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"You Die so Delightfully Stupid, I cancelled your Life Forms
Wed Jul 1, 2015 10:15

"You Die so Delightfully Stupid, I cancelled your Life Forms out of here"

That of course none other than weap Judah. "You die so delightfully stupid, I cancelled your life forms out of here."

"You failed me." God our Father said to Bitch early this day.

Bitch presumed it was for not bringing labor to do the general strike. After reading the reverse speech of some of the broadcasters, the fail that Father is speaking about is making a use of force speculation.

Bitch very slow to comprehend many things. In his rave of mind post of yesterday, he made a use of force speculation, as to Judah conversations with the state police as to where Judah stands. That is the fail to Father. Will you Forgive me Father? Stupid son still not healed from the circumstances of life.

There is absolutely no use of force in Father's world. Bitch so sorry Father he post such a thing. Will you forgive me please?

"You failed your saucer procedure once." A news broadcaster said in reverse speech.

"We got Bitch on rave fault now we finish him."

That is the first time Bitch understood why Father said, "You failed me."

To the reader, please forgive me for putting up a rave of mind with hint of a speculation of force coming in. Bitch is so troubled by the fact of the nuclear waste coming in that his mind went outside the bounds of the love of Father. The war with Russia that is scheduled to begin. This mind is shaken to its core. There is no force coming in. Father's love is the only way this mind will go. Father's house has peace and kindness. There is no harsh or punitive whatsoever associated with the house of Father.

Forgive me Father for speculating on what might happen here if this war goes on. Please have mercy on me.

Here are some Tele receives starting from last night:

"Patrick's pulled their gen-a-fist. Thank you mostly." 6.58 PM

Get us off the violence. 7.05 PM

Emmett's gone. 7.14

Youíre a failed. 7.17 PM

You're quite foolish; STRIKE THEM OUT. 7.18

Your simple past is irritate lethal.

You let your rival scorch you out of here.

It's completely failed. 7.57

Pat's off for freezing. 7.58

You were supposed to charm us. 7.58

Disarm war. 7.58

Pushed out your own child. 8.01

Vitamin is out for Pittsburgh. 8.02

Your anger has failed us. 8.04

You died yourself. 8.42

They pushed everybody by good at keeping cash.

Robbers they failed, lost themselves viciously.

They pushed us out. 12.45 AM

Psychic failed obsessive.

Your parasites help you realize you lethalled yourselves.

They stopped your rising, the majority of you will die yourselves out now.

You have now closed up lawsuit.

You failed a lution.

They've disrupted you vilely.

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing.

Patrick, pauperized you failed us. 12.55 AM

They terror white men nicely.

Now you all die for rides.

Pat, you failed a rising.

Patrick dies obsessive.

Criminals have failed you for luxury, you failed yourselves.

The dog really pushed you out of contact.

You buzzed out sweet nuclear.

Spied you hosiery, you much failed.

Your abuse did mutual suicide.

They're frosting them out.

Realatics died you out. 1.07

Cannibals died your wit.

You have entirely suffered yourselves, you died hopelessly out for sale opposite fabulously. 1.09 AM

STRIKE THEM OUT, we die seriously. 1.10

Your criminals failed you. 1.12

All the people who are plugged in were supposed to help us but you saved the monster race and the 4H has got us always.

You failed researching and the cannibal bust your field.

ORGANIZE, you died missiles. You died without contact.

You missed your algebra force clearly.

Serious oracles deatherized you's.

Pat, you failed analysis tumor. 1.20

Pat, you really failed to save us.

I can't save you, I canít even save myself.

STRIKE THEM OUT oracles. 1.22

America failed frequency asteroid. 1.26

Journey bribes dead fantastic. 1.27

The miracle has entirely swallowed you racially.

Hurricane now rise ports. 1.28

You almost died heretics formally true.

It makes you proud to put velocity out failed. 1.30

Your resources are out tremendously. 1.30

You failed to save your ciphers.

You gravitate fabulous. 1.31

They fiend us hellacious. 1.32

You atomized your air and fields great. 1.32

Jew rifles failed you government conspiracy crystal great.

You failed to save yourselves delightful instrument; STRIKE THEM OUT.

You've been banished hard.

The inability to strike war has cost you your life form.

We're now in the 6 years of tears. You'll weep as you bury your little children.

Bitch is a nice boy, listen to Father, you could save yourself.

It's a fair dying off. 1.47

Management died you comfortable here, you failed your ascension. 1.48

You failed your assigned life styles. 1.49

You're failed, you die sausage. 1.50

We riced our period fail.

We cancelled our freedoms, our futures here.

Crimeology electricity has failed this real estate here. 1.51

You off the vicious when you STRIKE THEM OUT.

They've vegged you seriously.

They've scored your best option.

Your wonder force gracious is out of here. 1.53

Germany falsed you's. 154

STRIKE your heretics and close them up. 1.54

Rights fall barrister Paris sale. 1.55

Your rights falling out yourselves, chump died nuclear waste. 1.56

You're rising terrible lives here for scoreity. 1.57

Their psyche is dying us. 1.58

Made July your fail, youíre dying molested.

They died you officiously. 2.00 AM

Conscience failed you incredible. 2.01

You failed to give this man a hand. 2.02

Idiots you die simply rightfully. 2.03

You died yourselves obviously.

ORGANIZE your fails. 2.04

You're wiping out your selfish life times.

Beautiful how Jew scored you.

They rightfully tossed you out irritate to die. 2.05

Your rightfully failed congress paged. Your idiots nailed you out for sale. 2.06

Jew obviously pushed your vitals out of here. Lets close them up. 2.07

Controversy failed you everywhere. 2.09

Passing like a failed casually. 2.10

Abrasive you awakened us to our failure. 2.11

Nice falling out yourself. 2.12

Settlement damnacious.

Established yourselves minuses. 2.13

Operation dies you false. 2.24

Prejudiced life is foolish.

I over feared.

The powerful life is done for helplessly failed your lifetime with genocide. You failed to leave abuse out. Now incredible molest will breeze easy. Your fortune has failed delightfully.

You failed to save your life forces, compliment cocktails. 2.16

That's an error. 2.25 (Maybe something from yesterdays post? Please note it and explain it to me for correction.)

Slip, fail, finished you. 2.36

Thank you. 2.34 AM

"They've closed my village abusive. You failed me."

"We've got no rights for core tappin you's. We waited on our military to bust you's big. My nailing list is done, you lost to savage. Suffer you debtsal. I dared you and you fired yourself out.

I raid you all palace cipher. With a pureable safeguard we tossed you right; Ha ha ha ha.

We tossed you's helpless. I hated our state, I hated our stale. You die so delightfully stupid, I cancelled you life forms out of here. I fight your sale off pugilist," Judee say.

Frailty compromised you. Tele receive. 1.44 AM

Might that be why Bitch failed here? Too much abuse and terror from the angerous Judee uses to attack us with? Elder told me that I'm not sturdy due to Judee costumes assaulting and kidnapping me and putting me in his cages so many times.

Frailty, not sturdy. As hundreds of millions now begin the 6 years of tears. Will there be some understanding of why Bitch has failed Father and been unable to bring labor to help us here?

Our useful that could help us out of this, Judah died out of here. That leaves some assaulting others for pieces of paper to eat. Marines return from Judee sport wars to work for government contractors shooting us down on the streets.

Bitch sure wish he didnít fail Father and prays to get better here. If Bitch would of known that Father is real years ago, he would have prevented his slide downwards. Didnít know of Father though until recent years. Thought that God was merely a mythological construct. Something Judee and the Romans cooked up to fool us more.

Father's house is peace and love. A vast high level civilization that has been in peace for 9 million years. 100 trillion Beings all living together in peaceful cohesion. Highly advanced technology affords the Beings Bountiful lives for everyone. A civilization that affords everyone the opportunity to enjoy the life of the mind. There is no punishment or penalties in Father's world of love. Father's home is in the stars, 38 light years from us.

On earth, Judah specializes in subjecting the children of God to mind degrading experiences. His true law rooted in war. Druid, last soldier on earth. Are any still fooled by Judah into thinking there is such a thing as a warrior in Gods world? Doesn't exist in God's world.

Still playing their charade so that they can get as much nuclear waste as is possible in.

The day you STRIKE THEM OUT our world will be at peace. The last of Judah and his employees. They'll no longer have free money to hire guns to shoot and bomb the children of God.

At some point it will break through, we've lost the children to Judah poisoned zoo. Is the cow not being mutilated delightfully right?

"I died him truthful." God our Father said.

Even with Bitch's blemishes, that did not interfere with Father from dying the errant life form out. Are we not all agreed that Judah cipher is dead?

Bitch's service was to convince the ordinary fish to save yourselves. At this, Bitch has failed. Is the option now clear? Either we STRIKE THEM OUT and make peace, or face more war in our world? Will labor not grab the ring for peace and STOP THE WAR?

Did my insult and abrasion set you all so against me that nothing I say or do can convince you that you could have saved yourselves? In 1965 before alcohol touched my personal life, I figured out nuclear was going to send us all out. Now it has. Can we not get some help to bring us to peace? Will labor not take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judee and STOP THE WAR?

An interesting reverse speech from a high level thinker who is versed on the truth of what is happening in our world said:

"We'll halt this problem with deaf dead."

Are many of us not aware that the problem is that Judah keeps on shooting the children of God? As we now are being swamped with nuclear waste that may take the majority of Americans out of life in only the next 6 years, might not many pass deaf? Is there not some way that we will hear the love of God for his children and act to end the eternal Judah war in our world?

Can we not end this problem without having deaf dead?

How have the American people insulated themselves from the world that is being destroyed all around them? How has labor continued to fund it without any resistance whatsoever at all? Will labor not awaken and help us STOP THE WAR?

The Jews, rather than killing Jesus two thousand years ago themselves, got the Romans to do the dirty work for them. Fourteen centuries after Jesus, Judah has the English jailers fighting in Europe and the French authorities tying Joan of arc to the stake and lighting her on fire for him.

Now in modern times, Judah has the Druid shooting out our brothers and sisters worldwide. Has the man not demonstrated some ability throughout time to get others to do dirty deeds for him? Dirty deeds done dirt-cheap? Does it get any cheaper than free?

Bitch said "good wishes" to elder Jason and his telepathic voice mailbox shared this message for Today:

"You expected a life of truth to get over."

Bitch says, "Thank you Sir Jason."

Is truth not the way to get over? Do we not perceive that war is false? If we perceive war as false will we not STOP THE WAR and get ourselves over in truth?

"The professor is obvious so I'm stumbling out," Judee say.

"I always die you with fabulous opps. I see now Judah got a big win," Top Judee in Asia said yesterday.

We scored you right," Judee say.

"Youíre closing up your selfish ment." Tel receive. 5.14 AM

His scientists told the top Judee shell in Asia that "Judah got a big win." Does the Druid in America know what that means for us and our kids? A big win for Judah, is that not a big nuclear waste die for us and our kids?

Beautiful precious kind sweet Father is with us. Father loves us all. We're his little Simian children in one of the many nurseries of the Federation. We're sailing through space and time until we rise to the level to join our elders in outer space traveling our universe in peace.

The Galactic Federation of light is intergalactic. Our elders travel to other Galaxies. The vast reaches of the universe they have traveled in peace for 9 million years. Are we not getting some sense of just how false is weap Judee?

We are a young species, 12 million years old that was genetically engineered with our high level thinking capabilities 200,000 years ago. We are the last edition to rise from planet earth.

Have we not heard of Beelzebub? He was the leader of the philistines in ancient times when the gods roamed the earth. He received a lot of bad press from Judee. His home was described as down deep in the earth. He was described as looking like an ordinary human Being. Might we not now identify him as one of the early risers from earth?

Bitch actually heard from Beelzebub about 15 years ago. He telepathically communicated with me for quite a long time in a speech he gave me.

The sound of his voice is wondrous, his intelligence far above us. Bitch mentions Beelzebub with respect and honor to his dignity.

As intelligences develop, they follow apparently common paths. Making technical discoveries until they reach the stage of weapons of mass destruction.

There are theories concerning green glass found in many parts of our world that resemble the glass that was formed at the atomic bomb test site in Nevada in 1945.

Might the green glass have been evidence of earlier risings that went into atomic war destroying the peoples of that time? While we can only speculate, if there were peoples who destroyed themselves in atomic war, might there not have been survivors of some those catastrophes? If so, might some of them not have become peaceful and moved into the inside of our earth? Might they be some of the Beings who have appeared in our world much later in time to help us?

Might Beelzebub be one of the early risers from planet earth who now lives inside with many of the other early risers and extraterrestrial relatives of ours?

The communication that Beelzebub had with me concerned some silly impolite remarks I made about him. Never really knowing that he existed. After hearing from him, I only mention his name now with respect and honor to his dignity.

Be certain friends, there are many varieties of high-level Beings living inside of our planet. And many are helping us to get to peace.

Is it not quite a shock to learn, that Judah had puzzled out by 700 BC the basics of our world concerning the extraterrestrial nature of our creation? When we connect the dots with the disappearance of the gods from our world at that same time, do we see how a picture begins to emerge?

About 1500 BC Judah received the Ten Commandments from God. Judah blows them off and ignores our good God. Now 3500 years later, finally our good God lets Judah die himself off truthful. Are we not aware that the truth is that Judah shot us all?

Continues at:

The early Judah were reported to have married the gods. Might these have been our earlier risers who bred themselves into the early Judah tribes? Might having children with the gods not have accelerated the neuron development bringing up intellect faster? Seems that way doesn't

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