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Pat's Enigmatic Rants
Fri Jun 12, 2015 20:28

There's an obvious willingness on Pat's part to not put his verbiage under wider scrutiny so he writes in Gibberish. He thinks it's clever stuff, this unapproachability that he loves. All we can see that is real is, perhaps, his name. He does not want our readership to analyze what he's really saying because he has no message.

It's drivel masquerading as garbage. Hooray.

What is also disheartening is the horrible English skills or lack thereof of too many writers. When reading Wilson or Mount, a person has to be clairvoyant to make out some of the words, we are looking at spontaneous neologizing. Why do Americans have such lousy skills in the mother tongue anyway?

  • SULLIVAN...WE R SEALED INTO MASS DESTRUCTION... WE CAN SAVE Richard P. Sheridan, Fri Jun 12 13:06
    WE ARE SEALED INTO MASS DESTRUCTION...WE CAN SAVE OURSELVES WHICH ONE IS IT PATRICK? You have been the verbrose DOOM AND GLOOM POSTER for a long time. Your post sometimes are an enigma, a rubix... more
    • Pat's Enigmatic Rants — mljanket, Fri Jun 12 20:28
      • mljanket What Have YOU Reported?willpwilson 908, Fri Jun 12 20:51
        You useless bottom feeders can take over this board as that it is obvious that you invariably useless judgmentalists are trying to destroy the work of Ken Vardon and this news board.
        • tsk, tskmljanket, Fri Jun 12 22:50
          You are blowing hot air and steam and to no avail. Rather than learn how to use the English language, you bloviate about Vardon's work when I'm addressing YOU, and not Vardon. He knew how to spell... more
          • mljanket, Let's Do A Google Search on mljanketwillpwilson 908, Sat Jun 13 00:24
            mljanket, Let's Do A Google Search on mljanket - Thereof, starting with: apfn mljanket - - 7 results -... more
          • mljanket Lets Do A Google Search on mljanketwillpwilson 908, Sat Jun 13 00:18
            mljanket Lets Do A Google Search on mljanket -apfn mljanket - results - + Now lets try mljanket ... more
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