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We’re Folding up Ourselves, is there not some sense that we
Mon Jun 15, 2015 08:48

We’re Folding up Ourselves, is there not some sense that we are being Exterminated?

Just sent good wishes to Jason and asked if there was something to share with us today and Jason's telepathic voice mail box said: "You’re fate is wilted on your war set."

"Thank you sir." Are we making the connection with war as to what it is that is wilting us? Will labor not act for all of us and set us on peace?

The people of America are sealed into a mass die off now. That is what Judah scientists are telling him. He has succeeded in holding labor to fund his wreckage long enough to have now wiped out a couple of hundred of million people in America. We, our children and grandchildren are to pass out of life form in the next 6 years.

It will be an equal opportunity passing. Does everyone not breath the air?

Bankrupt and poisoned. Is the plan for America that weap Judee has in place not seen for what it is? Must the harsh not be retired to spare the gentle? Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the children of God.

On our own the mass of the population cannot save itself now. That is the opinion of this chair. We have allowed ourselves to be suckered in by weap Judee once again.

Oh don't get me wrong; the well positioned will get into the undergrounds. Some estimates are that over a billion people will migrate into the undergrounds in the coming years to survive the nuclear waste holocaust that is poisoning out the surface of our planet.

The ordinary fish is not scheduled to be one of the survivors. The mouse and minnow, to die out of life form over the next 6 years.

If the mass of the human race living on the surface of plant earth cannot save itself now, then why go on writing and posting? Might it not be because our good God is a miracle worker?

How about we just think about the numbers for a time? If one small nuclear power plant, Chernobyl, that burned for only 11 days, has already poisoned over a million people to death and closed out terrain half the size of the state of Illinois, what might gigantic nuclear waste piles in 436 Jewish electricity plants, with one, at Fukushima, burning for over 1400 days and no end in sight, do to us?

Can we not make some guesstimates as to how many are set now to sicken and die from Jewish electricity waste?

Instead of doing the numbers, might we not just rely on the words in the good book, the bible, that tells us one third of the human race will perish in the last days?

With only one Jewish electricity plant spouting waste, are we not now well on our way to that target number?

We had our chance to save ourselves and we didn't take it. God almighty warned us thousands of times over several years to STOP THE WAR. We ignored the words of Father. We have consigned ourselves to perish now from nuclear war.

The bottom on our economy is set now to be pulled out from underneath us. Right less vassals that have nothing to say about it, as we do not have any control on the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money. We are cascading into genocide of unequalled proportions in our history.

Pray to our good God, for his love forgives us. Father welcomes those that return to his love that have forgotten about him. Father is all-merciful. Father is all good. Father is all kind to his frightened, confused, bewildered lost children of planet earth.

Judah, on his own, do we not see that he did accomplish us with blast? The highest intellects of Jewish science, spent their life times building the technology to finally prove once and for all who is the boss. The technology of hydrogen to perish all the simple fish away for good.

Flawless in his execution, never a country that with stood his innerspring invasion, every land taken over in this world by the power of weap Judah paper. The only great ape that has the authority to issue our money on planet earth, weap Judah.

Even after what he has done to us, well known to those who have spent the forty minutes necessary to understand it, his mental strength is so strong, that the fish have timidly refused to act against him yet. He is still funding war using other people's money. Simultaneously pouring in the permanent destruction of nuclear waste into the habitat of the people who are funding his free wars. How's that for intellectual vigor and mental strength over the ordinary fish?

Some polls indicate that half the people of America believe that extraterrestrials exist, and the other half are unsure or think that they do not exist. What might we make of the fact that Judah puzzled the basics of this all out 2,700 years ago? He surmised the gods that were assisting the human race were us from an earlier development. How prescient of an estimate of the situation was that?

Only recently have many of us learned the group of extraterrestrials known as the 'Nordics," are actually Mercury, who are Atlantis, that rose up on earth 10,000 years ago. Judah began making solid estimates of the situation 2,700 years ago.

Right on target, and this chair only got the news the other day. This chair has focused on researching the history of the extraterrestrial intervention into our world now seriously, for over two decades. Reading everything no matter how insignificant it seemed, to try and understand the puzzle of the extraterrestrial intervention into our world. And here Judah puzzled out the basics 2,700 years ago.

The top Judah actually figured the basics, 2,700 years ago. By 700 BC Judah theorized that other human groups on planet earth had risen up earlier and developed technical prowess that let them fly to Mt Olympus to go home at night. While we can only guess, ancient Judah may have conjectured that the gods also flew to the stars. This was before there was even speculation as to whether or not planet earth was in motion. At that time it was believed that our earth stood still. First speculations of earth motion appear about 500 BC in ancient Greece.

Once velocity technology is employed, it lets whoever owns it, do it all. Flights to Mt Olympus or to the stars near or far. Elders shared with Bitch that once the question of earth motion arises, it is ordinarily a 300-year time frame to proof of earth motion.

For us it took 2,000 years to prove earth motion. Proof of Earth motion was more than 2,000 years more in coming. It was not proved until 1543 AD by the Polish astronomer Copernicus. Might it have been the constant war that Judah put in that slowed down the knowledge base that would have revealed the secret of how to journey to the stars? Do we see how Judah war has set us back thousands of years? Do we understand that he actually tried to send us back to before the Stone Age?

We have a god of the ancient Mayans, Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent that lived with the people in antiquity, before 900 BC, in South America. Might we speculate that Quetzalcoatl was an extraterrestrial that aided human development in the early times with our family in South America?

As Quetzalcoatl was described as a feathered serpent, might we think of the reptilian extraterrestrials that many people in our time have had contact and associations with?

A kind reptilian Being named "Andrew" contacted Bitch some years ago. He sent a picture of himself. He is a handsome fellow that is similar to a Cayman. His personal warmth companion is "Donna," a beautiful speaking warm soul who is an amphibian gecko high life form Being. Andrew and Donna are mentioned here with respect and honor to their dignity.

It may be imagination stretching for some of us to consider crocodile Beings that build space ships and travel to the stars, but it is a fact. They also drive buses and trucks and have families that they go home to after work each day. They have accomplished peace. Will labor not help us join them?

There is a universe of wonder just outside our door. Weap Judah decided that we were not going there. So he built tens of thousands of nuclear weapons to send us back into the Stone Age. He convinced most everyone to stay quiet while he used our money to wire up our world to go BOOM. He tried, lost his Boom boom. Now all he has left to get us is his waste. Flawlessly he is executing his force on the fish that have remained dormant so far.

On his own, Judah actually succeeded. Our creators, the Galacticans, stayed the hand of Judah nuclear blast that he tried to get us out with. They have advised us how to survive the nuclear waste war that Judah is waging on us; STRIKE THEM OUT. Will the majority of the population not listen to the signals from our elders and act to save yourselves?

Are we getting an idea of how subtle is the communication from our elders to us? So subtle that about half are not convinced that our elders even exist. How is that for subtle?

Our elders not only exist, they have shielded us from all out nuclear war that Judah has waged upon us.

In our society, we go to school and when we graduate we dress in gowns and the professors hand us our degrees. This certifies that we are learned and now competent to join in directing the society that we live in. Now that we have been attacked all out with nuclear missiles, might we not want to reconsider reviewing the credentials of the people who are directing our societies? Might there have been some courses in peace that were left out that should have been left in?

In 1969 when Bitch went to state university some professors tried their best to educate us. Some reported on how wrong the war was. They were the ones that told us that war will take us out, that war was wrong, that war is a fraud. Those professors did not get tenure. University turned the radical professors out. Only those who went along with the war machine imperative got tenure. The honest useful professors left when their contracts to teach were not renewed.

Now that weap Judah has sealed us out of life with the use of his Jewish science, of nuclear, do we not see that we should not have let Judah hold on to the authority to issue our money here? If only labor had had our purse in its hands, might our useful, our truthful professors have stayed on to help us?

"Buttons just wanted to get rich," Judee say

Craig D. Button was an air force officer that reportedly died in a A-10 thunderbolt jet air plane crash on April 2, 1997. The understanding of this chair is that Button is still quite alive and residing with our elders from space. He may be inside a moon base at this very moment with other pilots. They'll all return to earth shortly after labor stops the war.

Button was not put in a storage tank, he is freely roaming. Fully conscious. He could be returned to our world in a day.

He was taken by our elders because of his attempt to blowup Brainiac's antennas. "B"s antennas are two thousand feet below the surface in the Vail, Colorado area. "B" is 6,000 feet below the surface. Signals are passed 4,000 feet to the power antennas that communicate with extraterrestrial computers local and long range at the Valley of the Dolls. The Valley of the Dolls is 4 light hours from earth. There are a large number of space based civilizations that are located there.

At the Valley of the Dolls there is a large mile wide antenna that stretch's for 30,000 miles in length. The super antenna doubles as storage and living space.

"Buttons just wanted to get rich."

With our advanced technical ability weap Judee uncovered the signaling from "B" to elders, and Judah was able to locate where "B" is operating and transmitting from.

Craig Button apparently wanted to get rich, and took an offer to go and shoot "B"s antennas out. He was not hurt in his capture. He is roaming free in elders world at this moment.

"You lost your sanity." Tele receive. 12.33 PM

Sanity is rooted in the word sane, which translates into "healthy. Having a healthy mind, able to reason. Able to appraise and anticipate the effects of ones actions."

Have the people in general lost their sanity to weap Judah? Can we not anticipate and appraise our actions if we continue to fund war, both conventional and nuclear? Might it not have some real bad affects on our overall health? Have we lost our sanity as the Tele sender said? If we are funding the contamination of our habitat with the radiation equivalent of over 2500 Hiroshima sized atomic blasts each and every day from now until the planet is dead, can we not anticipate what our actions may bring us to?

Will we not praise the magnificence and glory of our Father, our Father who loves us? All these efforts beginning with the Ten Commandments being given to Judah in ancient times to help him put himself on a course to rise and go into the universe in peace eventually.

What was Judah response? He rejected his chance to rise in peace. Chose to stay earth bound and finish us all out of life. In modern times he hires a guy to shoot our elders antennas out.

Are we not rising to the level that we will take our purse away from this guy who only uses it to shoot our family out? Must our consciousness not rise to the level that we will just not let anybody make war on our dollar?

With his policy of eternal war Judah has the gentle white boy barefoot and living on the street. Using the other white boy for shooting and bombing our family. Putting the face of white on all the war in our world. Putting the shame of harming his brothers and sisters upon the Druid variety of man.

The Lord God will take away the disgrace of his people from all the earth. Isaiah 25:8

Once labor acts to take our money away from weap Judah, do we see how our good God will take away the disgrace of being vassals in a state controlled by weap Judah and his fist kids?

"Pat, you’re Aussie useful." Tele receive. 7.14 AM

Is it not clear now that Judah and company have been toying with us all? Do we detect that what they enjoy most is getting us to harm our family both here and abroad? Do we not see how they like to set us up where we take our own selves down?

"I warned you thousands of times to STOP THE WAR." Our good God said.

"You've been warned."

Even with thousands of warnings from our good God above, labor continues to ignore them. The hopes of America, dashed on the battle field of Judah war. Judah policy of genocide moving right ahead while labor finances it all. Will we not pray that labor will step in here, STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

"Death wages." Tele receive. 7.22 AM

God chose what is low and despised in the world, things that are not, to reduce to nothing things that are. 1 Corinthians 1:28

This high and mighty Judah of our world that have waged war upon the children of God. Taken control of every government of our planet. Tricked the people time and time again into making war against their brothers and sisters in this world.

The low and despised, has our good God not passed his message of love to everyone through Bitch? Has this message not reduced to nothing things that are?

Judah, specializing in getting the white fish to hurt their own kin. Then sending them out to hurt the rainbow of their other family members in our world. Never a just system at home for the youngsters of American fish. NO rights in the land of the free for anyone.

How do we remedy this? Is it nothing more complex than getting hold of the authority to issue our money? That's it. Nothing more complicated than that. STRIKE THEM OUT and they will hand over to labor, the authority to issue our money.

"Bribes made you," Judee say.

"He's told you they’ve destroyed us and nobody's done a thing about it." Tele receive. 7.58 AM

"You should void this threat." Tele receive. 8.25 AM

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Getting the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah will end

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