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"Judgmental." Tele receive. 5.59 PM Tuesday. That was a T
Wed Jun 24, 2015 11:18

"Judgmental." Tele receive. 5.59 PM Tuesday.

That was a Tele receive about an hour after posting. Presumably it was something in yesterdays post that was, "Judgmental."

Might it have been mention of Druid who could stop the war in a day and has not done that? Can we not get a mutiny on the see? Will we not get a view of peace that is unshakable?

"Stay stupid." Tele receive. 6.12 PM

"Judgmental? stay stupid?"

"I'm totally out," Judee say.

Your honest opinions are appreciated completely. Here we are so close to bringing in a super advanced society of absolute abundance for each and everyone of us, a free society with no jails for anyone. And at the same time we are looking down the barrel of a dirty bomb shot that is hazarding us in ways that many may not have an awareness of.

As there has been no reaction to do a thing to shut the dirty bomb down, might we not speculate that the people just do not have a true idea of just how dangerous is one out of control Jewish electricity dirty bomb shot to us?

In a multiple of life times, is it not certain that the vast majority of us would not intentionally harm one another? Sure, the vast overwhelming majority of us will not ever harm each other. And yet, in our lifetimes we passively fund the most destructive war machine the human race has ever had to try to survive.

Continuous war terror attacks our family faces every day of our lives. Those who work to open the eyes of the people, Judee puts them at the top of the list to be attacked the most. Our brightest shoved out of life everywhere.

"Cheer." Tele receive. 1005 AM

Unlimited money provided by American labor to Judah, freely available to foment trouble in every land.

Gravy checks and debentures to bribe, the tools to hire crimes against the children of God. All made good by labor.

Sorry for bellyaching in yesterdays post. "Get better here," is what elder said to Bitch long ago.

When labor has the authority to issue our money, might we not expect that grand juries will invite Hitachi-GE officials in to explain exactly what is the reason why we are being poisoned chemically with nuclear waste?

Do we recall that it was Judah that made sure that 5% bribes were available to our officials to insure smooth installation of the nuclear, chemical and biological warfare devices that are now taking us out huge?

The congresswoman who supposedly was shot with many people being killed. Do we not smell a rat here? Might it not have been all blanks in the mind controlled guy's gun that made a lot of smoke and noise, allowing for a successful Judah ghosting operation?

What about all the municipals that responded and carried them away in the ambulances? How could Judah ever get so many to go along with such a staged trick on us? Do we not recall that Judah has unlimited free money to do whatever he wants to us? Do we not see that free money allows Judah to hire great thespians to deceive us?

Do we not get a sense of how they joy in being able to put on a show everyday to fool us? Each day the media went to the hospital room to check on progress. Might they have had to wait until the makeup artists finished getting her ready to put on her act to jest us?

Are the ordinary fish not getting some idea of the mind of the Jew and how they like to fool us with their staged events?

The coroner's grand jury does not exist in American law much anymore. Judah threw it out. Might 23 people asking the first responders some questions, not puzzle it out real quick?

Judee scheduled a referendum in Chicago that led to throwing the coroners grand jury out in the early 1970s. Medical examiner clerk substituted in. There is no indictment in a coroners grand jury, only investigation with recommendations. Nothing punitive at all, merely investigate the circumstances surrounding suspicious or questionable deaths.

If only the coroners grand juries were still part of our law, can we only wonder if we might not have many thousands still alive now?

As part of Jefferson's and Wythe's theory 1776-1779, that was made American law in 1791, only a coroners grand jury can determine the legal cause of death. If the coroners grand jury determines that there is criminal culpability in the passing of the deceased, a regular grand jury then may determine if there is probable cause that a specific person or persons, may be culpable.

Might we note the bifurcation of legal procedure that our founding fathers put in? This same bifurcation was intended to keep the executive, legislative and Judicial branches limited in their powers. Each branch checking the other.

As this is a fasci nation that has proven unsuccessful, and is not sustainable except by force, can we not do a political and economic autopsy to determine what went wrong here?

Do we see how when the authority to issue our money, the organizing principle of society, got out of democratic hands and into the hands of weap Judah, it led to us all dying in a series of nuclear wars?

The elected coroner, if there is no cash available for grand juries to look into the out of the ordinary deaths, what can they do then? Are we not seeing that our problems all derive from allowing 1% weap Judah to be the issuer of 100% of our public money?

Unlimited money to set bombs off throughout our world. Unlimited money to stage terrorist acts within the borders of America. Professional ghosting opps, all funded for free. DO we see how our money is spent when our purse is in the hands of Judah?

Juries and grand juries secretly hired by Judah. He now has our system set with no civil rights for any of us. Does it not seem somewhat strange that a wealthy, able people such as we are would allow this trickery to go on much less pay for it?

"Your death was just a jest in my world. I was just an average fiver, now the air of Bitch I'm all done," Judee say.

The pallor of a ghoul. The life they lead leaves real traces. Their love of our death. Their passion; playing around with and then killing us. Our death, just a jest in their world. The life and times of weap Judah. Their Jew cipher petticoat ambulance is closing up.

They're doing all they can to turn the world against us hoping that we will fall. Will American labor not STOP THE WAR and take their best tool away from them? Do we not see that their best tool is the authority to issue our money? They're doing all they can to leave us poisoned and destitute. Left stranded on a burned out planet to die.

The foreign dually terrorists in Washington DC. Will labor not let them off right? Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

Our beautiful Father we love you. Still praying that your meek will hear your love and STRIKE THEM OUT. The strike, we're praying that labor will try it.

"You're fools who fell quite easily." Tele receive. 3.13 AM

"White horse samples. Firebirds." Tele receive. 3.47 AM

The group known as Christian Zionists, might they not be Judee in disguise? Judah white shells mostly? Claim to be Lutherans, Baptists, Presbyterians, Methodists, etc. All Judee playing out his false life story? Tiny treasures brigade?

Might the ordinary members of the congregations be unaware of the different cipher brand inside their churches? Do we see how it is that Judah has been so strong in his ability to make it look as if people that have a natural love for one another are at odds with each other? Do we not see that Judah assigns his churches the job to take hold of the congregation's hearts and minds? His constant attacks upon innocent people making it look as if it is white fish that is behind it all. Though at some level, as it is our money from labor that is funding it, might we not take some responsibility for not stopping these vicious, well planned assaults upon our fellow man?

Father's house is an ancient intergalactic Civilization. As we long ago learned to navigate the seas, our elders have learned to navigate the seas of the universe. Elders are in peaceful cohesion with each other and extra galactic civilizations. Do we see that Judah preferred to fire our cities with his great balls of fire rather than let our imaginations be fired with the love of truth?

"A fail cone will perish you all." Non Judah reverse speech.

Do we recall Saturday night lives in the 1970s did their skit about the cone head family? Might we not surmise that they were aware of the physiology of our creators, the Galacticans?

While a large range of extraterrestrials have been identified in our literature, there are very few instances of the kind Galacticans themselves being seen by earthlings in recent times.

One description Bitch read long ago was from a fellow who was on an extraterrestrial space craft and he described the Being that seemed to be in charge as about 4 feet tall, wearing a cape. The cape apparently is a distinctive clothing style of our makers, the Galacticans.

Does it bring to mind the word capable? Might that be the where the etymological root of the word capable came from? From the cape that our elders wear?

Might the Ancient peoples have left us memories of the Galacticans as seen by hieroglyphics depicting Beings with elongated heads? The Galacticans are the 15 million year species that created us by adding their 223 high intelligence genes to our genome. We are a 12 million year species in our young body form.

Our life forms run to about 18 million years and then begin to pass out of existence in the next few million years.

"A fail cone will perish you all." Non Judah reverse speech from a knowledgeable person.

Our beautiful precious sweet Father Harold is a Galactican. Father is in his last 6 years of life. He has been our Father since 800 AD. He was 1,000 years of age when he became our Father. Father is now 2,200 years of age. He sleeps 75% of the time. Father is mentioned here with the profoundest respect and honor to his dignity. Father is perfect in every way. Father loves all of us equally.

I'm afraid sometimes Papa. Afraid that your children will ignore your love for them and lose their life forms in this ongoing nuclear barrage that we are suffering. Afraid that the last 6 years of your life instead of joying seeing us coming to join with our family in the universe in peace, instead watching a vast dying due to nuclear brimstone poisoning that will leave you weeping tears for their foolish loss.

Father could have had elders blur the pooch pictures of Bitch in Bitch alcohol degraded time. Father could also have had elders cause the computer to erase Bitch stupid mistaken insulting words. Could have had the fiber optics blurry. Father's house is absolute truth, elders don’t disguise anything. Are we not mature, able and capable enough to handle the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Sure we are.

While Judee has his strongest hostile against Druid peoples, he is most strong against Irish Druid people. He even has special teams that race Irish people specifically.

A man told me that of all the Druid people that have offended him, the Irish were the worst. Might we not consider that Judee wants to put the worst face upon the people that arise from Ireland? Might they have been Irish Judee shell people that be racing for Judee bourse? Will labor not pull the bourse paper away from Judee and end paying for all of his opps?

The royals have been handling much of the racing operations in America for Judah. Judah reveals in reverse speech that of all the Druid peoples, the Irish are the ones that are most likely to figure him out and tell everybody about his tricky ways. Might this be why he puts a special target on people of Irish descent?

Do we see how Judah is putting all the people of America into disgrace by his using our platform to harm our family throughout the world? Might we even consider how Judah has so smeared the people of England by using their purse to put their face of harm on what Judah cipher is doing to the children in our world?

Has white fish not had enough of this guy Judah smearing us with his hiring of whitefish youngsters to be harming our brothers and sisters everywhere in his world? Will we not act and let Judah off right?

The massive torture-murder operations that young Americans were led into during the Bush sport war years. Will we not cleanse ourselves of these unclean Judah souls that have taken us over and are hanging us with nuclear waste by our own purse strings?

Whatever wrong Bitch has in him he looks for the cure. Is it not clear that the harm of our world is rooted in the violence that we as a species, the human race, have been subjected to and made to endure at the hands of our Judah bankers and their holy royal partners in crime?

There is no call for a fight here labor. It is a call to end the fight. Specifically, end funding the fight. Do we not see that it is in violence that Judah has risen to dominate the world? Must labor not reach the necessary awareness and conscious state to understand that to survive, we must end funding war? Do we not see that our very survival is on the line if we do not STOP THE WAR?

They've enjoyed dropping the floor out on us. Will labor not give us some hope; will labor not drop the floor out on their eternal sport war?

They're bad boys and girls who've caught themselves. They’re done with us, as we are done with them. Is this not perfectly clear?

When Bitch reads of people who took a tumble, had a bad fall, he says a prayer for them. Doesn’t matter who it is, what country they're in, it doesn't matter. Bitch says a prayer for them. Asks Father to help them.

If he sees a bombing in a city, prays for the people there. Sees refugees fleeing war, and says a prayer for them. Hears of homeless people, says a prayer for them.

Prays every night for the people of Japan who are under assault with a nuclear dirty bomb weapon. The children who are now suffering cancer from Hitachi-GE. Says a prayer for all of our family there. Wants Father to add special care for them and help them through their difficult times. Prays for Americans every night who are now under assault from the same nuclear dirty bomb shot. Prays that they will awaken and do something to help themselves before it is absolutely too late.

Father saw to it that grandfather kept Bitch in through all these many years. Long before Bitch knew anything about our extraterrestrial creators living 38 light years from here.

Is it not incredible, Judah knew all along about our elders from space? For thousands of years he has had an estimate of the situation that was correct in so many ways.

Is it not just a sad sorry situation that we were so easily put on out of here? Do we recall what the Tele sender said, we're "fools who fell out of here easily?"

"They've marshaled us out of life form." Tele receive. 5.07 AM

Is there not some acknowledgement, some acceptance of the terrible fact that Judah is indeed dying us off of here HUGE?

That he has accomplished us so easily, might his calling us "Marshmallows" not be understandable?

They’re vicious people in heart and mind that have gotten us done. The brightest of us, they've put most in long ago. In spite of years of warning from the head of our Galactican creator force, our good God, we carry on funding war throughout our world. Is there not some way that we will come together and act to prevent the very worst from falling upon us here?

A fable too far, and yet it still holds. They're fleeing into the mountains and sending their doubles home. And still the cow carries the weight of funding each and every one of their wars.

American labor, is it not crystal clear that force funding Judah will lead to our destruction yet? If that happens, do we not see that Father will have to let us pass?

It's a steady state dropout that we're falling into. Not all of us, the well positioned will get into the undergrounds first.

"Hermit wit. I'm hearin' it." Tele receive. 5.21

Continues at:

"Suckers fell great," Judee say.

Labor will you not help us to STOP THE WAR? "Suckers f

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