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"You haven't Managed Well" That was words from our good God
Fri Jun 12, 2015 11:21

"You haven't Managed Well"

That was words from our good God yesterday, "You haven't managed well."

As America is now about sealed into mass destruction and die off from nuclear waste, the truth is revealed for all to see and hear. Bitch hasn't managed well. Bitch makes no excuses. He is a "deeply imperfect," simple man.

"You have a limited range, operate within it." Elder said to him years ago.

"If you ever grasp how stupid you are you'll be amazed." That elder said when Bitch figured out when he was 49 years old in 1997 that the plan all along was, to exterminate the entire mass of the human race in a surprise all out blast nuclear war.

Is it not something to consider, all these years later, and that still is the plan, to exterminate the mass of the human race? Do we not see though, after losing their missiles now all they have left to get us with is nuclear waste?

Bitch pray to Father to give him the words that will bring American labor to try and save itself, save all of us. Not able to convince labor though because he hasnít managed well. Will labor not bring some of its own management in here please?

For attacking us all out with nuclear missiles, is it not a certain fact that Judah is done here now? Of course he is. Who would ever again vote for Judah or his useless gravy check debenture collecting models knowing that they attacked us with nuclear missiles?

The useful, what of them? Might we not find them in storage in Judah jail and prison houses? With his no rights policy for the people of America, do we not see how easy it has been for Judah to pull our useful away from us?

While deeply imperfect, Bitch is truly an economically useful man. He can start a power plant up from cold iron and run it so that it produces heat and electricity for all of us. Works best with others as part of the labor plan.

He can buy old house that has building violations, hire the labor to fix building code violations, and turn it into cash. He works well with everyone else, and sets the deal up so that everybody else makes nice money on the deal to. Judah see Bitch in Chicago, after two years in real estate business, Bitch started to make real money. Judee see that, and try to pull Bitch off with one of his little well tested plots.

Bitch go to closing, the owner had passed away, Bitch was supposed to get a check for about $15,000 dollars, and Judee cut him a check to $63,000 dollars. The owner was dead, who would know the difference?

Bitch see the big numbers and think about it for a little bit, then call Judee clerk over and explain that he was only supposed to get a check for $15,000. Then Judee cut him a check for his fair amount.

If Bitch would have taken that check and cashed it, do we see that Judee would have set his hook in Bitchie? Instead of an error, do we see how Judee is always testing the ordinary fish to see if he can bring them to cross the line between what is theirs and what is someone else's?

At the time Bitch thought it was mere mistake, only years later when he sees how Judee plays his parts, does he see it was clever ruse to pull him out at a later date.

Once a law suit is brought forward in a timely manner in American law, with a timely jury demand filed, stating the facts, the "cause of action," of what is the basis of the complaint, that is, what is the alleged wrong that the defendant has done to the plaintiff? Once a jury demand has been properly and lawfully filed, in American law, a Judge is not to throw it out. It should go to a jury first to make a determination of the facts.

But do we not recall, we let Judah throw our rights and American law out, and substituted process with bribes?

That is where it stands today. He has been transporting people that he kidnapped in America, on for a view of Poland and then to be finished off in Moscow.

Do we not see here, these are all Judah paper trained nations of leaders at the top? They provide the vicious hearts and minds and Judah provides the spinach.

Pieces of paper with numbers and funny symbols written on it. The tickets that have almost no value at all, we use to access the aggregate resource base for us all, or at least those who have some tickets.

Judee spends his time setting people up so that they can't get their tickets, and he enjoys making us homeless. It is one of his many sports routines that he enjoys.

Bitch refuses to be isolated from his fellow man. Judee is always assaulting our fellow man, doing all that he can to make our fellow man to want to harm us. Then he sells us his protection racket. Do we see how he does all that he can to block us from interacting with the rest of our brothers and sisters in this world?

"I bull to keep you timorous," Judee say.

Do we not see now the simple Judee terror system and why he does his violence?

Last night at 7.21 PM, Judee started shooting Bitch with his microwave space based beam weapon again. It is one of his military satellites, that gives about a half hour of microwave headache and burning of eyeballs that Judee has done to Bitch now for a decade. At first in about 2004, Bitch thought he was coming down with some malady. Thought he might have diabetes or something. Didn't know what the spots were he was seeing in front of his eyes about once a month.

So it is about 11 years that Judah has been assaulting me regularly with his microwave beam weapon. Two heart attacks in the middle of the night. Last night as the attack was on, elders said to Bitch, "Downsized."

Elders have kept Bitch in. They pull the strong intensity of the beam off of me. Otherwise, I may not be able or well enough to write this message to everyone.

"When youíre all full of poison I'm going to go to your funeral right," Judee say.

You have failed me labor. You have failed us all. And you failed yourselves. Bitch has failed you and Bitch has failed Father. We're all being exterminated by Judah particle ray weapons, his dirty bomb Jewish electricity that he installed into our world. Do we not see here that the only one who has not failed is our good God above us? Will labor not turn to the love of God and listen to our precious sweet Father and save yourselves?

Nuclear power has never been anything but a menace and a threat. Never economically viable as an electricity source. Only with subsidies from the tax payers, has it been forced in. Do we not see now how bribes to politicians are costing us to lose our health and lives now?

Judee invades and destroy nations, and has had this policy of nation destruction as part of his sport, for thousands of years. Do we not see that his nuclear war on us has now put them out of here for good? The Germans sitting in the Bundestag all paper-trained to serve Judah wrong. No legitimate people sitting in any places that make decisions for us on an everyday basis.

Polish government had to ghost itself out to get away before the people wake up to just what it is they attempted to do to the people of that war torn land.

Might we note, no grand juries in Poland looking into that presidential air crash? Do we not see that when one set of Judah ghost away, he has another set of shell people to step right on in anyplace?

"I can see why they don't like us, but I'm surprised theyíre not amazed at us." Is what one Judee guy said.

So the amazing Judah people took over planet earth, with a well-crafted conspiracy to destroy the planet and kill all the people living on the surface of planet earth. Is that not quite a plan? Billions of people, can we only wonder how many may have guessed what Judah had and still has planned? JFK got in the way; do we not remember what happened then?

Bitchie learn something in engineering called "Proving the signal." A valve may appear to be open, turn it two or three times and it seems to be open. To prove the signal, the valve may have forty turns to be completely open or closed. Donít turn it two or three turns, turn it enough times to be absolutely certain that it is open or closed, which ever is called for at the time. Valves can get stuck and have a limited range of operation, so the signal must be proved to be certain it is open or closed.

Electrical, electronic circuit may show voltage, yet the machine still does not work? When the circuit is put under load, there may be no amperage to drive the device that is calling for it. Voltage may collapse to zero. Is it the device, the power supply or something else that is the problem?

Basic circuit analysis. How not to be fooled by a false signal? Always prove the signal first. Is there or is there not a good signal coming in to the machine? Is the power supply working right before we look at the device that is to be powered by it?

If we apply a similar, though in a different category, basic diagnostic analysis technique to our political-economic system, might we not easily find that there is a false signal both coming in and going out? Do we not see that they are fooling us here?

Judee kids claim they want to be extra cautious because they want us to be safe when we're flying on their planes, so they claim a right to hassle us getting on board a plane. Does that really make us safer? If they have our commercial aviation fleet wired with Sky Brats so that they can send the plane into a controlled crash whenever they want, might we not have some ideas that their signal is false, both coming in and going out?

They use American dollars to buy all sorts of military equipment, then they leave it sitting there and wouldnít we know it, ISIS and ISIL got it?

Does American labor not see that it is our labor that is the prime source of all the funding of war in our world? Has Judah signal not proved false enough that we will strike them out and STOP THE WAR?

Do the ordinary people have any idea as to why the Jews live a life of laughing at us? Large amounts of our food have contaminants in them that are very difficult to detect. Some slow our thinking down, in ways that we cannot easily detect.

He lives on every block helping to set us up. He may appear to be a good neighbor, for tens of years, and finally helps putting us out. He is waiting for the day his mercenary troops arrive so that he can turn on us. Are we seeing that Judah has developed a stratagem, a ruse, to fold us up?

Stages hate events to keep our communities of love separated. His perfected beauty in staging us.

Elder told Bitch just yesterday afternoon, that Judah puzzled out the basics of the extraterrestrial situation long ago. Is it believable that Judah got it right as early as 700 BC? That's what elder told me, Judah high priests had the basics understood by then.

Heard an extraterrestrial researcher speaking on late night coast to coast years ago, the speaker claimed the gods left our world in the 8th century BC. Do we recall that many gods were part and parcel of our world in antiquity? Do we recall that the gods went up to Mt Olympus every evening?

Might it have been the awakening of Judah to figuring out that the gods were in reality, human Beings just like us, only with a much higher technical and intelligence level than us?

Might this help explain why the gods left us at that particular early period? Might it have been Judah plan to fist the angels for sport that caused them to leave the surface of our planet then?

Elders never really left us; they just disguise themselves when they travel among us. Do we recall Judah attacking them at Sodom and Gomorrah? Bitch revealed that elders told him that Judah has tried over 4,000 times since 1947 to kidnap or put one of them in. Might that help explain why our gods of antiquity chose to depart from close contact with us since then?

Judah, might he not have figured out that the gods did not fight? It seems likely doesn't it? And yet, he chose from before that time and until this time, to fight with the rest of the human race, wherever he found us. Then he figures out the gods are us with more intelligence and a way better technical base, and of his own free will decides that he wants to fight with them to. Elders show up in our world to help their baby brothers and sisters on earth and Judah wanted to harm them. Will labor not for the love of God help us to free the human race of Judah errant life form once and for all? Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from the 1% that only cite us with blast and make war? To save your own lives will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Bitch just contacted Jason and said ,"Good wishes." asked if there was something to share with us today and Jason's telepathic voice mail box said, "FINISH!"

"Thank you Sir."

From studying this in many ways it looks as if Judah has been using Velocity power sources since about 1995 in the undergrounds. The technical details are sorted out as to how to power multi phase motors. This has been known for well over a decade now it looks like. The only ones using nuclear dirty bomb Jewish power plants? Is it not the suckers that are living on the surface of planet earth?

Judee wouldn't bring his dirty, dangerous, poisonous genocide of nuclear waste into his living spaces. If Judah wonít use anything but velocity power sources to power his mountain hotels, then why are we not getting rid of his 436 dirty bomb shots he put on us?

Do the people not as of yet understand that we have been put to genocide not once by Judah, but twice now?

Father said, "You haven't managed well." Will labor not step in and help manage this defunct tyranny and help bring us into civil process again after a century of Judah sport war?

Must American labor not end funding the forcing of us out of life? Sourcing our die off. No change, as we move into the last days to be sealed into a mass die off Americans for Judah sport. Velocity is well known. It's just that because American labor is funding Judah force, our engineers and scientists cannot help us here. Only if labor will help us by ending funding Judah force, can we get about building the new technology that will feed house and clothe all of us bountifully.

That Bitch has not done as well as is necessary is very troubling. If Bitch were flawless, as Judee is in his execution, might Bitch not have been at least able to get labor to try a strike to STOP THE WAR? But Bitch has not managed well. This is personally very troubling. Must labor not act to prevent the 200 million Americans from now dying off in the next 6 years from nuclear waste disease? For those that understand the gravity of the situation that we find ourselves in, an extinction phase, will you not help us please and explain to those who do not understand it yet? For the love of our precious sweet Father will American Labor not STOP THE WAR?

Bitch understands Judee, and he knows why Judee hopes we all die. In Judee's heart and mind, he is angry that we didnít prevent the harm that came to him when the Egyptians were so mean to him way back then. So he is showing us what the costs are to have ever harmed a hair on his head; he is dying everyone off.

Killing us, Judee says that it is a "Rightly" thing to do. Might it be that Judah thinks that we care not about dying little fish far away somewhere, so might Judah figure that that gives him the right to harm everyone here?

Go along with Judee plan and eat well. Get in the way of his war machine, and unending trouble will come upon you. "Why invite calamity in?" It's coming in anyhow. Would it not better to act righteous and STOP THE WAR NOW?

Bitch is not claiming goody two shoes here. His own personal interest is that he not be destroyed in war of any kind. His mathematics intelligence, along with his errant 1/8th, told him long ago to do something to STOP THE WAR. Spent many years reading books trying to find the truth.

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Only recently did Bitch discover that we are the genetically crafted children of an extraterrestrial civilization. High-level life forms genetically engineered us. We are the creation of extraterrestrial Beings. The Galacticans. They live

  • THERE GOES WILL WILSON AGAIN!Richard P. Sheridan, Fri Jun 12 05:35
    Have a smoke and calm down. I still love you Will and will leave it alone ifvyou Will. Will ya? Ha ha.
    • "You haven't Managed Well" That was words from our good God — Patrick Sullivan, Fri Jun 12 11:21
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