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Supreme Court Rules Gay Marriage Legal
Fri Jun 26, 2015 16:06

The US Corporate Supreme Court has ruled that Gay Marriage is legal.

Read the ruing very closely as Judge Kennedy Stated:

The Constitution Promises Liberty to all within it's reach, a liberty that includes certain specific rights that allow persons, within a lawful realm, to define and express their identity.

First of all Liberty means freedom, which means your property is yours - you are king upon where you stand, no Property Taxes ever so Judge Kennedy does not even know about the words he uses -- he is either senile or an idiot in the Obama Regime.

Secondly - this means that a man or a woman may marry dog, a horse, or a 2 year old girl. In other words - Beastiality and Pedapheilia are legal.

I received an Email directly from the White House written and sent before the ruling - this one was ordered by the President and his Drag Queen Husband Michelle Obama - Mike Ramsey, #44, Oregon State University Tackle 1983-84. Michelle has an Adams Apple - Michelle is a man.

Combine this with the new PEP Executive Order Obama just signed in reference to immigration where he made it legal for Illegal Immigrants to commit Rape, Murder, identity theft, drug possession and a host of other crimes and you begin to realize:

Obama And His Staff Homeland Security) Want You Dead.


You think this is funny - Over 96% of all Arrested Illegal Aliens remain in this nation. They are never sent home.

Ninety-six Percent of Apprehended Illegals Still in the U.S.

So now here is what is planned to kill YOU, the America

1) 1 July Texas breaks off of the US Corporation as 3 Russian Surface ships, a dozen Russian Subs and 6 - 7 Chinese Subs enter the US Coast Line in preparation for the Obama Regime ordering more Americans to be killed.

2) US Supreme Court will order all churches to conduct Gay Marriage and weddings between Humans and both Animals and little children.

3) Many churches will say no - but they have 503c status and must obey their IRS Masters.

4) The IRS - which is not licensed to operate in any state, will seize church assets and perhaps arrest the Elder in every church. This includes ALL affiliate churches world wide.

5) The Pastors will be declared "Enemies Of The State" as Lucifer makes his stand in Washington DC.

6) Pastors overseas - like the Priests in the Russian Orthodox Church in St Petersburg - will be declared "Enemies of the United States Corporation" and will be targeted for arrest or assassination in Russia. President Putin, PM Medvedev - GOD warned you, you should have paid on your bond, now your chief politicians and religious leaders will be targeted.

I wish it were not so - but the US Corporation now has huge amounts of Foreign Cash in every embassy in anticipation of the US Corporate Dollar Devaluation and will ow target these religious leaders world wide.

After that - expect GOD's Wrath on America. Too many idiots sitting around watching TV - it is time.

Pray - visualize - that ALL of those destroying America and Freedom are destroyed immediately.

Pray - visualize - that the first targets in this coming war are Rome, London, DC, Under Denver and under Central Southern Nebraska, Darjling, Tokyo, and New York City --- which may already be the case.

See The Video: BE READY on you tube.
The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

This has been in the works for decades but America has become so evil it can no longer be stopped.

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