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"You Leave My Sight out Majess. I died him truthful." Father
Fri Jun 26, 2015 10:41

"You Leave My Sight out Majess. I died him truthful." Father said.

Bitch put today's post up at Weebly and a few hours later, at 4.17 PM, Father said, "You leave my sight out Majess. I died him truthful."

Impressive or beautiful in a dignified or inspiring way.

Further in today's post there are a couple of things concerning Father and our elders giving some of our talented writers and singers ideas for songs that can help us get to peace.

Bitch previously mentioned that Father could have had elders blur photos and video and erased Bitch blooper, but only the truth comes from the house of Father to us.

"I died him truthful."

Even with Bitch having not managed well, do we see that our precious sweet Father has indeed died Judah truthful? Bitch was hesitant to mention Father as shown by Father's words, "You Leave My Sight out Majess." Bitch is not worthy to come under Father's roof and needs help to find the true majesty of our precious sweet Father.

Here now is today's post that was written earlier.

"He's a Rightful Boy and You Tossed Him out" Tele receive 1.13 AM

Sure he insulted ya's, irritated some and abrasive. Yet he's a rightful boy and you tossed him out.

"They have recycled." Tele receive 1.23 AM

Judah is turning loose with more war in our world; American labor still financing it. Will labor not take its purse away from him and STOP THE WAR?

"Firewood." Tele receive. 7.57 PM last night.

"Mega tonnage big, I knew this was going to happen." 8.03 PM

"I fox you out with war so I can genocide," Judee say.

Do we to see the purpose of putting America into eternal war? Do we not as of yet recognize what Judah's ultimate aim is? Do we know how to spell GENOCIDE?

Druid lived in the northlands for 30,000 years and never made war. How is it that when Judah has the organizing principle of society in his hands exclusively, the authority to issue our money, all the Druid does is fight eternal wars for Judah sport?

Druid has no rights in the land he was born in because Judah tells him he has no rights. How can this persist for so long? Will Druid not take his purse away from Judah and end his war sport? Will Druid not put all of our sacred civil rights in?

"I held you inferious to us," Judee say.

Is that not curious, that the word "inferior" could also be spelled. "In fear ee or?"

Do we to see that it is Judah terrorism that has put this nation and world into fear? Do we see why he terrorizes? Might it be to make us all inferior to his superior brand of men?

"I Jew fouled, I'm a CIA fister, I'm corrupt. I go for excitement, I want you dead for pussy," Judee say.

Is it not odd that we should finance his terrorism in our world? Do we not see that all the war that we are funding is aimed to subordinate us right here at home?

"We just got a dog to laugh at you," Judee say.

Do we have some idea of why they laugh at us? Burning us out with nuclear war while waging world wars and now starting a ground, sea and air war with mother Russia, and labor is quietly funding it all and Judah has got a dog to laugh at us.

Our ancestors in America were forced nearly a century ago to join England for a sport war on Germany that led into a world war. The outcome was to have British and German police and troops running around America sporting us with weap Judee. Now we are on the borders of Russia. Might that not lead to Russian troops and police running around America sporting us?

Here is an interesting reverse speech that indicates that very thing is about to happen:

"In 24 hours we'll die wisdom and use communism to take you off." Judee employee say.

"You died yourselves out." Tele receive. 8.04 PM

"The merchants murdered all." 8.40 PM

"You died for me," Judee say.

"It's too late, the shells tripled the violence." Tele receive. 8.47 PM

"Parasites burned you's failed. They've recycled surfaces, you've failed to save yourselves." 12.11 AM

"You die wrenches." Tele receive. 12.16 AM

"You're shot." 12.23 AM

"They nailed us sport. The economy is fused." 12.38 AM

"You failed to die their forgeries, you died as failures." 12.40 AM

"You virtualized your war, you died yourselves here. You die sinful." 12.42 AM

"Get them out of here." 12.43 AM

"Dying idiots way, crushed." 12.43 AM

"Failed your sniper bad." 12.45 AM

"Life is perishing quite intimate." 12.46 AM

"You all died dumb delightful." 12.47 AM

"We lost the rightful pursuit." 12.50 AM

"Siege fell rightness." 12.57 AM

"If you employ thieves it's a grave thing." 12. 52

"Complete vidiots extinguished dumb." 12.54

"They're pulverizing you thief." 12.55 AM

"You're dying wall street adverse." 1.02 AM

"Closing hosiery." 1.03 AM

"It's my complete delight to punish you's. I finish you always with a wonderful sale fight," Judee say.

"Our porting is sad." Tele receive. 1.02 AM

"We die Jew corrupt." 1.06 AM

"You’re rising up here for benefits." 1.06 AM

"They're wasting the field." 1.08 AM

"Over dying fisty." 1.09 AM

"Your life fell down seriously." 1.10 AM

"They have recycled." 1.23 AM

Bitch has been constantly praying to our good God above to help us survive this last nuclear war of weap Judah. At the moment a large American sport war force is on the Russia's borders. Might that be to trigger Judah sport war with the Soviets?

Aren't we tired of Wall Street and its eternal wars? Haven't we had enough of their prison slave labor system yet?

They did all they could using the financial tools available to them, the private and exclusive right to issue our money, to get us died out of here with blast. The Martians saved us from them.

Is there not some way to bring labor into the world of responsibility to take the authority to issue our money away from them? Must labor not demonstrate that it has the possibility of survivability here?

They lost. Our extraterrestrial brothers let Judah shoot themselves right on out of here for good. Forever the Jew is out of here. His filthy solitary confinement and his punishment of man is over and done with. Will you not free your fellow man from the punishing torment of Judah on free American bourse? Will you not try to save yourselves?

"We got dangerous with the Russians so you won't let us do our core fees," Judee say.

American Judah in mutual collusion with Soviet Judah attacked us with the full arsenal of intercontinental nuclear ballistic missiles from Russia. Our elders from space pulled every shot off of us. Thank you elders. We sure love and pray thanks to Father for sending you all in here to help us get out of Judah sport war and into God's peace.

Might we not see Judah relationship with us as like the man who comes home and threatens his wife so that she will have sex with him?

In his natural tour Judah beats up women all day long so his wife knows what he is capable of and without resistance, not wanting to risk a beating, with mere threat lays down for him.

Will America labor not reject Judah threats and end the lay down and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Does labor not yet see the truth of the horrifically dangerous situation that we have allowed Judah to put us in? Do we not have concrete evidence that every people he ever got hold of he did genocide to?

Does the Druid somehow think it will turnout any different if we just continue to lay down because Judah threatens us here?

"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both." Benjamin Franklin.

As Judah has spent enormous amounts of money and energy to diminish Bitch signal, might we consider what Ben Franklin had to say about such a circumstance:

"And whether you are on honest man, or whether you’re a thief, depends on whose solicitor has given me my brief."

With hundreds of millions dead by his actions, and hundreds of millions of Americans facing death by nuclear waste, should an ordinary person not take what Judah says about Bitch with a grain of salt?

"Anger is never without a reason, but seldom with a good one."

Thank you Ben Franklin for putting words to help explain Bitch blooper.

"As we must account for every idle word, so must we account for every idle silence."

The silence of labor in the face of our eternal termination from life. What can account for the idle silence? Will labor not rise and silence war from our world?

"I cored you to get rich. I'm a fool. I falsed out your professor to bash your brains," Judee say.

Unrelenting worldwide death and destruction, paid for to the last dollar by American labor. Does labor not yet see what is wrong here? If so, will labor not at least try and fix it?

"I foul you with the interest rate, it gives us war," Judee say.

Do we see the long term transition out of eternal war and into eternal peace is a gift from our good God above?

Do we not see how Father's love is allowing us to STOP THE WAR without us ever fighting at all? Do we not see that merely by thinking, and then acting upon our clear thoughts, we can have a world at peace forever more?

"You disparage my shill who’s trying to convince you to save yourselves." God our Father said.

Background radiation up 10 to over 30 times over its normal levels throughout our nation. Increasing all the time as Judah continues pouring the radioactive equivalent of over 2500 Hiroshima sized blasts into our environment everyday.

How might we cope with that if we are engaged in a war with Russia? Is it not coming through yet that we have been destroyed by our own purse in Judah hands?

Bitch is not a fighter, he is a man of love. Seeks to follow Father's plan. Father wants his children to live in peace everywhere in his village.

Father wills that labor be the issuer of our money. To gain the authority to issue our money labor will have to make a demand and back it up with a general strike.

"By failing to prepare you are preparing to fail." Ben Franklin.

Is there not some sense that by not acting to save ourselves while we are in a full blown nuclear war, that we will fail in the worst way of all? Is the potential of absolute loss of life form forever not seen here yet?

Do we not see that our children cannot survive high radiation levels in our environment? Is it not clear to all who have looked into it why Judah forced his Trojan horse nuclear dirty bomb power plant shots in? Could it be for any other reason than to terminate us all from our life forms?

"You're going to pull my psyche out, you’re fooled," Judee say.

"For those the gods would destroy they first make mad."

"MAD." Mutually assured destruction. The policy that Judah forced onto America. Are we all on the same page in understanding that Judah has already tried it with his great balls of fire?

"Distrust and caution are the parents of security." Ben Franklin.

"The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves." George Washington.

"No nation could preserve its freedom in the midst of continual warfare.

Of all the enemies of public liberty, war is perhaps the most dreaded, because it comprises and develops the germ of every other." James Madison.

"But a constitution of government once changed from Freedom, can never be restored. Liberty, once lost is lost forever."

In my many years I have come to a conclusion that one useless man is a shame, two is a law firm, and three or more is a congress." John Adams.

By funding eternal war that led us to being sucker punched with thousands of nuclear bombs in the middle of the night, might we not see what the useless men and women of congress have done to us here?

Will we not claim our Liberty before it is stolen away forever more by weap Judah and his eternal assault upon us with his fists?

"We've forsaken your Druid head," Judee say.

In the many countries that Judah is waging war, Judah seeks out the municipal water supplies to bomb out and destroy. Are we not aware that contaminated water is one of the largest causes of sickness, disease and death in or world?

As he now is contaminating America's underground water supplies by fracking, do we not yet see that he is at war with us all? In the name of our good and kind God will labor not do the will of God and take the authority to issue our money away from Judah and put it into your hands?

Do we recognize that poisoning out water supplies is an act of genocide? Do we not see that drinking contaminated water leads to sickness and premature deaths?

With radioactive waste contaminating our surface waters, and underground contaminated with toxic chemicals, where will we be finding our fresh clean drinking water?

Is it not understood that we are dying in a plan of vast depopulation of our earth at the hands of weap Judah? If this is understood, is there not some way that labor will end funding it?

When Judah staged his British Petroleum oil well blow out in the Gulf, do we perceive that it provided cover for him to chemically sicken the people and damage the environment for long term in the area? Do we recall the vast quantities of corexit that he sprayed based on the claim that it would disperse the oil? Might the real plan not have been to produce mutations, genetic damage and cancers in the local people?

Are we not getting the idea that Judah has failed us complete? As he has, do we not yet see that it is intentional?

Do we not see his dirty bomb shot, that is poisoning us out with radioactive waste, as a ploy of a similar vein to his blown oil well platform as an excuse to spray corexit on us was? Judah builds a nuclear power plant on the supposed pretext that we need it for electricity, while the secret function is to blow it up and poison us all. Pretends that it was an accident as a cover for his fighting a nuclear scrimmage against us. Do we not see what this tricky guy weap Judah is up to yet?

He sets up his power plant from the very beginning to fail, and then pretends that it was an accident when it went into melt down and tells us that his people are trying to fix it.

Are we not yet mature enough to understand and accept that Judah has launched another all out nuclear war onto us here, this time with waste?

Repeatedly now he has launched nuclear wars upon us. Hitachi-GE is his second nuclear war that he has launched, after failing with his first nuclear missile war of blast. Will labor in the name of our good God not help us? Must labor not stop funding this war of extermination that we are in?

By the time Judah's kid is 15 years old he knows that it is his mission to accomplish us out of life. He also knows the many ways to get hold of us and destroy us. How to fool us. His shame, embarrass, tactics. Rumors, false, perjury, set ups, frames, all the tricks to hold us by the mind and body. Ricin, the deadly toxin that until recently was virtually undetectable.

"Patrick, we salvaged my perfect breeze," Judee say.

Even after shooting us repeatedly with nuclear missiles, we have done absolutely nothing. Now Judah has recycled, and salvaged his perfect breeze. His nuclear waste is locked in to get the majority of us gone in only 6 years. Our children and grandchildren to sicken and die off now with us. The dirty breeze, "the answer my friend is blowin in the wind, the answer is blowin in the wind."

"Halt your fights." Elder Jason's message for today.

"STRIKE THEM OUT." Tele receive. 6.02 AM

"God helps those who help them selves." Benjamin Franklin.

Will labor not help us all and put our sacred God given rights in once again?

"Dunce sight." Tele receive. 7.57 AM

"The lunatic is safe here." 8.00 AM

"A mooey sampling."

"Refused for too much malting." 8.34 AM

"They're leading us to death." 8.45 AM

"Advise yourselves." 8.54 AM

Have many of us not heard the saying that, "its lonely at the top?"

Continues at:

Might that have come from Judah speculation concerning our beautiful precious sweet Father and his

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