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"You've Totally Failed Yourselves; at Last You've Died. You'
Sat Jun 27, 2015 06:16

"You've Totally Failed Yourselves; at Last You've Died. You're Hustled Big. You've Been Squashed Big."

You've actually failed to save yourselves, we're all dead.

It is true that Browns gas can decontaminate nuclear waste. It is also has a variation known as HHO technology. Technologies that are velocity technologies. They all use the motion of our planet and our earth to power up what ever we need power for.

Radioactive waste in our food and water can be removed and dumped into the background of outer space. Transferred from the first 4 dimensions of our world and vacuumed into the 5th dimension.

Dr. Henry Moray in the 1930s discovered he could neutralize radioactive material with his radiant energy device.

This is all real technology, but Judah shoots our scientists down on our streets, so most do not want to get anywhere near it.

Is there not some way that labor will take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and end the threat to our scientists so that they can help us?

Fukushima is a worldwide extinction event, and American labor is still funding it. So it moves forward extincting us totally.

Judah has largely fled us and gone into his well-prepared underground shelters as our air is now becoming too deadly to safely breath.

Our west coast is becoming a dead zone. Sea animals continue washing up on our beaches as we fund destroying the Pacific ocean. Will American labor not step in here and help us? Will American labor not stop funding our extinction?

Real healthy people who don’t smoke, now getting a cough that just won’t go away? Is it only anecdotal evidence of breathing nuclear waste? Young healthy people getting Upper respiratory infections turning into pleurisy. Will the seniors not help the youngsters here who are being put out of life first? Will labor not take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and help us to shut the Jewish electricity dirty bomb down?

God almighty has spoken to us warning us thousands of times over the years to STOP THE WAR. Is there not some way that American labor will step out of funding godless war and step into only funding the peace of God?

The mouse and the minnow now to lead our way into extinction. Only one Jewish electricity dirty bomb out of human control and into melt down wiping out our atmosphere, fields and oceans. Our oxygen contaminated with the most toxic substances ever created.

The bible warning us for thousands of years of the end times. All the signs are in the air, and yet American labor has not as of yet done a thing to help us here. Is there not some way that Labor will break the mental grip of Judah and free the children of God from war?

Millions perishing living out on our streets as American youth begin a war on the steps of Russia. Will we not repent and pray to God our Father for help as we are perishing ourselves right on out of life?

The plan Judah has to break America up into several different countries, Balkanizing the new world. Will labor not get into this and help us? Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money into your hands and spare us from anymore nuclear war?

Those who love God will survive this full-blown nuclear war that American labor is funding weap Judah to wage on us. Those who have ignored the love of God may perish now in the next 6 years. Velocity fields can protect us from breathing nuclear waste. We don’t have them in production yet though, so unless we have a HEPA filter, radioactive waste, in continually increasing amounts, is what we will continue breathing in.

Those that love God will be shielded from the waste in our air. The righteous may have a bubble shield installed on them to protect them from the hot radioactive particles in our air.

Elders have a "bubble" technology that can do a range of things. They have bubbles in our communications lines that allow them to monitor what is happening. Along with software blocking missiles, elders also put electromagnetic bubbles into nuclear missile circuitry so that they can control the missiles.

These bubbles can also shield a persons body. Any radioactive particles are swept up and passed into the background of space. They can be used like a vacuum cleaner to keep the air that we breathe from poisoning us.

Our engineers and scientists who have looked into these velocity bubble types of technologies have had a range of problems from the taxman coming after them to car crashes that have stolen them away.

We have engines running on HHO gas, 100% electrified water, with videos on the internet showing this. These are facts. The technology of free energy has been with us for over a century, and it still has not been allowed to come in and help us.

Will our deafness to all pleas of reason and common sense lead us to keep funding destroying ourselves in eternal gas and diesel weap Judah wars?

Your little children that you've worked so hard to provide the best for, now to lose their health in three years and pass out of life form in less than 6. Will we not pray that the ears of the people are opened to hear the love of God and act to save yourselves?

We're being perished. Nothing new here, our brightest told us long ago what was coming at us. Now it is on us and it is finishing us out. The enemy has not budged, he is giving us all barrels wide open with nuclear war.

We know of the peace activists who have suffered and died. Could that be what has made us so shy in trying to STOP THE WAR?

"I mush you," Judee say.

Have we not recognized that by labor laying down and funding war, it has now invited a catastrophe in on us?

Judah has plagued man with the mission he gave to himself, to accomplish us, before ancient Rome was created. "He went the wrong way and got good at it," is how one budget Judee described it.

Judee keeps his cipher switched on to criminal. His mutual has allowed him to take over the entire planet earth's political and economic systems. Punishing man in every terrain with his statutes and prison cages.

His shell people, who look like the locals, yet act in their secret life, to get hold of us and do genocide to us. Hundreds of millions dead in his century since he took control of the organizing principle of society in America, the authority to issue money.

World wide, the only cipher that can issue our money is weap Judah. Can we not connect the dots and understand why we are in a worldwide extinction event?

Passively stock that shelf, mop that floor. You will not survive this worldwide extinction event. The mouse and minnow are being scientifically put out of life. This beautiful nation destroyed by Jewish. Is there not some way to convince labor that you have a stake in this too?

Judah has already gotten his 200 million dead in America over the next six years. If his dirty bomb shot runs for about another 4 or 5 months, he will have the entire surface of planet earth poisoned out in total. Have we given much thought to the fact that he still has 435 more Jewish electricity power plant shots to put on to us?

Is there not some way in God's love to convince labor to come into this and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and end funding his genocide of us?

"The camel raped us." Tele receive. 2.56 AM

The camel switched deadly here, inanimate us. Advising us for luxury lethal.

"You've totally failed yourselves, at last you've died." Tele receive. 3.05 AM

If I could make a wish, I think I'd pass
Can't think of anything I need
No cigarettes, no sleep, no light, no sound
Nothing to eat, no books to read

Making love with you
Has left me peaceful, warm and tired
What more could I ask
There's nothing left, to be desired

Peace came upon me
And it leaves me weak
So sleep, silent angel
Go to sleep

All I need is the air
That I breathe
And to love you

All I need is the air
That I breathe
Just to love you
All I need is the air
That I breathe

Peace came upon me
And it leaves me weak
So sleep silent angel
Go to sleep

All I need is the air
That I breathe
And to love you

All I need is the air
That I breathe
Just to love you
All I need is the air
That I breathe

All I need is the air
That I breathe
And to love you

All I need is the air
That I breathe
Just, to love you
All I need is the air
That I breathe

"I'm totally out," Judee say.

They're a one cipher crime wave labor. We need you to take the organizing principle of society away from them. Do we recall that God wills that the meek shall inherit the earth? Do we remember that God our precious sweet Father wills that labor be the issuer of our money? Do we not make the connection as to how the meek will inherit the earth? Do we see that once labor has the organizing principle of society in its own hands, the meek inheriting the earth will happen automatically?

"Brilliant." Tele receive. 5.10 AM

It's already fell. The cipher of Judah is dead. Will American labor not end artificial resuscitation of zombie Judah? "I died him truthful." God almighty said. Will American labor not end funding the destruction of war in our world?

God almighty has given us a second chance to live. Will labor not reach out for the love of God and help your fellow man who is perishing from eternal Jewish war? You yourselves are perishing from the nuclear waste war. Will you not try to help yourselves?

Will labor not join with the glory, magnificence and majesty of God and save yourselves?

"Why didn’t you try it?" God almighty asked labor. The strike, in God's name why didn’t you try it labor?

Understand labor, when you go out en mass with a strike it will be the end of the smirk smiling faces lying to the races. It will be the beginning of truth between all men. It will be the first day of peace in thousands of years. It will be the end of the false violent man Judah in our world for good.

It will be the beginning of a world where the love of God will shelter our hearts and minds and souls and let us develop in to what we have the potential to become. They'll be no more Auschwitz, guns and cages in any land.

Will labor not help us to get Judah and their transplant, hybrid shells out here and end the mauling and mobbing of us? Will labor not overcome whatever is holding us up and STRIKE THEM OUT? God has warned us thousands of times to STOP THE WAR? Is it not crystal clear that we are being exterminated?

Judah demonstrated the high intelligence to make a correct estimate of the situation in 700 BC. With his estimate of the situation, instead of making peace with our earlier risers, that the people knew as the gods, instead he decided to fist them good.

Their response was to return to Mt Olympus and stay inside shielded from Judah fist. Elders do not fight. The only cipher that fights and makes war is Judah.

With his strategy of fist he has taken over planet earth. His attack upon us in the middle of the night with thousands of nuclear weapons, has now put him out of here. "I died him truthful." God our Father said.

While the American people may yet fully die themselves out funding nuclear war upon themselves, be certain though, Judah will rise no more.

After the 6 years of tears, the people who survive will never again fund war. Might it take the mass extermination of Americans to get the point in that war is not good?

There has been a claim that war is good for the economy. "It puts people back to work again." Might an economy that needs war to bring employment levels up not be an economy that we should not even consider for ourselves?

They've sold us out. They size us up as children in school, and secretly keep records of us. Find our bright ones, and finish them out one-way or the other. An arrest somewhere along the line, may be enough to keep one of our brightest out of the useful world. Might Bitch be the one eyed, that is sharing the truth of what he sees with those who have had their eyes plucked out by Judee?

Is it not absolutely fantastic how our elders from space have chosen to let Judah finish himself out of life form?

Father does not want us to be slaves to Judah war machine labor. Father wants us to exercise the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that he gave to us. Judah, as all informed men know, is a dead fish. Will labor not let him, his shells and his employees, off right?

King Leopold of Belgium (1835-1909) and his beast behavior to the children of the Congo. Do we not see Judah at his rape? Brussels's Belgium is the home of NATO. Do we not see his innerspring Belgian shells, in collusion with Germany's industrialists and England's royals as who carried out the nuclear attacks upon Poland and the United States?

Do we now see how Judee shell King Leopold put the white fish face on his atrocities he did for Judah crypto Jew secret hybrid shell cipher brand?

Father has died Judah truthful. Is our Father not glorious and magnificent? Will we not listen to his love for us? Will we not try to help ourselves?

Has Judah not demonstrated that he has no socially redeeming value? Has he not proven beyond the shadow of a doubt, to the point of a moral certainty, that his cipher is an obscenity to the reasonable man?

After trying to get us out with his nuclear blast, can we not get some agreement here labor, that he is not of us? He enforced us wale. All he has is his doggy truth. Will labor not send him out of here?

Will labor not ferret out the weap Jews and place them into humane institutional settings, follow Gods plan and die them off? Will labor not end boursing their 5% corrupt officials?

Life's short, have fun be nice. Will labor not get into this here, put our God given rights in and shut Auschwitz down? STOP THE WAR.

Is it not seen yet, under cover of war Judah has died us all out of here?

If there is any desire to survive the nuclear war that we are in, labor must take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah. Labor must either assert its rights to life, or into the night we shall go. There is no middle ground here. The ostrich has died.

Either labor will STOP THE WAR and try to save us or America will perish.

"Foolish to do nothing." Elder said.

Bitch just contacted Jason's telepathic voice mail and said, "Good wishes." to elder Jason. Jason's voice mail shared this message to us:

"Close it up for well. You’re perishing off this field."

Thank you sir.

Jason is our elder brother who is the technical representative sent to help us from the Galactic Federation of light.

Montgomery / Aurora Illinois - 26 year old homeless woman found dead in Sonic America's Drive-In Restaurant washroom

June 1, 2015

Man Lights Himself on Fire Inside Van Nuys Starbucks Bathroom, Runs Out in Flames: LAFD
Posted 9:24 AM, February 17, 2015,

A homeless man locked himself inside a Van Nuys Starbucks bathroom before setting himself on fire and running out engulfed in flames Tuesday morning, authorities said.
The Starbucks located at 15355 West Sherman Way is seen in this Google Street View. (Credit: Google Maps)

The man entered the Starbucks location’s bathroom and then bystanders heard an “explosive sound” in the area. The man staggered from the bathroom “engulfed in flames,” according to the Fire Department’s Erik Scott.

Will labor not help us get Germany's technology out of our bathrooms and library ventilator shafts?

Continues at:

They've done some terrible police washi

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