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Thanks Peter.
Thu Jun 11, 2015 08:47

Thanks for the clarification. We could view Hitler as the lesser of the evils of the then world leaders, and thats certainly open for debate.

As a civil engineer, with a professional engineers license in New York, and havibg witnessed the construction of the World Trade center, it is my professional opinion that the planes and the jet fuel did not bring dowm the towers. To me it was some form of ADVANCED ATOMC WEAPONRY turning most of the building to dusk, dusk which has caused cancer and killed many first responders. To me Dr Judy Wood is on target...even though she wont talk to me. Ha ha ha

  • Hitlerpeterradon, Thu Jun 11 07:43
    Richard, I just sent you a response to your response of my earlier comment. You misinterpreted it. My view of Hitler is a relatively positive one, and yes, I have seen the Documentary on him, and I... more
    • Thanks Peter. — Richard P. Sheridan, Thu Jun 11 08:47
      • Re: Thanks Peter.peterradon, Thu Jun 11 22:41
        Richard, have you ever heard the famous speech given by the ex-jew, Benjamin Freedman on Hitler? He (Freedman) sat at the Treaty of Versailles and discovered to true nature and intention of organized ... more
        • Great Idea Peter!Richard P. Sheridan, Fri Jun 12 03:21
          I will look for that speech. We need to get speech to the American Jewish community so they know whats really going on. Im from the Bronx New York which may have the highest population of Jews... more
          • Re: Great Idea Peter!peterradon, Fri Jun 12 08:09
            Good luck Richard; you may find that most, if not all the jews you speak to, care little for what the "truth" is; they care more for how their Tribe is perceived, for how collective jewry is... more
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