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willpwilson 908
Let's Play King of the News Board - You Think?
Tue Jun 16, 2015 02:23

Let's Play King of the News Board - You Think? This is not your personal news board Richard Sheridan.

All though you may think that it is Richard Sheridan.

And, per your very apparent incapability now to actually and to properly write actual news reports other then your continuos and non stop outright garbled and miss spelled sentences that appear as if you are on drugs or that your are drunk.

Thereof, all that you, Richard P. Sheridan have accomplished by his continual disrespect and his very rude and defamatory messages that Richard Sheridan has now been daily posting on this news board, is the total demise and the possible ending of this news board.

For what can only be determined that this board may not be up on line much longer.

That Richard Sheridan's non constructive and more so his non stop defamatory garbled statements that in fact are and that can make Richard Sheridan legally libel for his reckless defamatory statements.

That Richard Sheridan's many libeling messages have fully taken away from this board what had been any form of former respected credibility from this board.

That in part, that Richard Sheridan also appears to have a very limited capability to even understand what other people like myself are even trying to with proper respect, by our mentioning to Richard Sheridan is not only embarrassing himself, but that he is as well, also embarrassing the other posting supporters on this board.

And, in full consideration of you constantly attacking the other news reporters on this board.

And, also pertaining to your overtly targeting other actual news reporters on this once upon a time was an internationally recognized news reporting message board,

So this apparently is now your own personal message board Richard Sheridan.

You better be careful sir, as that you can be sued for publicly defaming people on record.

This news board is now as it may appear is no longer going to be serving any further as it being any form of future news reporting message board any more.

Nice job Richard Sheridan, you have succeeded in wholly destroying this once highly respected and with the highest and greatest integrity that this news board once upon a time had.

I have to admit, I should't have become so stuck in my thinking, thus my thinking that this board would have always been able to maintain it's high level of news reporting integrity.

As that anyone can now see though, Richard Sheridan has proceeded to attack any and all other people who have been the regularly group of respected news reporting supporters on this news board.

Thereof, the people who had been considered to have been the regular and reliable news reporting contributors. .

Got anything else that you can do Richard other than your attacking me, Patrick Sullivan, and Dr. William B. Mount?

Thus as well, your continuously and recklessly making an unbelievable fool of yourself.

And, that thus your now very apparent inability to show any form of respect to other people, and by your inability to show any actual writing of any form of news reports other then some recently reports that you had posted recently concerning some reporting on your part about a Dallas Police incident,.

Richard, do you have any idea what you are doing to this board? It is not your personal trashing board guy.

Yet, I greatly appreciate your waking me up to the fact that I need to go forth and to once again build my own message news blogs.

I am usually always too busy to have been able to do this.

This news board had been very convenient once upon a time, and up until vey recently, this news board had been a means for me to have been able to write and to compile my reports, thus this board had been providing me with the time that I had normally needed to be able to post many expanding number of news reports.

Reports that I could have normally then easily posted on this once famous news reporting board,

A convenience that I had taken advantage over the many years from the time that I had actually been the fifth actual posted news reporting person whereas, my story that I had posted that day in 1999, that was in fact only a day after Ken Vardon had just started this board.

That, I have been posting on this board since 1999. Probably posting more then sixty thousand actual news reports over these many years.

Too much to believe and or to realize that I had been at that time, the first actual news reporting person to have actually posted on this board.

I had posted my first story only one day after Ken Vardon had created this news board in 1999.

This board had provided me with a means to be able to post my news stories with a lot less toil and or time consuming burden.

Being news reporting person for now more then thirty five years.

In light of my now having to have to contend with the likes of Richard Sheridan who as it appears is not the same Richard Sheridan that I had known since 2003.

This board had provided me with the means of then my having the capability to be able to post my many o going news reports, and thus providing me with the critically needed less time that this board had provided me with to be able to write and to compile my reports and to then be able quickly post on-line my reports here.

Thereof, that now I can see that I now do not have this board to work with and to post my news reports on it any more.

This board is now very observably going to go the way of so many other once valued news reporting concepts.

Now as well, that this particular news board is clearly being observed by me, and also by Dr. Mount, Patrick Sullivan, and so many other now former regular visitors to this board, that Richard Sheridan is very effectively high hacking this board and using it as his own personal defamation board.

This board is now only being used by Richard Sheridan for his own outright and blatant means for Richard Sheridan to implement is continuous and now never ending agenda to attack attack other news posting people with Malice.

Now, that Richard Sheridan has chased away a large number of former visitors and as well as former contributors to this news board.

Thus this board may never again have the bevy of respected news reporting people that it once had.

As that it is now very apparent, that most if not all of the former news reporting people are no longer posting their news stories here any more.

Richard Sheridan, as it has now become more so more a reality, that all that is now being posted by Richard Sheridan is his continuously posting his own personal garbage statements, his own personal ridicule, and his outright insults, and his pervasive threats to other people who have been actually posting real news reports on this board.

As it now does prevail, concerning what was and that what is now the spotlighted phenomenal number of non readable, poorly spelled, statements, being now posted on the part of Richard Sheridan and that are only merely now considered to not be any form of actual news reports whatsoever.

As that Richard Sheridan has been clearly observed posting on this board what is and that has been mostly non news related statements and thereof, he has been instead posting his own personal non readable garble and that thereof, what can be referred to as being Richard Sheridan's mostly non readable, and thus, non legible posted board statements.

Thus for what can only be deciphered and for what can mostly also only be determined to be very rude and unwarranted remarks on the part of Richard Sheridan, focusing these written remarks as serving as Richard Sheridan's targeting strategy for insulting and threatening the other writers and news posters.

As for what can now be readily said, that Richard Sheridan has proceeded to now effectively destroy the credibility and the integrity of this once highly known message news board.

I am going to now proceed to go forth to create other news blogs and yes, this will also now take up a lot more of my time that will be needed to edit, and to run a effective professional news blog..

I do think that this once famous news board is now going to become pretty much forgotten and thence, to begin to fade into the archives of news former and yet historic news reporting history.

Thanks for making and as well as your helping to finally realize this reality of this matter Richard Sheridan.

Sincerely, Will P. Wilson

And, in the mean time we can play King of News Board with Richard Sheridan thereof, only if we let Richard Sheridan act like a reckless and totally disrespectful board bully and that he gets to always be the King of the News Board.

Remember, Richard always has to be right in order for us to play on his King of the news board.

Thus, we have to allow ourselves to now be bullied, insulted, ridiculed, and defamed by Richard P. Sheridan, and also, now according to Richard Sheridan's King of the News Board, only Richard gets to ridicule and to insult anyone that he so chooses.

  • LETS PRAY FOR WILL WISON OR...Richard P. Sheridan, Mon Jun 15 22:42
    Do an exorcism on him! Annoying the hell out of someone is a form of exorcism! HA, HA, HA, HA, HA! Amen.
    • Let's Play King of the News Board - You Think? — willpwilson 908, Tue Jun 16 02:23
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