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Science inches closer to 'home brew' heroin
Fri Jun 26, 2015 08:33

Science inches closer to 'home brew' heroin - -

For more on science and health, follow Eryn Brown - on : @LATerynbrown - - Eryn Brown - WRITER - - Eryn Brown covers healthcare for The Times’ Metro desk. Eryn Brown graduated from Harvard with a degree in history and literature in 1993, and was a writer at Fortune magazine in New York for seven years before moving to Los Angeles. Her husband, two sons and primary-care physician hope that writing about health won’t stoke her hypochondria.

Copyright © 2015, Los Angeles Times - Eryn Brown Verified account - - @LATerynbrown - - Writer, health and healthcare. I also tweet random stuff about kids, basketball, science, Los Angeles. @latimes @lanow @latimeshealth

Eryn Brown LA Times -

I Don’t Leave Home Without My Hair Goop - In the Green Room with the Los Angeles Times’ Eryn Brown - Eryn Brown is a Los Angeles Times science writer. Before moderating a conversation with the coauthors of Zoobiquity about what doctors can learn from animal medicine, she sat down in the Zócalo green room to talk about hair goop and ice cream sundaes, her prom dress and how her New Yorker magazine cancels out her Us Weekly.

Eryn Brown LA Times Editor - Science inches closer to 'home brew' heroin - - - Science inches closer to 'home brew' heroin poppies in Afghanistan Scientists are getting closer to understanding how to produce opium in yeast -- making it unnecessary to depend on poppies to produce heroin, morphine and other drugs. The advance will foster the development of better pain relievers and other useful compounds, some say -- but could also make it possible for people to make addictive opiates at home. Here, Afghan farmers harvest raw opium at a poppy field in Afghanistan in April. (Allauddin Khan / Associated Press) - By ERYN BROWN contact the reporter Biology Scientific Research

Home-brew heroin made from yeast? It's not a reality yet, but could be in a few years
Scientists identify crucial gene in poppies, assemble complete template for making morphine from glucose
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willpwilson 908 Organic Farming Outperforms Conventional Agriculture Tue Jun 23, 2015;article=154623;title=APFN;article=154586;title=APFN
willpwilson 908 Local Farming Can Feed Most of America - Fri Jun 19, 2015

Local Farming Can Feed Most of America - - -

- - - -
30 Year Old Trial Finds Organic Farming Outperforms Conventional Agriculture - Permaculture magazine - Wednesday, 10th June 2015 - Is organic farming more resilient, higher yielding, more energy efficient and more profitable? The Rodale Institute's latest report of a 30 year trial says it is. Read the full report free here. -

The Farming Systems Trial (FST)® at Rodale Institute is America’s longest running, side-by-side comparison of organic and chemical agriculture. Started in 1981 to study what happens during the transition from chemical to organic agriculture, the FST surprised a food community that still scoffed at organic practices. After an initial decline in yields during the first few years of transition, the organic system soon rebounded to match or surpass the conventional system. Over time, FST became a comparison between the long term potential of the two systems.

After a 30 year side-by-side trial, the Rodale report shows:

Organic yields match conventional yields.
Organic outperforms conventional in years of drought.
Organic farming systems build rather than deplete soil organic matter, making it a more sustainable system.
Organic farming uses 45% less energy and is more efficient.
Conventional systems produce 40% more greenhouse gases.
Organic farming systems are more profitable than conventional.

Although the Rodale Institute Farming Systems Trial is America’s longest-running side-by-side comparison of organic versus conventional farming, a number of universities have established long-term trials over the years. Between them all, they know that organic agriculture is more profitable, builds more soil fertility over time, and can yield just as much as conventional systems.

"As we face uncertain and extreme weather patterns, growing scarcity and expense of oil, lack of water, and a growing population, we will require farming systems that can adapt, withstand or even mitigate these problems while producing healthy, nourishing food. After more than 30 years of side-by-side research in our Farming Systems Trial (FST), Rodale Institute has demonstrated that organic farming is better equipped to feed us now and well into the ever changing future."

You can read the full Farming Systems Trial Report free HERE.

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willpwilson 908 Local Farming Can Feed Most of America - Fri Jun 19, 2015 -

Local Farming Can Feed Most of America - - - - Linked from - - & - - to the Message News Board - by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson on June 19, 2015 -
Local Farming Can Feed Most of America Posted on June 19, 2015 by Soren Dreier Author: Annie Wu

Farmers markets and farm-to-table restaurants are all the rage today. Food made from locally grown produce is considered more sustainable for the environment, and for the people who work the land.
While many health- and environment-conscious consumers are hungry for more. Locally grown food remains a niche market, with most of America’s food coming from large, industrial farms shipped over long distances to reach our supermarkets.

Conventionally grown produce travels an average of 1,494 miles from farm to point of sale, according to a study by the Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture at Iowa State University.

But researchers at University of California–Merced, recently discovered that there’s potential for more of our food to be locally sourced.

Through conducting a mapping study, researchers found that most U.S. cities can feed 80 to 100 percent of their residents with food grown and raised on farmland within a 50-mile radius.

Some large coastal cities, like New York City, have limited local food capacity—farmland within 50 miles can only support about 10 percent of its population. But if the limits were expanded to 100 miles, New York’s surrounding farmland capacity grows to about 30 percent.

Professor Elliott Campbell and graduate student Andrew Zumkehr arrived at their calculations by first figuring out how many calories someone on a typical American diet would consume, then converting that number to a figure representing the number of agricultural crops and livestock numbers that would be required to produce those calories of food (they also did this for a vegetarian diet and a meat-heavy diet).

For livestock, they made calculations based on conventional farming practices, not grass-fed methods.

Then, they mapped out all the available farmland in the country using data from the National Science Foundation, and calculated the land’s productivity using USDA (Department of Agriculture) crop yield data.

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