not clear that weap Judah is washed up here? He's out of here.

Sure, he still leases the weap house and all who occupy it. Congress, totally paper-trained well. The courts, has there ever been as much criminality focused on one location? So how can it be that weap Judah is washed up here?

Do we not see that in one day when labor STRIKES THEM OUT, they'll all be gone for good?

Their psychologists that counseled torture. Their courts that somehow found it legal. The congress that approved all the money for it. Do we not see that a historical period is ending? The world of the past is going in. And what of those who quietly funded all the sins of Judah? Might Americans not now be able to free our hearts, minds and souls? Will America not come alive with the spirit of liberty again?

Must America not end funding worldwide destruction as the perfected servant of Judah wims? Our overwhelming material wealth and scientific knowledge, must we not use it only for peace? The hundred years war. The war of the roses. Will labor not end this hundred plus years war for us now?

Is there not some sense of how Judee terrorist boy laughs at us here? Might it be the butyl he puts in our food that takes us out of life too soon and so we don’t have the experienced people with us to show us what he is up to?

We do have our good God above who is with us now. Father loves us all. His is the agape love for us. He wants us to live, though it is a free will choice what we do ourselves.

"We gave Druid a foolish truth and won," Judee say.

How did he ever sell us his fist world? His first world war and wiping out the International Workers of the World, the IWW, the Wobblies. Using his security state legislation to cage union activists. Does labor not see that war is the enemy of all mankind? Might we not view subordination of labor as the top target of Judah when he wages war?

I stay sane to my commitment now. It is to serve the will of Father. Do the American people not yet see how lost we are with Judee false guiding us into eternal war? How foolish is a truth that sells us harming our fellow man on earth? It is later than you think.

Antonio Villas Boas: Abduction Episode Ground Zero
- by Terry Melanson ©, 2001 (Last Update: May 10th, 2005)
In Brazil during the 1950's worldwide "UFO Flap" comes a report of one of the most bizarre accounts on record—the seduction of Antonio Villas Boas. The first recorded incident of a UFO abduction in the modern age happened to the 23 year old Brazilian on October 15, 1957. It also stands as a well documented "physical" case with doctors examining the effects after his encounters.

Our extraterrestrial families have a range of messages that they have communicated to us. Might we not consider what sort of message they may be trying to send to us here?

In the Antonio Villas Boas event, we have a sexual encounter with an extraterrestrial woman. For what purpose might this human extraterrestrial sexual encounter have been inserted into the literature? What might the message be? Could it have something to do with enlightening us about matters of sex?

Might we note how Judee is always using sex as a weapon to get his way? Do we note the emphasis he puts into his media concerning sex of one variety or other?

The politician that ran for the senate, his wife in her divorce papers said that he, "wanted to have sex with her in a restaurant booth." The news papers even put pictures of the restaurant in France that had doors at each private dining booth. He lost the election for senator from Illinois.

Judah and his sex registry. Now we learn that he has been doing big insurance deals using the registry to violate people's rights and make them into easy dies for cash.

Judah using sex to trap people into his cages. Might our elders from space wanted to put this Villas Boas sexual encounter into the literature to help us have some understanding of how Judah is using sex to hold the people from helping themselves?

Judah is using his hired troops to slay thousands of people a week. His dirty bomb shot is Burning out of control at his Jewish electricity plant. Do we not see that Judah is aiming to destroy this beautiful nation of America? Doing it all for free, because labor lets him hold onto labors check book. 7 people in Judah federal reserve bank decide how much money to give us for our allowance. Millions wasting away on the streets of America.

All this and Judee has pictures of Bitch from decades ago, his staged diaper opps that he hoped would put me in. Labor continues funding the die of America. Might it not be later than you think?

Bitchie beside himself for failing Father. Father did not want any of us wasted out. If there is not enough intelligence, courage or ability to organize and STRIKE THEM OUT, whatever it is that is needed to STOP THE WAR, then we must die out and go out of life form. Father would never harm us, yet when God our Father warns us about Judah and we don't do a thing about it, what are we to consider might happen to us?

"You passed away your fields, Julius stabbed you out." Tele receive. 8.29 AM

Will it be the ordinary worker that will be the last to find out just what it is that Judah has done to us here? A mass die off of population due to nuclear waste poisoning. Do some believe it not true what is now coming in upon us?

"We're almost scrooshed here." Tele receive. 8.41 AM

We have been warned in the bible of the last days. After a century of mass destruction and death world wide, funded by American labor income tax, can we not hazard a guess of what Judah will do when he no longer is in the drivers seat of our world now?

If he can no longer sport us as he wishes, what might he wish to happen to us then? As he attacked us with nuclear missiles and now they are in a museum on Mars, does it not seem pretty clear that his weap work on a Sealy is not going to be doing any deciding for anyone in our world anymore?

Does labor not yet see that Judah is closed out of our world for good now? His rules, his regulations, do we not see that we will be tossing his rules, regulations, registry and statutes and making "most favored suggestions" that fit all of God's kids needs?

"Help us kids grow out of state wars."

Judah is done, and does it not seem highly unlikely that the Martians will ever give Judah his nuclear attack missiles back? "He's shot himself gone with all his pollution, he's an insane guy." Will labor not close Judah out of here so that we have a chance to live a life?

Only through the love of our good God do we exist. Judah made concerted serious attempts to get us exterminated with his blast nuclear weapons. If this is understood, will we not act and end his nuclear waste war on us?

Just said, "Good wishes" to Jason and asked if there was a message to convey to us today and Jason's telepathic voice message system said: "His function falls you."

Do we see that Judah focuses on his strong side, his ability to fall us? Judah function, to accomplish us; It's his profession, his job, his duty; it's what he exists for. If this is understood, do we not make a connection with his final weap of us with nuclear waste?

We have his intent with his building thousands of nuclear weapons and attacking us with them to get us out of here with. As he has lost them, can we not surmise that his nuclear waste is the only way that he can get to us now big time?

If we can see how Judah is using his Jewish electricity for destroying more and more of our world every day, can we not connect that with his failed nuclear missile attack to gain some understanding of what we are dealing with here?

Our elders from space are here helping us. They have always been here. As we read the large number of gods in our ancient books, might we not perceive that many gods were in actuality our more advanced elders who returned to earth to give us a hand to get ourselves up into outer space?

Here is a link to some of the gods of ancient days. See what you think:

Father sent Bitch, and Bitch fumbled. Judah, ever perfect with his execution, picked up the ball and ran with it, holding the population in place for his nuclear waste die.

Do we not know that over the long term, one way or the other, Judah has a dying cipher now? Do we not see that Judah weap consciousness has canceled themselves out by attacking us with nuclear missiles?

Are we looking at the roots of the issue here? That is, how did this dangerous life form get so far out of control that it required intervention by our good God to save us?

Do we not see that it was the income tax, combined with the private authority to issue money, checks and credit against the income tax that made Judah move his mission to extinct us from a mere wish and dream into a doable accomplishment for him?

Was it not a shot out of the blue that Judah tried to get us with? Shot from the ocean with his submarines and did all he could to get his nuclear bombs exploding over our heads. Thousands of years of burning hatred he has for us. Finally he was to get us out of here with nuclear blast forces, only to have our good God save us.

Now we stand at the abyss again, nuclear waste this time to take us out of consciousness. Loss of life form for us and our kids. Is there not some way that simple working men and women will get themselves involved in this? Father said of Bitch, "He's a simple working man." Will other simple working people not involve yourselves and help us here?

The future looks so golden for everyone, if only we have a future. What have we now other than a well scripted charlatan's ruse? Will labor not do better for us here? Will labor not show kindness to our fellow man and STOP THE WAR? Will labor not show kindness to us and our own children and act to prevent loss of life form?

Do most all of us not try to follow the rules? Sure we do. Do we not see though, that those who issue our money play by a different set of rules? Do we not see now where their foul rules have brought them and us to? A strategy of foulness has brought the end of consciousness for the weap cipher. Must we not prevent our selves from going out with them to?

If we understand this, will we not act to prevent nuclear pollution from harming us? Is there not some understanding yet that we are being forced out of life form with the use of nuclear weapons? The missed with their blast, waste they’re trying this time.

In the face of our good God Judah has of his own free will chosen to hostile and harm the children of God. Genocide was and still is Judah plan for all of God's children on planet earth. If he were allowed to escape from earth, no doubt he would seek out other children of the universe to genocide to. The Federation will not let Weap Judah off of this planet, he has been quarantined for his genocide behavior. God almighty in his kind love for his children is dying weap Judah cipher off. Tunnel death. Will labor not involve yourselves to STOP THE WAR?

In a thousand years according to the bible, the Jews will reemerge, presumably having fixed their errancy by then. The rest of us in the nursery, are welcome now to go with our elders into the universe at peace.

Then what is the problem? The problem is labor is funding Judah wars. Under cover of conventional war, Judah is waging a nuclear holocaust upon us and our lands. Burning us out in ways that we may not understand at this moment. Only to be recognized when it is too late to do much about it.

Might it be that we live in a world that nuclear missiles have been so out of sight and out of mind that we have hardly ever given a moments thought to them? Conditioning the unconscious. That is what Judee does in his terrorist operations.

Continues at:

An entire lifetime living under the sword of Damocles. Might the threat of a four hour burn of our entire world have been so over powering, that many of us just never said a word? Might we have been terrorized in our unconscious to l

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