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Who Is Will P. Wilson, Who Calls Himself Dr. Will P. Wilson?
Wed Jun 10, 2015 15:28

June 09, 2015 A filled out survey on - ( by me to my former (Very rich peoples kids school.) grade school and high school North Shore Country Day School that is located on the North Side of Chicago in the exclusive rich people's town of Winnetka, Illinois.
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Matt is from Seattle by the way - Where The Hell is Matt - Bigandre 2015
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I attended North Shore Country Day School from 1962 to my 2nd year in high school, thus growing up with the class of 1971 and in a way, becoming very much a part of this class and as well as the classes ahead of us.

I was under peer pressure in late 1968 and at that time I had taken it upon myself to have my student status moved over to New Trier West and stayed and attended school at New Trier west until my then being transferred to a school in Arizona at the start of the Fall 1969 school year, the Judson School that is located in Scottsdale Arizona.

I ended up playing on a football team comprised of 26 All American Football players who were at the time being recruited by the then head coach of ASU Frank Kush. I at that time was a sixteen year old 220 pound defensive tackle and whereas, most if not all of these 26 All American Football players were in their early twenties and had to attend a school where they could get their high school diplomas in order for them to be able to then play the next year on the newly entering ASU football team thus entering into the Pac Ten football conference.

Judson was the only school in the state of Arizona that could provide a football team and a means for my head coach of whom was a friend of Frank Kush, Dick Trexler, who thus was helping to provide football players to the ASU Football Team for it's starting it's next season in the Pac Ten.

I actually had to perform as a starting defensive tackle scrimmaging the ASU Varsity team three times during our own high school season of which Judson actually took the Arizona Class A state championship that year.

I was personally handed a four year full ride scholarship by Frank Kush himself.

The only problem was that I had enlisted in the US. Marine Corp in 1967 in their Delayed Entry program, at the age of fourteen years of age. Thus, two weeks after the end of my schools football program in late 1970, I ended up being taken by the Marines coming to the school and picking me up before I had actually turned 18 years of age.

The Vietnam war was desperately under staffed at that time with little or no new recruitment occurring due to the Vietnam War Protesting going on and so I ended up being processed through quickly.

I had already completed Naval Officer Candidacy Training at the Culver Summer Military Academy so apparently they didn't even have to put me through basic training.

I ended up in Vietnam where to this day my records are still considered to be beyond Top Secret and I have been watched over by the heads of the Dept. of Defense most of my life and I have no memory of what ever I had done all though my being informed that I have a Congressional Medal of Honor and that I am considered to be a National Treasure.

II have produced more then two thousand one hour documentary TV programs over this past twelve years and as well as I have also published and posted on-line more then sixty thousand news reports.

Since that time long ago, I have played a key part in the founding of seven NASDAQ registered companies, writing more then two thousand pages to create the Organic Farm Bill of 1991, writing and publishing more then one hundred published books, and also becoming a serious target of the Organized Crime Families who control this country at this time and who think that they can continue to do whatever they want to, to the unsuspecting American and world peoples, who they have been literally milking from and destroying for centuries.

The following links will take you to some of this content and in the mean time if anyone wants to appear on one of my weekly TV programs or thereof, on possibly also our also working on a documentary together then please get back to me. I also interview AllDayLive guests by phone into the studio at North Seattle Community College.

Start teaching the students media.

Not social networking media but what has now become archived Federally copyrighted media.

Start providing the students with the ability to begin to know how to produce effective broadcasting on nationwide, (there are approximately 3,700 Public and Community Access channels and stations in North America.) public and community access media, and guide them to begin to understand that an entire culture and community's true sustainable future lies between success and failure by either being led by leaders who know how to not only to be seen and to be heard but to learn to help their entire community to be seen and to be heard.

The entire planet is in a current serious extinction level event due to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster now contaminating the entire Pacific Ocean, and the Northern Hemisphere, and currently there are already more the thirty animal species that have become extinct and soon the entire human race is potentially about to become also extinct.

I am a world recognized physicist and I have worked with many of the world's leading scientific community since the 1970s and this includes the renown Dr. Yull Brown and as well as Paul Pantone.

I, myself, will be more then willing to help to develop programs on alternative technologies and free clean energy systems that the students are going to now have to begin to wake up too regardless of how stuck in stupid and greedy the established way of conservative thinking establishment thinks that everything is supposed to only be the way that they think that their self preservations of their wealth and their power should be.

The entire planet is now in an extinction level event. So how far do you think that the established wealthy crime families are going to be maintaining their wealth and their power when the very world that they reside upon is in an extinction level event?

I will be glad to help this next school director to build a world leading program for the students concerning what I have explained. I can be contacted at - (206) 383 - 4817

It is now a matter of human survival and the NSCDS students need to be better prepared to address these issues then to be continually led into fantasy land

Sincerely, from Will P. Wilson The producer of the weekly AllDayLive TV programs. - Please get back to me at: (206) 383 - 4817 - - Will P. Wilson.

Just on-line search - willpwilson - - - alldaylive - - - I have a very large worldwide media audience. - I am also a world recognized research and published scientist. - - Twitter @alldaylive - - -

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From Seattle:

Also Linked at - Message News Board:

Sincerely, Will P. Wilson -

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Plasma Physics, the Fifth Law of Physics, & Ignored by US,? Mon Jun 1, 2015;article=154372;title=APFN
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A colleague recently referred this person - Kitta MacPherson Princeton Plasma Physics Lab - - (609) 243 - 2755 concerning our working with the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab on the Plasma Water Filtration Systems. - -
Princeton Plasma Physics Lab -
Inline image 1

June 03, 2015 To Kitta MacPherson, and to the Princeton Plasma Physics Lab from Will P. Wilson, the producer of the weekly AllDayLive weekly televised programs and other broadcast weekly educational archived media some of which is also broadcast from .

I was informed by one of my colleagues to contact your offices and as well as to contact Kitta MacPherson concerning myself, Will P. Wilson, (And, all of us thereof, working together.), at this time (To begin attempting.), to begin a Plasma Physics Analysis and worldwide program to architect at this time the means for creating Plasma Water Filtration that can and that will neutralize all Nuclear Contamination from all known water sources.

Thereof, as is explained and linked in the several (And, many more news articles that I have written and posted on-line.) news reports and informative articles are linked below. Please get back to me at: (206) 383 - 4817 Thank and sincerely, Will P. Wilson. Just on-line search - willpwilson - - - alldaylive - - - I have a very large worldwide media audience. - I am world recognized research and published scientist.

Are There Answers & or Remedy During Extinction Events?;article=154352;title=APFN

On Tue, Jun 2, 2015 at 2:22 PM, Will P. Wilson wrote:
June 02, 2015, Thank you for getting back to me on this.
Plasma Physics, the Fifth Law of Physics, & Ignored by US,?;article=154372;title=APFN

This whole concept (That is also what I have written about and linked below.), that is in part written about in some of my latest news posts that I write and then I post to be sent out by Twitter, Facebook, and everything else all over the planet.

We are now in the middle of creating the infrastructure to something that is now transcending into being bigger then we can possibly realize.

But we all have to begin to support each other's projects at this time due to the actual size of this now becoming our responsibility to fill in the voids and to actually create the future architecture and the infrastructure of this giant of an undertaking by us.

I was congratulated by some members of congress for helping them to be able to have the means to be able to see what the Northwest Cannabis and Hemp Industry was really all about due to our telvised programs also being broadcast on cable TV here in the Northwest that means that our programs are then considered to be then protected under the Federal Copyrights Act of the 1984 Cable TV Industry.

Thus our programs are considered to be admissible legal media documentation that then is also considered to also be Congressionally Recognized Documentation, and thus Congressionally archived media documentation.

The AllDayLive and related media that I have produced and with my colleagues, has apparently helped the US Congressional Representatives to be able to revue and then to expediently legislate to authorize the states, the counties, the provinces, the townships, the cities, and the many incorporated, and un incorporated regions, and the many native tribes, etc. to now take legislative control over their own jurisdictions.

Thus the US Congress has legislated to have the many nationwide and continental wide and international jurisdictions to now be able to take over their own legislative jurisdictions concerning Cannabis, Hemp, Marijuana,.

Apparently, after I had also shown the Congressional Legislative Experts and their Staffs from the many televised programs that I had produced concerning showing the entire planet the real meaning and who are the real people who are the key architects and who are the key inspirational icons who have significantly and diligently mapped, who have explored, who have defined, and who have then implemented the most incredibly architected Cannabis and Hemp, Marijuana Industry concept in known human history.

I have thus now produced more then two hundred one hour documentaries that reveal to the world the true and actual meaning of Northwest Cannabis and Hemp world of people and their pioneering industries and their incredible ability to be able seek and to manifest their implementation of their incredibly creative and innovative thinking and futuristic Cannabis and Hemp industry idea mapping here in the Northwest.

In consideration as to who are the key and the adversely real and innovative and enterprising people who are also comprise

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