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willpwilson 908
Transcending from I am an Expression thus being Expressed.
Mon Jun 15, 2015 19:51

Transcending from I am an Expression thus being Expressed.;article=154545;title=APFN -

June 15, 2015 - Transcending from I am an Expression thus being Expressed by an Expresser of all meaningful and wonderful fulfilling non empty possibilities? Will - -'m+in+a+state+of+unfulfillment.jpg

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Richard P. Sheridan STILL WAITING FOR A RESPONSE. Sun Jun 14, 2015;article=154540;title=APFN

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willpwilson 908 don't hate what you don't understand Sun Jun 14, 2015;article=154542;title=APFN -
Is there actually a kind of findable means and or a form of Actual Findable Remedy for our always Seeking, and then for our always wanting, and or for our thus our truly needing to finally find the meaning of Value of Someone Else's valued meaning to ourselves own meaningful value as well, to them, also?

A special and non forgettable shared personal experience of and from the fascination for our eventually finding a meaningful and fully true value in someone else, who is as meaningful to us as we maybe and possibly are to ourselves?

From a just chanced moment of passing, where someone actually is able to share and to experience a moment of something more then just the continual and never ending ever present empty nothingness feeling of never ending reasons for our not wanting to ever to have even been alive in the first place?

Is this what we actually see as our only and our solely being nothing in real and or true actual value and or that special really meaningfulness that should and that may mean so much to ourselves, let alone to our being of any real value, any reality of pure valued meaning, and or any form of meaningful reality to one another?

And, as who then can we really be, if we are the actual resulting balance of our own truthful nemesis of who we all are in the deeply held feelings of one another, that are held deep inside our own essence of our own existence?

Hence, if we do not find each other's own being of our just being our own selves after our reprehensibly continually trying to seek and to hopefully find any and or all of the heart felt feelings of and from our never filling in the immense and burdensome voids of our own never ending and painfully continuous unfulfillments?

The never found and yet, and our own sought for and yet never resolved and remedied reason as to our own true meaning of the Value of who we really are maybe to ourselves, and to others, resulting from our same old sauntering always faltering, unresolved and never fulfilled existence.

And, even more specially, and thus never being very much of any value and or meaning, especially to and for that just one actually really special one person we have never known, and or that we have never found in this life time.

As well, to be that answer that may actually be inside ourselves, that is actually only and merely us, ourselves?

From the to and the forth, and back again endlessly, seeking and never finding a recognition of what values we have of who we really are to ourselves and to each other?

And, in an endless instance, passing through that what what we may mean in the highest meaning of value to each and to everyone of who we all really are to each and to all of us, and to ourselves?

Is this possibly the way of, and then for our trying to seek and to find a means of our maybe in some way, and thus someday, our possibly truly finding a means some how for our finding a way to know when there maybe present in our unexpected and never expected lives, an essence of possible value of us, thus each of us, and us being ourselves?

Emerging from the so much myriad of embedded deep inside infinite loneliness and of and in our unfulfilled empty lifetimes that we have always had to try to be able to try to perform as being a special someone to someone else?

A perpetual facade to make us look as if we are unfoundingly appearing to always to be strong enough to be able to somehow be able to coexist with the never ending emptyness of the void that ceaselessly seeks to reside inside all of us?

And, then who is it that maybe then possibly does present and then appears to be able to bring a reason to someone else and thus, to one another, for being and then for finding something and or someone that has been reached and then received from beyond the void of our non existent feelings for anyone, let alone for ourselves?

A something, a some where, and utmost a someone else who then wholly does help us all to then be able to equally help us and then ourselves to then to be able to fill and then to effectively replace the empty voids that seemingly are all that is and that has been inside all us that we did want inside and between all of us all along?

Does anyone actually have value? To and for one another and for each other? - -,204,203,200_.jpg

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