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How To Make Water
Tue Jun 30, 2015 15:58

How To Make Water

The following is a video on how to get water in a drought stricken are. The methods discussed are:

1) Sea Water Pipe Line pushed by America's Third Party. The usable fresh water is limited to the size of the pipeline and can be run using Solar or Wind.

2) Condenser, IE Air Conditioner. A 900 Watt Air Conditioner makes about 2 gallons of water a day here in Tacoma and costs about 16 cents - or about 8 cents per gallon.

Consider using a 10,000 Watt Solar System ($25,000-$30,000) or a wind mill to power these condensers. This system should produce about 10 gallons of water a day for use in Toilets.

A Condenser using Stainless Steele Tanks Tanks can be manufactured for capturing water out of the air that is not toxic.

3) Home Well Drilling Rigs - Drill a well in your back yard but do not tell the neighbors. My water is level is at 6 feet and will drill this in the fall. I will simply dig a hole and line it with 50 gallon plastic barrels.

4) Catching Water off a roof is very effective in areas where rain comes in huge amounts very seldom - lie Arizona and New Mexico.

Remember - Filter and test the water often as these methods may give you very bad water.

Bad water may be used to flush the toilets, filtered water for everything.

Personally: I have my drinking water delivered from Mountain Mist - a local company.


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