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Breaking: Team Cable launches sneak attack on Net Neutrality
Tue Jun 16, 2015 04:50

BREAKING: The House is trying to sneak through language that would take away the FCC's ability to enforce the Net Neutrality rules, undermining the open Internet. Thousands of calls and emails will nip this in the bud — contact Congress now!

Unbelievably, this latest attack started the same day that the new rules finally went into effect. And as much as it’s a moment to celebrate, we need to act now to protect the rules because this Team Cable’s most insidious move yet.

Comcast and their cronies in Congress are trying to sneak 3 amendments into a must-pass budget bill to stop the FCC from implementing Net Neutrality until every one of the cable industry’s 10+ lawsuits are settled.

That amendment is ridiculous generally, but it’s even more absurd because the US Court System just denied that very same request on Thursday.

The House is voting on the language in the bill in 24 hours, so it’s urgent that Congress hear from you today. If they vote to keep this language there’s a real chance Net Neutrality will be upended.

Can you make a phone call to demand that Congress end this sneak attack on Net Neutrality, and protect the open Internet?

Yes, I’ll call Congress right now.

Net Neutrality shouldn’t even be a question for Congress anymore. The FCC spent years on the rules, basing them on expert testimony and the input of over 4 million Americans who weighed in overwhelmingly in support Net Neutrality.

But instead of listening to the American public and defending the rules, some in Congress are following the orders of the cable industry and using every trick in the book to kill them.

This attack in particular is so dangerous because it’s wrapped up in the appropriations bill, which determines the funding for hundreds of government programs. Which means when Congress votes on the bill, they’re not just voting on Net Neutrality — they’re weighing dozens of issues and priorities.

We need to nip this attack in the bud and get this language removed from the bill now, well before it ever gets to the floor. If we don’t, Net Neutrality may become part of the same kind of funding fight that shut down the government two years ago.

We can't let Team Cable get away with this. This is first real threat to Net Neutrality in Congress — let’s make it clear that no one can mess with the Internet and get away with it.

Can you right now and demand that they strike all the language that would stop the FCC from doing its job?

Yes, I’ll call Congress right now.

    • Team Cableed63, Tue Jun 16 05:48
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