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"It's the End, I Urge you to STRIKE THEM OUT" Elder said t
Sat Jun 13, 2015 12:00

"It's the End, I Urge you to STRIKE THEM OUT"

Elder said that at 1.28 AM today, "It's the end, I urge you to STRIKE THEM OUT."

Bitch heard Judee say to him at 12.30 AM: "You breezed me."

That's a fact, Bitch breezed Judee out of this world forever now. Mercury clued Bitch and Bitch alerted the children of our good God that Judah attacked us all out in the middle of the night with his thousand nuclear missiles and over three thousand warheads.

Bitch fell about 6 months later when he insulted everyone. So now we face the loss of life form of a couple of hundred million people in America. Might that not demonstrate how touchy people are about being insulted? Might it not demonstrate the power of words? Might it not demonstrate how well elder reads Bitch when he told Bitch in July of 1997, "If you ever grasp how stupid you are you'll be amazed?"

"You failed my deverse." One Tele receive said."

So it is a fail, the mass of the American population are now being poisoned off. Should labor not think about ending using our money for paying for what is being done to us by weap Judee?

The single most important function of government, the authority to issue our money, not held by the government, held by the private authority of weap Judah.

Elders revealed to Bitch that Judah had figured out the basics of our existence 2,700 years ago. Judah, accurately sized up events in 700 BC. Understood that the gods were actually more highly advanced members of our species that were here on earth openly aiding the people in our world. Helping us develop. Helping us gently advance ourselves.

Judee came from pyramid town, where he was held as slave by the ancient Egyptians. Judee had learned how to manipulate people and had effective ability at tricking the ordinary people and keeping them dumb. Kept the mass of the ordinary people unaware of the big picture of life. Kept them working and producing the great wealth so that Judah could have the good life, and at the same time enjoy his sport of killing his fellow man that he so enjoys.

Judah is a sadist, he enjoys torturing and killing people. He enjoys whipping and beating them. He enjoys toying with people. For him to be able to deny people the ordinary things in life, to make them hungry, homeless, to hurt them in any way, is good and worthwhile life for Judah.

About 1500 BC God had Moses give the children of Judah the Ten Commandments. Prime message, "Thou shalt not kill." Judah response; to kill as many of the children of God as he could.

Still doing it 3.500 years later. Went for his big shot in the middle of the night, tried to get us all in a four-hour shot. Lost every single one of his missiles. Our good neighbor Sir Caper and his team from Mars pulled every single shot off of us. Not one nuclear missile got through.

That nuclear attack in the middle of the night was over 4 years ago now. June 11, 2011.

Now Judah claims that he has sealed Americans into a mass die off from nuclear waste. His scientists told him that there is so much nuclear waste in our environment now that it will kill the majority of Americans off over the next 6 years. By 2021 the majority of Americans wonít be around.

When the next six years have passed, looking back from that time, will an ordinary American say, "I just didn't know?"

What will the survivors of the nuclear war we are in say then?

It will not only be Americans, the Bible tells us one third of the human race will perish in the end times. Is there not some recognition that we are in the very last of the end times? Will labor not try to STOP THE WAR? Is it not seen that those who make war shall perish? Youíre funding war labor.

Japan is heavily poisoned. The children there are suffering large increases in cancer. A general wasting away of the people from nuclear performance. A dissolving of their life forms.

Bitch prays for the words to convince the ordinary fish to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the organizing principle of society away from weap Judah.

Bitch stumble and insult everyone so he shot himself good. It gave Judee time to find videos of Bitch from decades ago and get control of the eye. He then falsed the iris with a true.

Judah figured out the basic truth 2,700 years ago. The gods were us in our advanced form. Instead of learning the ways of peace from them, he decided that he would like to fist our elders from space. Their response? To leave our surface world. Elders donít fight. They returned to Mt Olympus to continue living their lives inside of our planet and on other worlds. Bitch has met with an elder. Looks just like us, except the eyes are very intense. More neurons. Elders have about 6 times more neurons in their brain than we do.

Elders did computer simulations of the end times on planet earth that we are in now, back between 1840 until 1870. These simulations have been, and are still being used in this rescue-transition operation, that was put into motion in 1906 when the "Proper Behavior Committee" of the Federation began "Project Earth."

Maxmilian, our elder Known to our world as the "Infant of Prague," directed Project Earth from 1906, until he departed earth zone in September of 2008. Maxmilian arrived in earth zone in 1910. Juliet, his assistant, arrived in 1937. Maxmilian and Juliet are mentioned with profound respect and honor to their dignities.

"Give me my hands and I will give you peace." Maxmilian said telepathically to the parish priest father Cyrillus in 1637 in the church of Prague Czechoslovakia.

Europe torn with war ever since Judah got hold of the people of those northern climates.

Archeologists reveal that the people of the north were living in peace for the last 30,000 years. Only in recent years, have the people been engaged in war.

Judee arrived in the northlands in force in about 525 AD. Since then, war has never stopped in those troubled lands.

With 30,00 years of peace in their lands, does that not demonstrate that the white people are as peaceful as the black people or as peaceful as our lovely Asian brothers and sisters?

Judah sports within each community of love always pitting people against one another. Inciting violence and disharmony where ever he occupies. The cipher of Judah, has had a long running plan to molest the high level life forms that we are.

So Judah has had the basic idea of who we are and where we came from, for 2,700 years now. He understood that our God is an extraterrestrial Being who is offering us guidance into the correct way to live.

Our good God gave us the command to "Love one another." Judee picks and chooses his own rules. He rejects the message of our extraterrestrial house. Judah chooses to hate his fellow man. Chooses to false and fool his fellow man. Chooses to kill his fellow man. Chooses to play with us, toy with us, set us up and take insurance collections on our deaths.

Bitchie, a simple boy raised in a loving family wounded by alcohol. Parents that were shaken, as much of the rest of the nation was, by Judee economic depression and the eternal war years. By the time Bitchie was born, his father had solid year round regular union scale income.

Bitch always looking for what the truth was. Never did well in school, poisoned in the chewing gum that Judah man handed out. The sweets that we children ate, can we only imagine now how much 'dumb' Judah mix into it?

Judah unchanged since his pyramid town days. Poisoning as many of the people and as much of the world as possible. Dumbing the population down. Working from within to set us all back about a couple of million years.

Our good God watching over us all the time. Elders knew in 1840 that Judah was going to go for the big nuclear shot on us as soon as technology reached the stage that he would be able to wash us all away. Before Judah even discovered nuclear energy, elders knew just what he would do with it when he discovered it. So in 1840 elders from Mercury began computer simulations for the century of Judah, that began in 1913 when Judah took the organizing principle, the authority to issue our money away from the government of America.

Elders have been watching Judah and understand how far away in the lead in knowledge he is from the rest of us. They also understand that Judah has an errant cipher that violates the rules of the federation. It is illegal to do genocide in the Galactic federation of light. Judah knew this, and ignored the Federation's rules. He casually offended God our Father with his plots and plans to wipe out the mass of the human race. We possess the highest-level genetics of life forms in our universe, and as such, we were God gifted with free will to do as we wish. Elders do not use force, so they never stopped Judah as he errantly used his free will and selected to harm God's kids.

Elders have the technical ability to terminate Judah cipher, but their high ethics would never allow them to do such a thing. Judee understood this long ago, and so he never feared our extraterrestrial family as he knew they do no harm. There was never a time that a safeguard was needed.

At a deeper level, just as a thought to explore, when we see people who are obviously flying high and doing real well, do we not ordinarily seek what it is that they are doing for ourselves, so that we can enrich ourselves and share in some of the good benefits of what they have learned that has served them so well?

Do we recall the saying, "Keeping up with the Jones?" If we see Jones is doing things that make life brighter, nicer and add some value along the way, do we not as an ordinary response see if we can also brighten up and make our own lives a little nicer to? Whatís wrong with that? Nothing.

Now Judah figured out how nice our elders were living, and instead of learning what our elders knew, which obviously was staggering, instead he decides to cut us all off from the knowledge that our elders wished to freely share with us. Judee tries to fist our elders out, so elders leave the surface world.

"We're not missionaries." Elder said that to Bitch many years ago. So elders did not have any colonial troops following behind to insure conversion to a new way or to change Judah's mind.

The reader is invited to plumb the many possibilities involved with such a range of thoughts to possibly gain some understanding or make some sense of how it is that Judah went so far away from the rest of us.

Does this sort of mind-expanding area to probe, not bring to mind what Ely Weisel said, "there's an ontological difference between us?"

And all the time, Judah knew of our good God that loves us equally.

Might we not consider that the name God is a desk of sorts? It is an office of the Federation. Not unlike the office of president, or the mayors office. The chair is occupied by different Beings throughout time. God is immortal in the sense that there is always someone who is there. The Being that is our God, is as we are, a mortal. Our Galactican creators live 1800 to 2200 years of age. They retire at 1600 years of age

Our kind beautiful precious sweet Father who is our God at this time, is Father Harold. Beautiful precious sweet Father loves us equally. It is only Father's love that has kept us from Judah blast genocide of us all. Father's name is mentioned with the profoundest respect to his honor and dignity.

Our Father at the time of Jesus was Father Christopher. The miracles that Jesus performed, is it not something to ponder, the top Judah people knew that the miracles that Jesus was performing, were a demonstration of extraterrestrial high technology? Do we recall just recently learning, Judah knew that God and the angels were extraterrestrial life forms by 700 BC?

The unburnable heart of Joan of arc that master Judah ordered tossed into the Seine river in 1431, when it could not be burned after repeated tries. Would a sane person not want to know what sort of material that was that could not be burned? Might not such valuable properties make for some excellent high performance building materials?

"Curiosity is not useful," So said a Judee shell North Asian head of state.

Judah has spent his time investing in things that harm the human race. War and police states are what he puts into operation whenever he gets hold of the authority to issue our money. Frangible bullets. They break into dust upon impact. Great Protection from ricochets. Can we only imagine how many fortunes could have been made, if only Judah had investigated the unburnable heart of Joan of Arc?

NO great fire of London. NO Chicago fire. No fire bombing of Dresden. NO Iroquois theater fire, and on and on. Might there be a clue there why Judah was not looking for great fireproof materials in 1431? Might Judah have taken to heart the saying, "it was curiosity that killed the cat?" Might Judah have figured that if the people were too wealthy, he just couldn't mouse them? Might that explain the reason for his hold that he puts on the people? Might he need impoverishment to insure that there is always a mouse for him to eat?

Are we seeing why he has held velocity power sources out of our world? With vast wealth for everyone will we all not live in easy peace? Bitch has yet to come to full grips with what elder told him the other day. Since 700 BC Judah has known the basic game of life of the universe. Is that not a startling fact to think about?

Judah Creates shell transplant hybrid people, that look like the local terrain variation of people, but are Judee in disguise. He took over the entire planet by his secret life.

Vril, Xanthians, Atlantis, Brasil, Venus. Planet Mercury is home to our Atlantis family. Mercury are who Bitch hears speak mostly. "Thank you dear big brothers and sisters." Bitch thanks them every day for helping us here.

Actually it is "B" that Bitch hears mostly from if there is any speaking to be done.

"B" has been monitoring our development for 70,000 years. From this chairs understanding, Brainiac is located 6.000 feet underground in the Vail, Colorado area. There are no entrances to him, our elders beam themselves into and out of there when he needs special service.

There are robots and mission specific Beings on duty all the time that operate with him.

We ourselves have been gifted by our creators, the Galacticans, with their own 223 high level thinking genetics. Not 213, or 189, we have the same complete 223 genetics high intelligence package as the Galacticans themselves have.

A major difference between them and us is the neuron count of our brains.

If we engage our mind in thinking activities, our neuron count continues to grow as we age. Many of us also develop specific "Facility of mind."

That is, roofing, plumbing, cooking or sewing. Singing, dancing, acting, researching or repairing shoes. Whatever it is that we usually do for a living, or for fun. We develop neurons that link to that specific function that then enhance and amplify that specific facility of mind.

Ice skating or running track. Shooting hoops or diving in. Every ability that we might develop, is a specific facility of mind. Each of us have our own specialized development of neurons. The better, kinder ways we cooperate and work together, the more we amplify our own and each other's abilities.

Average count for many of us may be about 100 billion neurons. Some Judah actually reach over 5 times that number. Their focused development on thinking and learning, combined with their specific facility of mind, human deception; human predation, is what has made them so deadly to us.

Our elders from space, Mercury, Venus, begin their neuron count at 600 billion neurons. So top Judah, do not quite reach first level of elders. Close but not to the level of elders. Enriched environments aid in neuron growth.

The Galacticans that created us, their neuron count is 18 times our average. They have about 1800 billion neurons of brain matter. They have lovely elongated heads to accommodate their large sized brains.

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