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Thu Jun 11, 2015 07:19

Perhaps I wasn't clear; I admire Hitler, and have seen the documentary. I was responding to the part of your writing where you say that "one day you may see something about Hitler that will change your mind." I was just saying that you won't because all real facts about Hitler will strengthen your existing opinion. Pardon my vague phrasing.

I am no jew, and in fact, I have put this Tribe under a microscope and have found little to admire about them. They were the original Bolsheviks and as such have destroyed countless millions of Gentile, Christian Russians; and yes, my heart breaks for what Eisenhour, at the behest of Morgenthau had done to the lovely German people.

It saddened me that you misconstrued my message to you; it was in full support of what you said.


  • I DID NOT PRESENT HITLER POSITIVELYRichard P. Sheridan, Thu Jun 11 06:24
    I shared the truth as I know it. DID YOU OBJECTIVLY VIEW THE DOCUMENTARY? ARE YOU A JEW? A SEPHARDIC OR ASKENAZI JEW? A EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN? What about Eisenhower letting 1,500,000 German soldiers... more
    • Hitler — peterradon, Thu Jun 11 07:19
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