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Cannabis Removes Nuclear Contamination-Replaces Sea Food.
Fri Jun 26, 2015 09:02

willpwilson 908 Cannabis Removes Nuclear Contamination-Replaces Sea Food. Sun Oct 20, 2013;article=147514;title=APFN

Cannabis Strain Mutation -

cannabis genetics -

Cannabis Removes Nuclear Contamination - -

One Branch Of The Cannabaceae Family Tree...​ By Steve Cool - Tokemaster General - Staff Member -

Sativa cannabis genetics maintain fundamental "Sativa" characteristics or – as marijuana cultivators know them, "phenotypes" – propagating long thin-ish- leaves, maintaining a light lime-green color due to the decreased amounts of chlorophyll and increased yellow pigments. The primary purpose of the increased yellow pigment is to protect itself from sunburn– sort of like a natural sunscreen, producing massively taller cannabis plants, elongated cola-tops producing massive yields of less dense buds. Known for its elevated / higher THC levels – Cannabis Sativa is head and shoulders above other types of cannabis in high THC content – her genetic heritage is somewhat lacking in the highly sought after CBD cannabinoids. Sativa strains of marijuana are known to contain over 80 types of active cannabinoids. - - - - - - - - - - -

Genetics of breeding Cannabis

Although it is possible to breed Cannabis with limited success without any knowledge of the laws of inheritance, the full potential of diligent breeding, and the line of action most likely to lead to success, is realized by breeders who have mastered a working knowledge of genetics.

As we know already, all information transmitted from generation to generation must be contained in the pollen of the staminate parent and the ovule of the pistillate parent. Fertilization unites these two sets of genetic information, a seed forms, and a new generation is begun. Both mitted units determining the expression of a character are known as genes. Individual plants have two identical sets of genes (2n) in every cell except the gametes, which through reduction division have only one set of genes (1n) Upon fertilization one set from each parent combines to form a seed (2n).

In Cannabis, the haploid (1n) number of chromosomes is 10 and the diploid (2n) number of chromosomes is no. Each chromosome contains hundreds of genes, influencing every phase of the growth and development of the plant.

If cross-pollination of two plants with a shared genetic trait (or self-pollination of a hermaphrodite) results in off-spring that all exhibit the same trait, and if all subsequent generations also exhibit it, then we say that the strain is true-breeding, or breeds true, for that trait. A strain may breed true for one or more traits while varying in other characteristics. For example, the traits of sweet aroma and early maturation may breed true, while offspring very in size and shape. For a strain to breed true for some trait, both gametes forming the offspring must have an identical complement of the genes that influences the expression of that trait. For example, in a strain that breeds true for webbed leaves, an gamete from any parent in that population will contain the gene for webbed leaves, which we will signify with the letter w. Since each gamete carries of half (1n) of the genetic complement of this offspring, it follows that upon fertilization both “leaf-shape” genes of the (2n) offspring will be w. That is, the offspring, like both parents, are ww. In turn, the offspring also breed true for webbed leaves because they have only w genes to pass on in their gametes.

Excerpt pages 49-50 from "Marijuana Botany" by Robert Connell Clarke
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willpwilson 908 Are We Now in the Beginning of the End of the Next Beginning Mon Jun 15, 2015;article=154559;title=APFN;pagemark=20

willpwilson 908 Are We Now in the Beginning of the End of the Next Beginning Mon Jun 15, 2015;article=154553;title=APFN

Are We Now in the Beginning of the End of the Next Beginning? - -

AllDayLive,,, Stew Webb, -,, - Changing The World - And Americans Are A-sleep - Whistle-Blower-Journalist, Comet-Ison-Extinction-Event, Global-Destruction, Prayer-and-Alternative-Technology-May-Save-Planet, -

November 01, 2013 AllDayLive, WillPWilson,, Stew Webb,,, Whistle-Blower-Journalist, Comet-Ison-Extinction-Event, Global-Destruction, Prayer-and-Alternative-Technology-May-Save-Planet,
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willpwilson 908 - Action Alert: Human Experimentation Requires Prosecution;article=154548; - - -
Human Experimentation Requires Prosecution
image The Guardian has made public a CIA document allowing the agency's director to "approve, modify, or disapprove all proposals pertaining to human subject research."

Click here to tell your representative and senators to demand prosecution of torture.

Fwd: Action Alert: Human Experimentation Requires Prosecution -
MindControlUSA - produced by Laura Solway
Laura Solway
1:18 PM (5 hours ago)

Hi everyone,

Thought you may be interested in signing this petition.

Only if you want to.

Laura Solway
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Date: Mon, Jun 15, 2015 at 1:15 PM
Subject: Fwd: Action Alert: Human Experimentation Requires Prosecution

From: "RootsAction Team"
Sent: Monday, June 15, 2015 12:40:04 PM
Subject: Action Alert: Human Experimentation Requires Prosecution

Enough is enough!

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The Guardian today made public a CIA document allowing the agency's director to "approve, modify, or disapprove all proposals pertaining to human subject research."[1]

Enough is enough. Click here to demand that torturers be prosecuted.

At Guantanamo, the CIA gave huge doses of the terror-inducing drug mefloquine to prisoners without their consent,[2] as well as the supposed truth serum scopolamine.[3] Former Guantanamo guard Joseph Hickman has documented the CIA's torturing people, sometimes to death, and can find no explanation other than research.[4]

Click here if you believe this crosses a line and torture cannot be excused.

Non-consensual experimentation on institutionalized children and adults was common in the United States before, during, and after the U.S. and its allies prosecuted Nazis for the practice in 1947. The tribunal created the Nuremberg Code, standards for medical practice that were immediately ignored back home. Some American doctors considered it "a good code for barbarians."[5]

The code begins: "Required is the voluntary, well-informed, understanding consent of the human subject in a full legal capacity." A similar requirement is included in the CIA's rules, but has not been followed, even as doctors have assisted with such torture techniques as waterboarding.

Congress has busily re-banned torture a number of times in recent years. Now it must drop that charade and instead demand that the Attorney General enforce the anti-torture statute, which made torture a felony before George W. Bush ever became president.

Torture has not ended and won't as long as it's not punished.[6] An attorney general could be questioned and threatened with impeachment until our laws are enforced.

Click here to demand that Congress do so.

After signing the petition, please forward this message to your friends. You can also share it from the webpage after taking the action yourself.

-- The Team

P.S. RootsAction is an independent online force endorsed by Jim Hightower, Barbara Ehrenreich, Cornel West, Daniel Ellsberg, Glenn Greenwald, Naomi Klein, Bill Fletcher Jr., Laura Flanders, former U.S. Senator James Abourezk, Coleen Rowley, Frances Fox Piven, Lila Garrett, Phil Donahue, Sonali Kolhatkar, and many others.

P.P.S. This work is only possible with your financial support. Please donate.

1. Guardian: CIA torture appears to have broken spy agency rule on human experimentation
2. Truthout: Controversial Drug Given to All Guantanamo Detainees Akin to "Pharmacologic Waterboarding"
3. Truthout: New Revelations Suggest DoD Cover-Up Over Detainee Drugging Charges
4. David Swanson: "We murdered some folks" in Guantanamo
Talk Nation Radio: Joseph Hickman on Deadly Human Experimentation at Guantanamo Bay
5. Against Their Will: The Secret History of Medical Experimentation on Children in Cold War America
6. War Is A Crime: Ongoing Torture

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willpwilson 908 Sometimes, Real Truth is more unbelievable at the Right Time Mon Jun 15, 2015;article=154546;title=APFN

willpwilson 908 Action Alert: Human Experimentation Requires Prosecution Mon Jun 15, 2015;article=154547;

June 15, 2015 Transcending from am expression thus being expressed by an expresser of all meaningful and wonderful fulfilling non empty possibilities? Will

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Richard P. Sheridan STILL WAITING FOR A RESPONSE. Sun Jun 14, 2015;article=154540;title=APFN

willpwilson 908 Where's the Kaboom!? Sun Jun 14, 2015;article=154541;title=APFN

willpwilson 908 don't hate what you don't understand Sun Jun 14, 2015;article=154542;title=APFN -

willpwilson 908 Transcending from am an expression thus being expressed. Mon Jun 15, 2015;article=154545;title=APFN

Patrick Sullivan We’re Folding up Ourselves, is there not some sense that we Mon Jun 15, 2015;article=154544;title=APFN

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Marijuana Curbed Intestinal Infections In Hunter-Gatherers. Wed Jun 3, 2015;article=154401;title=APFN

We can change this matrix. And, Create Future Universes.;article=154298;title=APFN;pagemark=20

To Joel Skousen, Invitation to appear by phone on AllDayLive
Tue Apr 7, 2015 -;article=154101;title=APFN


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