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Organize Yourselves Here… Genocide is blowing us out. We're
Tue Jun 16, 2015 08:18

Organize Yourselves Here…

Genocide is blowing us out. We're Pushing ourselves right on out of life without once trying to save ourselves.

A terrible waste of resources labor is financing here. We've just nailed ourselves. All dying truly hatched. We're sentencing ourselves to a big falling.

"Criminals dying each other." Tele receive. 2.32 AM

We're dying each other. Have we been financing and fisting for Judah so long that we have taken it as our duty to serve his wrong? Druid, the only guy fisting in this world. A thousand years Judah claims he has held the Englishman. Every since Judah did his genocide when he took over the island in 1066. Some estimates are that he killed a million Englishmen to take over the island then.

Thousands of years of desert survival skills, the politics of the pyramids he had learned. A perfected predator to prey relationship Judah established upon the Druid. Kept Druids lands in war ever since.

Now in the new world, a chance finally for something entirely different. State delegates to the constitutional convention knew the sorry history of the Druid in Judah hands, and rejected offers to form a more perfect union without a Bill of Rights in the plan.

In 1803, Marbury v Madison, Judah using bourse has the Supremes in concert announce to us all that it is the courts that will be the final determiner on what is or is not our law.

With no juries to hear the facts and make the decisions, the courts on their own claim that they will determine what is our law. As a legal corporation would we not agree that they have no legal standing on their own to engage in infringement upon the God given rights of a subject of American law?

And yet in 1858 the courts themselves claim Dred Scott has no legal standing because he was not a citizen. The courts are a corporation, a corpse, and not even alive themselves. As that may be, have they not proven to be effective for gaming us into eternal sport war though?

For the next 2 centuries to where we are at today, the courts now agree that Americans have no rights at all. Chemtrails sprayed on us as if we are boll weevils. What might we be looking at other than a pathological fraud masquerading as an operating system, that is known as government? Thousands of innocents just walking down the streets of their home towns, put to brutal deaths by robots financed by American labor.

The American mouse and minnow, have they been washing their hands of the fate of their fellow man not unlike Pilate, washing his hands of Jesus?

Because the Jews are pushy, insistent and demanding, like what Pilate faced in his time, does labor just not want to get involved going against the Jews and their sport war machine?

"Let he who is without sin cast the first stone."

Bitch, though deeply imperfect and affected by a fault of stupid, not willing to let them kill him without trying to save his own life. His ancestor left England in 1751, passed through Ireland and onto America some time after that. He rejects his money being used to harm his fellowman anywhere. Do we recall we have no rights that weap Judah or any corporation need abide?

Shot down on the streets of the new land for sport and insurance. Might we note, from the 1215 Magna Carta, to the 1689 English Bill of Rights, to the 1791 American Bill of Rights structured in a written deal that if broken, there is no more United States of America, not one rights deal that Druid created has ever survived weap Judah debasement?

Yet even though we have no rights today in Judah tyranny, did our ancestors not at least try to help us then? Can labor not at least try to help us now and put our civil and human rights back in? They're a gift to us from our good God. Will labor not cherish them with the sanctity that they were gifted to us? These are life and death rules. Will labor not put them in again?

"Your life form is very tough for insane." Tele recieve. 10.41 AM

Do we see how England and the royals in alliance with Judah tried for a nuclear score there to?

Might we consider that Magna Carta, 1215, English Bill of Rights of 1689 and the Polish Grand jury process of 1430, comprise the root elements of the Rights of Americans complete? A splendid design.

England so long looking for a better plan. Always blocked by bourse in Judee hands. The new world of America, some were listening and heard God give us our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Did America's founding fathers not hear the clarion call of the Rights that Father gave us? Did they not make God's gift to us the law of the land? Yes they did. Will labor not recognize our sacred God given Rights, take over the bourse and make them defensible again?

Did Judah not jaw bone us out of our civil and human rights quite easily? Over Eight Centuries in the making, from the old world of Europe to new world of America. Magna Carta to due process of law and the requirement of grand jury process before a clerk of the corporate state can lay a hand on us.

How many can we only wonder suffered imprisonment, torture and death, so that we might have rights to live in this new land? God gave us our rights, will Americans not claim them? England tried so hard to make laws to protect the peoples' rights but could not over come Judah war and paper. Judah collaborators in high places sporting us too. Must American labor not take the paper away from Judah and STOP THE WAR?

"We had fun with the white guys. The white man we just ever keep confused. We anthem the white guys to make them quite thieverous. White criminal police I want for my room performance," Judee say.

"I bribe amadon." Presidential contender said.

"Criminals dying each other." Tele receive. 2.32 AM

Judee will stab us in the neck to hit the carotid artery. 5 minutes of low blood pressure to the brain and we're out of here for good. That's all it takes for Judah to rule.

"Genocide is blowing you out and you're dying truthfully hated." Tele receive. 2.17 AM

We're involved in sin my friends, and our Good God has warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR. Does the Tele receive not show us, we’re criminals dying each other now? Genocide is blowing us out. Must we not end the hatred of war in our world?

"We're over dumped." Tele receive. 3.36 AM

"It's your time to roast pp head," Judee say.

Jesus said, "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Should we not have enough sense to protect ourselves here?

"I'm clear out," Judee say.

Will labor not get into this and help us now? Can we not for sure create a better society than one where the littlest have to shoot each other to get a meal? Their admirals with the best of Jewish science and American industry failed to shoot us all in. Will labor not act and save us all now?

"We had to get him out because Chicago management fell."

That is the reverse facial speech of one of the officials speaking concerning the New York prison break.

There is no claiming sainthood here, though Bitch is a nice boy. Elders advise, "Settle it with bourse." Will labor not get into this and STOP THE WAR?

Will labor not help us get a nice smooth transition to peace going here? Will labor not try and set us all free now? Will we not STOP THE WAR? Do we not see that if we cannot STOP THE WAR, then there really is no more?

"I've just got to go, I've got an assaulting problem," Judee say.

Their usual routine is buzzing us off. They use a Mormon to feel a guy out for a strike. Has their insurance not made a big fail? On their way out, now they’ve failed us oxygen. Has Judah not desolated us right?

Using bitumen and gasoline, did they not take our mental out real smooth? They have the vow of piracy in their heads. Is their history of well thought through depraved violence not really quite stupid? In spite of their vast worldwide wealth, have we not noticed how the truth of a poor bible took them out? Will labor not come into this and help us here?

"My breezer sure failed," Judee say.

Their official play is coming off. It's sealed, you see they’ve committed suicide. Their college is off with their admirals big time. Their whole tornado's torn down. A big blush, it's all they've got holding them in.

Did their viceroys not core quite deadly? Mush us with a hamburger and salad to make us die. Their core estimate is they "left yesterday." Will labor not close them out right?

It's a massive transplant that's coming out. The whole first ward failed us nuclearly. They stumbled us with ailments to put us in. Wall street regulitis to push us much. Skitch us when they’re bartending. Were they not beautiful sharks?

We've lost time with their widget. They're all off of politics here. Will labor not help the children of God and let Judah off right?

"My children need help." God our Father said.

Will labor not listen to the thousands of warnings from God almighty to STOP THE WAR?

We have been receiving warnings from experts of the worldwide catastrophe that can happen at any moment coming from Fukushima. As bad as it is, an earthquake or storm can make it even worse than it is.

We are sealed into a die off now. America is under a full blown nuclear attack with the only nuclear weapons Judee has left, his Jewish electricity plants. Must labor not end funding world war for Judah sport?

"Settle it with bourse." Elders suggest. And don’t beat the amadons out of their pensions. How about labor giving us a nice smooth transition out of war and into peace forever more? How about sparing us from radiosis?

"Smart guys financial swiped your lives. Drupid has been ravaged dead."

Those the words of a world statesman.

Does the American worker not yet see that we have been perished by the smart financial guy weap Judee? Drupid has been ravaged dead, might he not yet know that he paid to shoot himself dead? Not only shoot himself dead, he is still shooting himself deader everyday. Sealing in more nuclear waste to put our life forms out of existence while he is funding world wide wars for free. Paying Judah to poison our oxygen and wipe out our fields.

"Pat, you passed foolish," Judee say.

Do the American people not yet realize the significance of passing foolish here? The Jewish power plant at Fukushima is set now to go completely out any day. Will the people of America not repent for our sins against our family in this world and STOP THE WAR?

Judah has ported, and yet Drupid is still funding world wars. The American, a right less man now finishing out his own children with nuclear poison. A general strike and there will be a chance. Will labor not organize and STRIKE THEM OUT?

"I pura state set you dead so now I'm coming out," Judee say.

They’re falling in the river to ghost away. The amadons will gladly show up at the grand jury to explain what it is they did for the bribes. Will labor not be responsible enough to STOP THE WAR? Their fiction is done for evermore.

Our Fathers love will take us in but only if we want to go with him.

"The white I ever burned rightful. I just use whiteheads to hold you up and shoot you dead.

I'm insane, that’s why I blew you out. I keep racialin the guys to keep them dropping off for my league. We have comp checks to womp the white man. The fool Druid, I dropped him off. I'm boursing ahead with Chrysler to ruin them all," Judee say.

"He ghosted opply." Tele receive. 6.13 AM

"With material we fight you." Judee say.

Will labor not come into this and take the material to fight away from Judah? To access the material to fight do we see that it is the receipts of labor, money, that Judah is using to purchase the material and men to fight us with? Will labor not see to it that all men have a ticket to eat so that they cannot be lured or pushed by hunger and privation to harm their fellow man?

"I believe Bitch is about a fail grub," Judee say.

Father said, "You haven’t managed well." Bitch still wants to provide service to us all. Nothing would make Bitch happier than serving Father's love. Father's love for his children wills that labor be the issuer of our money. Honest everyday people who earn their living working, to be the ones to issue our money for our society.

Everything decided by the very people who produce the wealth to begin with; labor.

We are in a death phase now. Warned for thousands of years of the end days in the bible. God himself speaking to us for years now, warning us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR. Elders from space advising us well" STRIKE THEM OUT!"

Elders from space: "We came to warn you. Your lives won’t be spared."

Hundreds of millions of Americans now to perish out of life over the next 6 years from the affects of radiosis. Judee has ported huge. He's hid labor, will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

From the mutilated cow to Don McLeans words to Vincent, "they're not listening, perhaps they never will," can we not have a different outcome this time? Can labor not listen to the words of God our Father and save us here?

Is it not seen by those who have cared to look, it is a perfect perish that Judah has put us into? It is beyond our last chance to save ourselves. Has our perfected destruction not been reported everywhere to everyone?

Will labor not try THE STRIKE? The strike labor, God almighty asked us all, "Why didn’t you try it? I would have given you anything."

Will we not pray together that labor will find itself and STRIKE THEM OUT and STOP THE WAR?

Said "Good wishes" to elder Jason and his telepathic voice mail box shared the message for today:

"Find yourself a steer."

Will labor not come in and take the reigns of the issue of money and steer us out of war and into peace?

Even when labor acts to STRIKE THEM OUT, human engineering will not be able to bring the out of control Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plant under control. The only way that we can get that into shut down is with help from our extraterrestrial family. But if labor will try to save yourselves they will help us. But labor must first STOP THE WAR.

There really is no more. Drupid has been successfully perished out by Judah. Judah violated God's rules here. Now he is gone. Does labor not see that by continuing to fund war, we’re also violating God's rules against genocide too? Will the wisdom of ones own self preservation not break through to the level of awareness that labor will STOP THE WAR and try to SAVE YOURSELVES?

They've gone to live underground. Will labor not give us a chance? If so, then STRIKE THEM OUT! That's our only chance to survive the nuclear war that we are in.

God Bless you. God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

Tuesday, June 16 — Psalm 77:1–9
Ecclesiastes 10:1–12:14; 2 Corinthians 13:5–13

Behold, children are a gift of the Lord. Psalm 127:3 (NASB)

Jesus said, “Yes; have you never read, ‘Out of the mouths of infants and nursing babies you have prepared praise for yourself’?” Matthew 21:16

Father, you have called the youngest of us to do your work. Help us to understand that our children and young people are an integral part of your kingdom. May we teach them to be still and listen for your voice. Amen.
"Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."

Be thou with me my joy and gladness

In deep repose my soul shall rest

My heart is glad when thou art near me

My eyelids closed by thy tender hands

My eyes with love will rest on thee

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Continues at:

"I'm going to butter you all gone. I bribe amadon. Our college fell for death roll rights. Cause of my assaulting they’re dying our jails. My curious sight has forever failed. Our immigrants foul good. I'm first rate with a 45.

Our march here

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