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"In My Six Transitions this is the First Dying I have ever R
Sat Jun 20, 2015 10:54

"In My Six Transitions this is the First Dying I have ever Run into. Nursery Shoot"

At 1.50 AM one of the ladies at the desk said that to me, "In my six transitions this is the first dying I have ever run into. Nursery shoot."

In the night and weekend hours the ladies are on the desk. In the prime hours the magnificents are on the desk. This kind lady who is helping us has now done six transitions and Druid America on planet earth is the first dying she ever ran into. Her name is Florence and she is one of us from planet Mercury. Thank you Florence. Your name is mentioned with respect and honor to your dignity.

Hundreds of millions to die out of America in the next six years. It is sealed in. The death is now big in America. Might American labor not act and end funding us out with genocide both external and internal?

"Idiot four eyes made you die." Tele receive." 1.55 AM

Poisoned fields now to be part of our world. Year after year Judah is poisoning us with nuclear waste and nothing is happening yet. His perfected nuclear war machine is scoring us big.

"ORGANIZE." Tele receive. 2.13 AM

One kind Being told Bitch that he had done 287 transitions from war to peace during his service time with the Federation. Bitch asked if there ever were failures, and he replied, "Occasionally."

Do we see why our elders sent Jesus to die for us two thousand years ago? Do we see why elders gave the bible to our ancestors? Do our bibles not reveal every single thing that we are going through now? The fire, the smoke, the brimstone coming out our mouths. The third of the human race to now die out. It's all there in black and white with the message from two thousand years ago. Do we not get it yet?

Why won't labor listen to our good God and "try it?" The strike labor, God almighty of heaven and earth asked you, "Why didn't you try it? I gave you the peace. Why didn't you try it?"

The 1%, the errant life form, still shooting war using the American labor force to supply it. Mis-sighted Druid youngsters killing our brothers and sisters worldwide for Judah sport. In the name of God, is this to be our end to die sick from nuclear waste when we have been warned for several years now of what is happening to us? Eternal war, will we choose to let it take us out?

"Oh I'm sorry." Tele receive. 2.19

I insulted you once and have irritated you because I have a fault of stupid. I donít see things correct. Maybe its part of the rage of the mind that contributes to stupid. Enduring mind degrading experiences has contributed to it. It is part of the package of abuse that is endured by many people. It is pounded in from the violence of this life in Judah controlled America and the world. Will labor not look around it and save yourselves?

17 shot in Englewood in one day, 3 dead. That is the place that I was raised in. Many rooms Judah runs there. A boy need not join the military to see war. Judah has war raging in the streets of America 24/7 forever. The strike labor, Will you not try it?

300 people shot in one month in Chicago. Is it not obvious these are paid for sport shootings? 46 Dead. In only one month in one city in the Midwest. They even shot our mayor out in 1987, Got him in the pies, coffee creamer and finished with an out of state paramedic municipal team and their tank of double oxygen.

Jewish have repeatedly attacked us with nuclear blast and it is a total lay down. No response to even try to save ourselves. Is there anyone who thinks they can miss breathing radioactively chemically contaminated air?

The thing that troubles even more is that Bitch failed Father and didn't manage well. Failing now to save yourselves, it makes it double hard.

If Bitch did not miss a note, then if you died off because of lack of concern on your part, it might be bearable. But Bitch has made stupid mistakes. That is what is unbearable. Heart wrenching anguish for the die that is now going on here.

"You died absolute." Tele receive. 1.02 AM

"Your house failed." 1.05 AM

"I assign you a type of fear to molest you and make me rich," Judee say.

They false the medicine chest. A complete obstacle. The human race held by Judah throughout all the time they have been in the lands of other peoples. Always trespassers, that's why they shoot. That is why they shot. Now they lost their big nuclear blast sticks, Will labor not help us out?

"I tear you off field," Judee say.

"Patrick is in anguish because of the wasting of you's." Tele receive during the nights sleep.

We, our children, grandchildren to sicken and die young, The six years of tears we have been warned of. Is there not some way that labor will STOP THE WAR? Does labor not see the errant life form laughing at us? Bitch so stupid he teed you's off and Judee showed you some pictures from real mind degraded days and you went and died yourselves off.

Constant death and destruction, state execution chambers to entertain Judah and sample the minds of the people. A world of wreckage, funded by American labor. Probation officers, drug counselors, mental health advocates and social workers playing around with us all the time. Grips to cage and shoot us down. How much mind degradation can the people stand? Will labor not relieve us of this monster Jewish force?

Is there not some sense that we have massively destroyed ourselves in America? Will workers not ORGANIIZE YOURSELVES and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Churches that are covers for Judee shell hybrid transplants and their mouser teams. Ghosting out because the municipals are telling us what they did. "Always opp racial," Judee say.

The leaders of most any group, Judee shell people. Always with a different agenda than helping the people out. Always cleverly misguiding us. Putting us against one another. Their shell hybrids always putting dissension and disharmony between people that naturally love one another.

God has closed their tyranny labor. The cages are unlawful, illegal. "It is no more." God almighty said. For what reason will you not shut this awful Jew Banker tyranny down? Are there not enough dead and wounded already to convince labor to act?

According to Judah, who hands out free bribes, 80% of the municipals have failed us labor. Will labor not invite them into the grand jury rooms and then send them out with their pensions to live out their time in peace? Can we not get a rise from labor here to help us?

Extraterrestrials live amongst us all the time. They love us. Our elders from space are the only reason we have survived Judah shooting his nuclear war technology at us. Will we not get mature and lend a hand to peace?

What are the words that will cause you to try and SAVE YOURSELVES?

Over 2500 Hiroshima bombs radiation equivalent pouring into our environment everyday until we do something to stop it. Will labor not take our purse away from the Jewish electricity trespassers and let them off right?

Is American labor aware that it is the prime funder of the nuclear war trespassers in our world? Will American labor not free itself from funding war? Will labor not be our protector and free us from war by ending funding it?

Elders touch is so light, they are helping us. Will labor not join with us? We can take their advice if we want to or not. What happens has to come from us right here on earth.

So much hell on earth because of war for so many people. Will labor not end Judah war crimes prison cartel tyranny now? Does labor not know how important civil rights are?

Which is preferable, a lethally armed clerk pulling us off the street and putting us into a cage for molest for an indeterminate time, or having 23 people listen to our side of the story first? We can STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money into the hands of labor and have the grand jury make the decision on whether we should be caged or not.

Or we can do nothing and allow a clerk to make the decision. Do we note that clerks have been known to be receptive to free bribes from Judah who has all the free money that he wants because he is the only 1% that can write checks on the account of labor?

Do we not all see on a daily basis that this is an out of control sport tyranny? The deaths in the lock ups labor, God wants the prisons closed out. How many can we only wonder have been Brought to death in a cage based on the word of a clerk?

Private corporations earning great wealth, violating the love of God for man. The evil that lurks within.

The young man who was maced through the slots in the door into his closed tight cell, that died gasping for air when they left him lying there. The man burned when they sprayed him with hot water, who begged them to stop. The lady who died they claim from going cold turkey. Do we really know the truth? Might it have been that little part time seasonal job last Christmas when she stocked the shelves? Maybe a little insurance money on her? Tiny treasures?

Sheriffs Jailors are getting a percent of each deal. We know this. And now you know it to labor. Is there not some inclination to act when such evil continues within our nation of America?

These run beyond states legislated civil rights violations. Do we not see that these are the most serious of violations of human rights? They're crimes against humanity. Does labor not see that these are systematic criminal acts carried out by the states that may constitute war crimes against the people of the United States of America? Does labor not recognize that it is your labor that is funding these crimes and Godless acts of infamy against us all? Must labor not end funding them?

As these infamous acts continue, will labor not give us the ability to bring the Hitler's of our world to court? More so than the Hitler's of our world, will labor not allow us to bring the people who hire the Hitler's of our world to court, weap Judah? They're exterminating us my friend. Along with the kids. Will labor not please give an appropriate response to what we are facing in this land?

Is there not some awareness that these ongoing crimes against humanity, American labor is the prime source of funding? Germany, a long operating criminal cartel, is also a habitual abuser of human rights. It is also funding grave crimes against the human race. Is it not clear that the government of Jews and their collaborators in Germany has also fallen for their participation in attacking us with nuclear blast weapons? Is it not understood that it is Germany and their shell hybrid transplants that are engineering this nuclear cannon that is weaping us from Fukushima?

The royals have fallen for their participation in attacking us with nuclear blast weapons. The Vatican has fallen for their sly collaboration in attacking us with nuclear blast weapons. Theyíre all finished labor. Will you not let them off right? Will you not STRIKE THEM OUT and give us some chance to live?

"They've poisoned my village, I want them off." Our good God said. Will labor not hear the love of God and save yourselves?

If they all have fallen, then why are they still making world wars, shooting up our cities, and poisoning us with their nuclear war machine? Is the answer not obvious, American labor is funding it all and so they have to do it for because it's for free?

After examining what they have done with their thousands of years of time in our world, is it not perfectly clear that all they want to do is harm us here?

"In My Six Transitions this is the First Dying I have ever Run into. Nursery Shoot"

A transition from war into peace is an ordinary transition that our elders from space do regularly. One elder, that had done 287 transitions, said that he had failures, "occasionally." This lady on the desk early today, in her six transitions said "this is the first dying" she has run into.

The bible tells us that one-third the human race will perish in the end times. Might the one third not include us and our children? Do Americans not see that we are the prime targets for Judah genocide now? Do we not understand that it is American labor that is the prime source for funding the genocide that Judah so enjoys shooting?

The respiratory plague that Judah has now turned loose on us. Must American labor not end funding this? Does American labor not know that it is the funding source of this biological warfare that Judah is waging upon us here?

Is it not clear that all institutions of man have failed us labor? Do we not see that the only institution that has not failed us is the love of God for man? Will labor not open your hearts to hear the love of our good God for us and STRIKE THEM OUT?

A couple of hundred million Americans are now being sealed into early deaths. Us, our children, and the grand children, to lose out forever more now. All because American labor continues funding genocide. This even after we were told that we are involved in sin.

Bitch's heart is in anguish seeing the death of America. But if labor funds weap Judah, it must happen. Judah has turned his face against God and man. He has offended God with his claim that he has a right to do genocide. Do we not understand that if we fund Judah that his cipher will not let him do anything other thing than harm and kill us? For the love of our good God will the people not try to save yourselves?

"You insaulted me." Tele receive.

God explained that it is a fault that caused that. Is there not mercy and forgiveness in your heart? It's a fault that Bitch is working on to correct. Will we not act and overcome that and save ourselves?

Officials, they don't rise to the level of traitors do they? Was there ever a time that they were really with us on anything?

They were never with us except to lie, cheat, plunder and die us for sport. The cow that is being mutilated, is there not a prayer for us now? Do we not see the terrorist policy that officials have used and are using labor? Will labor not let the Jewish tyranny off of here for good? Is it not perfectly clear that Jewish is destroying us absolutely and completely now?

"If you donít get Jewish out they will destroy this beautiful nation." Elder from space said.

Twenty years in solitary confinement and then executed for a crime he didnít commit. Does evil not always come to a bad end eventually? How have we ignored such crimes against the children of God? How have we let them do these atrocious things on our dollars? Must we not end remaining silent and STOP THE WAR?

There are legalists that will gladly advise grand juries on proper, right and lawful procedure. But if labor is not concerned enough to act, then they will be of no use at all. If labor will not fund the organizing structure of civilization, then might we not dissolve in nuclear war?

The die is in, be certain of it. Vast numbers are dying now from the nuclear waste war that we are in.

No crackle of rifle fire, just a tiredness that came upon him before he took a nap that he didnít wake up from. The lung tumor that took her so quickly. Is it not foolish to do nothing as we are swept away for free in a nuclear war?

The mouse and minnow, as usual, will take the biggest hit. Estimates are that 95% of the Druid peoples will go out of life form this time. Judah pushing to get a sport war going on the borders of Russia using American Druid kids to fight it. Will labor not take the paper off of these guys and not let this war go any further?

Children and elderly, and those with weak constitutions will pass first. Vast sickness, the plagues that Judah is turning loose on us. Do we not see it will also give him a chance to tighten his public health tyranny laws upon us? They perp us with a culture that is sly.

Quarantine, a way to arrest with no probable cause. Suspicion of disease. Will labor not take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?

"Foolish to do nothing. " Elder has said for several years now.

"We hit the White man," Judee say.

"The white man is a bust fool." Reverse speech from a video of a non Judah speaker that was died by Judah.

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