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Obama Thugs - Coming To A Town Near You
Tue Jun 16, 2015 16:04

Coming to a town near you - Obama Thugs.

These Paid Agitators, fresh out of jail, are now coming to harass customers in every city across America.

They work in packs of 2 or for.

When these Thugs and Cowards get out of jail they receive AUG and AUX Welfare for 1-5 years - their rent is paid and they get over $1,000/mo.

So - along comes the NAZI Brown Shirts to pick on little old ladies and little old men with their BS Ballots.

If you are a guy and a MAN then get in their faces and film them. If you see them harassing a small old lady then film it, get in their faces with a camera, and dial 911.

Stand up like a MAN with some stones below your belt. Let them throw the first blow but make sure it is on camera first because they lie in packs.

So far we have spotted them at a Fred Meyers, Safeway, a Walk For Life event and a smaller grocery store. They target Higher end places because they can use their Thug Tactics on the Upper Class and get away with it.

Stand Up America - sand up like MEN. I did - see the video.

Obama Thugs - Coming To A Town Near You - YouTube
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Dr William B. Mount

Video: William Mount Obama Thugs

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We get more famous and you look like an insane nutcase.

So please keep posting RPS.

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