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"STRIKE YOUR TORPID: SCORE FIST" That was today's message f
Mon Jun 29, 2015 11:23


That was today's message from elder Jason. The definition of "Torpid, is lethargic Lifeless, sluggish, slow, inert." Will labor not STRIKE THEM OUT?

"Because of Their Fist Your Life Falls OUT"

That is a Tele receive, 2.11 AM. Because of their fist your life falls out."

"Get them out of here." Tele receive. 2.00 AM


"Republican rifles failed yourselves." 2.15 AM

"You’re rifling yourselves." 2.15 AM

"Ostrich hunched politics." 2.16 AM

"Sold. Yesterday 3.43 PM

We've been attacked. Yesterday 6.33 PM

Apparently he's telling us the truth. 6.46 PM

These son of a bitches paralyze beautiful. 1.31 AM

Washed us complete 1.33 AM

You lost your life here. 1.34 AM

You've been furnaced. 1.35 AM

Wash them out. 1.36

You're forcing out yourselves. 1.37

It's almost delightful. 1.38 AM

You failed to save yourselves. You’re dying. 1.46

Jew offed you. 1.51

It's real sight cycle. 1.52 AM

Jew paralyzed you all for sale. 1.53

Sooner hit. 1.54

Tossing them out you failed. 1.55

Your life force is eligible for failish outfield. 1.56 AM

Snuffed you out pura state fierce. 1.57

You were failed viciously. 1.58

Get them out of here. 2.00 AM

Oh my God helps you. 2.06 AM

Set to die, vacuum right. 2.08


Because of their fist your life falls out. 2.10 AM"

"Our irritate put you off of this real estate nationally. Our conspiracy failed," Judee say.

"Lord I am not worthy to come under thy roof, say but the word and my soul shall be healed."

The charade is over, Judah won.

Even with thousands of years of heads up warning from the bible, we failed. "Thou shalt not kill." Given to us as the law about 3,500 years ago. In error, we continue to violate it everyday, and apparently do not comprehend the consequences of it.

The cunning, vicious brutal guy sold us his fist and we bought it. "Suckers."

A silly farce, vicious and dirty in the mind and heart, government in Judah control of receipts of labor. Judah hiked our constable. With the authority to issue our money, he just didn’t pay him, so no constable to guide us, left us naked to Judah vicious fraud.

The racket from the beginning, "how to keep the true value of labor a secret from the ordinary fish."

The original founders, who wanted to keep the profits from their unjust employment practices private, needed to have government protection. Their original constitution, rejected. "NO deal," the delegates to the constitutional convention told original framers when they came up with a constitution that had no Bill of Rights in it.

Murder that went un-addressed, covered up, ignored, falsed up or left with inadequate legal follow up. Committed by English troops against new world American colonists, was given as one of the reasons for declaring independence from Great Britain in 1776.

Lack of legal redress to the crime of murder against the people. A Revolution provoking offense it is termed. Now an everyday occurrence in Judah controlled America, and the world.

For thirty five hundred years we've been commanded by God almighty not to kill each other. Could it be that "They’re not listening, perhaps they never will?"

Easily fooled? Can we not find a way to help ourselves? Are we too frightened of fierce, vicious, brutal tricky Judah? If we don’t stop him we die out of life form. The last edition of man on earth.

Judee, still hiring poor people to wrench Bitch. Elders from space still alerting me and keeping me in. Labor unwilling to help me. Bitch thought it was terrible that labor would do nothing to help protect me after I blew the whistle on Judee shooting us out atom. And yet, here it is years later, after being warned thousands of times by God almighty to STOP THE WAR, and labor has done nothing to protect itself much less me. Funded its own die.

To stand by and see this beautiful nation destroyed in a Judah nuclear war is too overwhelming for a thinking man to bear. Bitch looking for a way to relieve himself of his failure to Father. Two thousand years of the good book to guide us. The last days, it's all in there.

If the meek will organize and step up and do the will of God, there is a chance to survive Judah nuclear war. If the meek do nothing, Judah will keep his nuclear war for benefits going until he smothers us all.

Cheap hustlers with an effective fist. Vicious, brutal. Tight and dirty their trademark. A life form not welcome to enter the universe. A danger not welcome above. Their purpose they assigned themselves thousands of years ago, to fight with man until they perished us all.

"They've demonstrated a weakness, an inability to accommodate others. I'm dying them off, tunnel death." God our Father said.

The white fist that Judah shows the world; Father will forgive us for we know not what we do. Judah though, he knows exactly what he is doing. Do we not see that Judee is fooling us into a false fight?

White fish still fisting for Judah, long after we have passed our die date. Do we see that it is by strangling peaceful routes to earning income, that Judah forces white fish to hire on as fist for him?

Judah, having unlimited access to free bourse, hands his kids plenty, lets them go to as many schools and learning centers as they want to. They learn a bunch of skills that make it easy to earn income. White fish starved of income, offered income to go to school only if he will grease the cannons for Judee.

Off to war white fish goes. No rights in the land of his birth. Do we see how Judah has pulled our ethics down? Do we see that it is in his ability to tight our society so well that he lures young innocent Druids in?

Judah made hemp illegal, the little people's cash crop. Judah cannot stand the little people having a chance to have even a little cash. That's his way. Now claiming he has the right to stick our kids with his vaccine disease. Had his courts tell us they can do with us as they wish. Claims his needle sticks are to protect us. Have his nuclear attacks on us not shown us otherwise?

Pharmaceutical manufacturers', specialists in mind control drugs. They also make Alzheimers and dementia to contaminate our meals with.

NO crimes imaginable, that Judah has not done to us. His last gift to us, the mutilation of the cow with nuclear waste.

Warned by numerous extraterrestrial civilizations, the cow lays down to die. Goldman Sachs, would a grand jury not make quick work of them? No help from labor yet, Goldman Sachs is allowed to continue using labors receipts for investing in sport war and disease on man.

Is General Electric not still dying us nice? Were those not nice missiles that Boeing designed? Were Blackwater snipers not one hell of a crack shot team on our streets?

Local municipals do the set ups, Blackwater snipers finish the deals. Business consultants send out teams to hit us with cars and trucks. Is that not quite some business model that Judah put in the land of the free?

Judah met with the state police and wanted to know where he stands with them. "Alone" is what they told him. So Judah pulled out, and is now safely in his mountain hotels.

Municipals have agreed to bare it all, they get to keep their pensions and go on with life. Everyone will be revealed to us then. "Settle it with bourse," is what elders advise.

The wondrous bench work Judee judges did. All for us to hear and see.

How sick will the people have to be to do this though? How long before the people will hire the grand juries to get Hitachi-GE in to the courtroom?

Right less vassals of a tyranny state that are being put to a high technical extermination. Wealthiest best fed people to ever die out like this. Hundreds of millions sealed out of life due a fully poisoned environment that will not support life.

The silence of the lambs?

Are the mice too frightened to enlighten themselves? They’re stealing our lives away. Is it not clear, there is no escape from Jewish electricity nuclear waste?

That is, unless we can get into the undergrounds. Our surface world is going away. Poisoned completely. Air, fields and water.

"Cheer." Tele receive. 3.51 AM

Judee made the decision to dominate and then exterminate us through the use of continuous warfare. He put his best, most well paid scientists to extinguishing our lives. Judah challenged both man and God above. He won against the mass of ordinary men. If not intervened, his missiles would have stolen us right out existence. Is it not clear, only the love of our Good God has kept us in?

"Jerk." Tele receive. 4.13 AM

That's what Judee calls those that don’t agree with him. He has no ability to disagree with others without being insulting. Everything is a fight to him.

He apparently demonstrated some unique and useful intelligence characteristics long ago. God found them useful, and made a covenant with Judah. Judah got so far up on the rest of the ordinary people that he decided he didn't need God and so he went on his own way. Welched out on the deal with God, and spent his time busting the rest of God's kids.

God welcomed the prodigal son Judah back in to the fold. Judah, obstinate as ever, refused and continued to assault out God's kids.

Judah decided in ancient times that he was here to destroy all mankind. By the time of Jesus, Judah already had 700 years of understanding that we are of the gods creations. He understood at some level that we are of extraterrestrial creation. Judah knew that the gods that were in our world on a regular basis were in fact us, from an earlier rising.

Bitch has met with our elders from Mercury and Venus. They look just like us. Only noticeable difference is their eyes are more intense than ours. This is due to having more neurons in their brains from living in the enriched environment of peace.

The environment of war reduces our thinking ability. It reduces our neuron count. Is war not the most degrading and defiling thing that there is? The word "stupid" comes from several roots. One is "Stuprum" that is Latin for "degraded, defiled."

Do we see why Judah forces war onto any nation that he gets hold of?

He has taken over the world with a Sealy and his innerspring 5th columnists. The pacifist culture of India, now a big builder of long range intercontinental nuclear missiles.

American robot drones killing thousands of innocent people right next door to India in Pakistan. Do we understand that these nations are in the grip of the weap Judah innerspring 5th columnists because it is Judah that holds the private authority to issue the money?

By the very building of nuclear weapons in India and other nations, do we not see that these are the Judah brand of men?

India has a horrific record of violating the rights of their civil and political rights activists. Is labor not seeing that the entire reason our planet is in such turmoil is due to the issue of our money being in Judah hands?

Every nation has allowed Judah to issue our money. With the power of our purse in his private hands, Judah has done all that he can to destroy man. Will labor not remedy this for us all? Is there not a hope for man? Must we not reject dying silent like the lambs?

Christ says, “I came not to judge the world, but to save the world.” John 12:47

Are we seeing here labor, there is no punitive aspect whatsoever to this transition here? That is, the grand juries will not issue indictments. They will merely hear what has happened here and things will be settled with bourse.

We are putting Judah cages down and out. The people will no longer be imprisoned. Nothing punitive at all. Do we not see though, the meek need to step up here to get this done right?

Will labor not focus on this one thing, the significance of the authority to issue our money? If so, will labor not act immediately and take it away from the 1% that have misused it to make war?

As this one issue, who it is that has the authority to issue our money, has cost us to be put into permanent war and with it attacked with nuclear weapons repeatedly, and now continuously with nuclear waste, will we not give the issue some of our top level thinking here?

One of our real labor leaders from long ago, William Sylvis (1828-1869) informed us that labor must have a say so in the issue of money. The doctor's report said "William's bowels were on fire when he died;" William left us at only 41 years of age.

William also informed us that once we have the issue of our money in the hands of labor, there'd be no more need for unions, because we will control our own destiny then. God is with us labor. Have no fear. Father gave Judah thousands of years. Is it not clear that Judah is out now?

Unions may help to get their members a better dollar. Protection from arbitrary firing. Many nice educational things available to union members to enhance their abilities. But have they done anything to STOP THE WAR or prevent us from being attacked with nuclear missiles? How about the scrimmage with nuclear waste? Can we not get some help from the unions to STRIKE THEM OUT?

Might we not need a labor movement that is inclusive of all labor?

"You've failed to seize us Pat while my Teddy bear rolls on," Judee say.

The IWW before and during world war one was aiming for just that. That all labor would bargain as one unit. Do we see how management has set us apart between skilled and unskilled labor? Do we not see that by having the control of bourse in management's private hands, the entire labor movement has been set backwards? Do we also see that once labor has the authority to issue our money in the hands of a committee of the whole comprised of labor, we will be able to see that all labor gets a fair deal?

"I can't suffer you missiles," Judee say.

Is it in everyone's mind that Judah has tried to suffer us nuclear missiles bursting over our heads?

"For our truest fail, Judah be out every day for now," Judee say.

Grumman Northrop, Boeing, General dynamics. All the best scientists from Berlin. All the kings horses and all the kings men couldn’t topple the love of God for his kids. Will labor not consider that we must end the fail here?

Walk out on them and STOP THE WAR. They're a non-reproducible life form.

While looking at the TV while writing this, there are new reports of shark attacks off the coast of The Carolina's. Curiously enough at this same time there have been several new reports of UFO sightings in North Carolina.

Here is a reverse speech from a guy who is sitting up in a hospital bed claiming he was bit by a shark while swimming off the beach in North Carolina:

"This series is Being hour."

Might that reverse speech indicate that the military activity that Judah is engaged in at this moment in North Carolina, that is bringing our elders from space in to MARK for us, may be the reason for the staged shark attacks? Do we see how Judah likes to fill up the news slots so there is little chance of any UFO reports coming to us from North Carolina?

Just examined a UFO sighting report from Richfield, North Carolina yesterday. Here is a link to that report:

UFO reported in Richfield

ALCOA has plant nearby. ALCOA is headquartered in Pittsburgh. Do we recall that it is Pittsburgh that handled the attack from the sea with nuclear missiles onto us in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011?

Continues at:

The Stanly County Airport is closed on Sundays so nothing was recorded from its radar. No pilots reported seeing anything unusual during the time, Bryce Raybon said from the radar tower.

145th Airlift Wing
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