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World Wide Prayed For Project Camelot
Fri Jun 12, 2015 16:36

For the last year somebody has been attacking those who are running Project Camelot. Even those who run the website have been personally attacked.

Please - pray - Visualize - that those who are attacking those associated with Project Camelot are themselves immediately flattened for the rest of their lives.

Apparently they have exposed too much that the United States Corporation has done.

Withing the last month their website has also been taken off line allot.

It is not just the website andf Dr Wislon's All Day Live TV Program, Pat Schupes Call 4 Investigation TV show and Don Grams TV show that have been attacked.

Even Jeff Rense form was also viciously attacked by these Cowards who work at the Fudge Factory at Langley - the CIA.

So pray with me - Visualize hard - that those "Cowards" who would dare attack these people who are trying to save America are themselves immediately flattened for the rest of their miserable little lives.

They truly are cowards. They hide in the shadows like freaks and children and use YOUR tax dollars to pop out and shut down decent websites that are trying to expose the truth. So pray they are all taken down immediately.

These cowards are so afraid they even took down APFN and many other websites like the USGS Earthquake Map and Iris Earthquake Maps, and even NASA websites showing pictures of the sun. These CIA freaks need to be flattened - so pray for it.

Again - pray (Visualize) that these Cowardly Fascists are themselves taken down immediately and for life - and pray even if we get taken down.
This is how perverted these Fudge Packers (Liars) of the CIA and FBI really are:

We have discussed the nuke being brought into DC tomorrow (+- 3 Days) so these perverts are now reading my blog and may just bring in the Nuke in 4 days - not 3 days - so they can kill a maximum amount of people and start WW3 and say: Mount was wrong.

There is no end to their perversion and evil so pray against them and watch GOD rip them a new rear end. It is time. So HE has said it, so it shall be.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

PS - Richard - you got some really bad dope. Keep acting out and the Living GOD will take your Mental Disability away. Not kidding. GOD has had enough of your nasty tongue and HE may act very soon.

Then what Richard?

Dr Will P. Wilson, who was awarded a PhD by an acting President, is a great TV producer and a really good researcher and writer

What can you do Richard but use drugs?

You USED TO BE a great writer - what happened?

Now you speak in broken sentences and in Jibberish, Gutter Snipe Garbage?

What happened?

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