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"I Fooled Your Wit and Falsed you out of here. Our Genus has
Thu Jul 2, 2015 09:00

"I Fooled Your Wit and Falsed you out of here. Our Genus has Tossed you out of here."

That of course weap Judee. "I fooled your wit and falsed you out of here. Our genus has tossed you out of here," Judee say.

Could they be criminals with Oscar, and not still dangerous ones? Deaths in Scotland up 18 % from the same time last year. Might it have anything to do with the nuclear waste that has been wafting in from Sellafield nuclear power plant?,_conceptual_artwork-spl.jpg

Figures show 18% rise in deaths in Scotland

10 June 2015
From the section Scotland

Deaths from stroke have increase by 20% compared with the same period last year

The number of deaths in Scotland rose by 18% in the first quarter of this year, according to official figures.

Statistics from the National Records of Scotland showed that a total of 16,521 deaths were registered between 1 January and 31 March, the highest number since 2000.

UK Nuclear Station Reports Elevated Radiation

By Associated Press - LONDON

Published: 31st January 2014 04:30 PM

Last Updated: 31st January 2014 04:30 PM

Sellafield nuclear site has elevated levels of radioactivity
Essential workers only are asked to come to work at plant as officials investigate

Nuclear power
The Observer
Sellafield: 'It was all contaminated: milk, chickens, the golf course'
Six decades after Britain's worst nuclear accident, an oral history of Sellafield reveals what it felt like to live near the plant

John Vidal

Saturday 10 March 2012 19.04 EST

"What aroused my anxieties was within 12 or 18 months I conducted the funerals of thee children who died of leukaemia. And that put the frighteners on us because we had small children. When you asked, 'How many would you expect in a community of 2,000 people?' and were told, 'Perhaps one in 20 years' and you'd had three in a year... that's something to bother about. No, I am not anti-nuclear, but my goodness, I think they could have made a better fist of it if they'd tried harder," he says.

Seven rare cancers were found in the small Seascale community between 1955 and 1983, yet the authorities "proved" this was due to the natural movement of people. "I often think there will have been a Seascale cluster of leukaemia because that's where the fallout from the big chimneys was closest. These people have pontificated about bringing the stuff in from outside systems and that would give the kids leukaemia. Now I look back and think, no, we caused that," says McManus.

Much worse that the Sellafield accident, what we are facing today with Hitachi-GE is a full blown out of human control melt down that is threatening poisoning of our entire world with possibly billons losing our good health and our lives. Will we not spend the 40 minutes to think about the fact that we still have 435 operating Jewish electricity dirty bomb power plant shots that menace and threaten us each and every day of our lives?

Here are some new Tele receives from last night and early today:

"You failed your scientist. 8.45 PM

We need closure. 8.52 PM

You're playing my enemies while your resources burn up. 8.58 PM

Mustard apped us great.

True war. 9.04

Pat's tossed them out already. 9.07

Gas mustn't set me.

STRIKE THEM OUT for God's sake.

Pat recognizes Sellafield.

They busted my little deal.

Your mental noise annoys idge.

Forever we stay submersible. 9.34 PM

The STRIKE has failed us. 9.35 PM

The kidney will get real sick.

You're crushing your confrontational lives.

Shut you radious. 9.37 PM

The public has totally died. You fall big time investors.

Peacefully you died yourselves.

You failed by law; judgments. 9.40 PM

All my foolish work, they're dying off these guys. 9.42 PM

You're falling out of life free. 9.49 PM

You're dying a criminal way. 9.51 PM

Patrick holds your right force; Patrick holds your rifles down. He saw you rightly and he's so stupid he told you the truth. 9.52 PM

Felled by gulag cheesers you been. 9.56 PM

You exhaust yourselves rightly indescribable. 9.58 PM

You exhaust yourselves rightfully. 9.58 PM

You're real life separated occidental.

Transferred you snail to death. 10.00 PM

You died severing beautiful here. 10.01 PM

Patrick, you beat yourself. They shot you over despicable. A nice man that waste advantage. 12.59 AM

There's violence here and you failed. 1.06 AM

They'll cage waltz us now. 1.10 AM

Your life force is out, you failed, a nice force is out. You could have flushed them out.

Patrick, youíre so conscious of saving us from the sub assaults. 1.13 AM

Oh what powerful creatures share the same body odor. With violence they're enforcing us real dead. 1.23 AM

The Reich is failed forever correct.

Save us, dangerous here. 1.24 AM

Mature, delight us.

You have many to die yourselves. 1.25 AM

Nice falsing up yourselves. 1.26 AM

Rice you out falsing savage. 1.27 AM

They forced you out of contact racially. 1.28 AM

They're dying us all here foully and corrupt. 1.28 AM.

The nice gentleman jerkled. 1.29 AM

Their lies felled us. 1.30 AM

Teered. 1.37 AM

STRIKE THEM OUT, let's put violence aside. 1.37 AM

They sold us out, forced us out. 1.38 AM

You're right falling yourselves. 1.40 AM

Rights fall, we're raped; touchdown. 1.42 AM

Life falling down. 1.42 AM

Life is falling congress. 1.43 AM

They forced you out of your safety. 1.43 AM

They've got missiles to take you out of here, you died your huge minerals. 1.44 AM

Life were terrorists that made you, caught you Venus slay. 1.45 AM

They falsed you out dangerous company. 1.46 AM

They scored delightfully chemist. 1.47 AM

Contact developed us here. 1.48 AM

They forced you out of life financially. 1.49 AM

Your grandchildren died for savage sadly. You died for uncle nuke.

You died facetious.

You died reading face book.

They failed us for free. 1.51 AM

They failed you safers. 1.52 AM

They breeze us palace right. 1.53 AM

We'll all be restored in Jesus name. 1.55 AM

They bang you with bank forces corrupt. 1.56 AM

Mush your mental. 1.57 AM

Your snipers suffer your righteous. 1.58 AM

Jewry's failed assaulting you's. 1.59 AM

Jews are out for toasting you's 100%. 2.00 AM

Racist terrorism has felled you's state first. 2.01 AM

You lost your field to terror bites. 2.02 AM

Idiots failed to save yourselves. 2.03 AM

Alphatizing. 2.04 AM

You're resourcing out your deals incredible.

It's now Olympia time.

You failed to save your mini bot. 2.07 AM

You established conscious righteous failure; he went. 2.06 AM

You rightfully hike yourselves in. 2.07 AM

Insurance state rifles. 2.08 AM

They got your ears, they got you reducted. 2.08 AM

Criminal fantastic forgers shot you, went inside, scored you's up off of here assaulted total.

Your life forces have fallen ultimately dangerously. You're out of life form. 2.10 AM

Your life form is ultimately died here truth.

Your life forces ultimately died yourselves.

Rightfully idiot, you died your souls, you died yourselves. 2.12 AM

Bearded in an image you die yourselves tragedy out. 2.11 AM

Our sightful you accused. 2.12 AM

You've been sourcing out yourselves.

You've been right falsed. 2.14 AM

Idiot stays the market. 2.15 AM

Patrick flushed their deal to assault you away. 2.15 AM

Gorgeous is a timed go.

Your real excitement is rushing you. 2.16 AM

Your dying is faulted abusive. 2.17 AM

Youíre a nice end foolish. 2.18 AM

A riceless guy bore animals for free. 2.19 AM

You were washed with mouse fables soaked in blood. 2.20 AM

Tuning in erasable. 2.27 AM.

As soon as we get a STRIKE, everything will be all right.

Contact tumbled them, youíre shooting a bust. 2.28 AM

You're hawking out your spirits. 2.29 AM

Your genius failed to save you.

For sexual activity they murder us.

The Soviets will nuke you guys.

The diest love terrorist thought. 2.30 AM

They cite you a false image, that's how theyíre holding you up for sale.

They're falsing you up for sale. 2.35 AM

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing.

Financially you're white washed now. 2.36 AM

They bored you out and perished you off. 2.37 AM

Nice compliments for sailing hard, they've forced you out of your life forces with Seig wit stinkers. 2.40 AM

You've been rifled seriously nature. 2.41 AM

They've ghosted because their many packages foul for interest have failed.

Insurance state made us passionately.

They're dumb criminals with Oscar.

Sold. 2.53 AM

Alliance fears. 2.54 AM

Youíre bankrupts to fall in your tyranny.

They just play us stupid to fail. 2.55 AM

Sale. 3.34 AM"

"Our genius, an electric hit. It was nice fooling ya's. My fish died you out of here. I couldn't stay for last moments. I held you completely as vegetables. Our passion scored you's out. Disappeared you rabbit time leisure. We just cite you false image to blow. We just victim them right, we failed arsony. We embrace you and abolished you into poverty. Our genus has tossed you out of here. I fooled your wit and falsed you out of here," Judee say.


The angels let them die their sack of dis. Will labor not step up here and help us to let them off right? Is labors function not to make our economy work? If it is, then will labor not pull them and their war out that is dissolving our economy? Has the Judah war economy not been particularly harsh in its short changing of many workers?

"I die you by perishing your sight. I falsed you up hill. I score to abolish you," Judee say.

Has Judah perished the sight of peace that our good God gave to us? Will labor not claim our sight of peace for us all and STRIKE THEM OUT?

Just said, "Good wishes" to Elder Jason and asked if there was a message to share with everyone today and his telepathic voice mail system said:

"Youíre vintaged totally."

Thank you sir for that message. Hopefully it will help bring labor to take over the authority to issue our money.

They scored genocide on us people of America and the government fell.

"Jewish suicide went over their heads," Judee say.

"This war is falling oats." Tele receive. 6.08 AM

"We just molest you in a right form to keep you non involved."

Does labor understand that it has been molested in a right form to keep it non involved in the most important issue of our time, will we live or die in eternal Judah free war?

Judah has now sealed in the mass die off of 200 million people in America over the next 6 years. If the war goes on for only a few more months, it will lead to loss of our entire planet.

Did Jewish suicide go over the peoples heads? Bitch reported in November of 2011 that Judah attacked us all out with his nuclear missile force. Did this go over and remain over the heads of the people? Is it not clear that this is true? Disbelief, is this why labor has remained uninvolved?

Bitch heard from both "B" and Jason's telepathic voice recorder, so he is still listening to elders and starting his days before 3 AM.

Elders indicate to Bitch that Judee did such flawless execution of falsing Bitch that he has held Bitch message out of the peoples thinking. Here is a non-Judah reverse that may help to give us some hope that the mass will figure out just how seriously they have been falsed by Judah man:

"Your embarrass is off because Judee conquer with total sin."

If Judah has struck us with nuclear missiles and now has lost them to our elders from outer space, then should we not close out this structure and bring a new one in? What is the structure? The authority to issue our money, Should labor not be the issuer of our money? Is the embarrassment not seen as a tactic to freeze labor? Is it not off now for total sin?

God wills that labor issue our money. Will labor not come into this and take the authority to issue our money away from the guy that only makes war and commits genocide in our world?

To figure out Judee might we not consider that his intent is perfectly false?

Here's a reverse speech of Judee:

"When I shoot a false I'm not saying, "HEY MINNOW, THIS WAR'S AN INVESTMENT OPP!""

Now that large amounts of American war materials are stacked up on the Russian border and ready to go, might this coming war with Russia not be an investment opp? Are not all Judee wars investment opps? Sure they are.

Does American labor not yet see that it is funding most all of the wars on planet earth?

"He forced them out and weíre still holding ourselves up for sale." Tele receive. 6.27 AM

God is good, Father loves us all. "You havenít managed well," Father said to Bitch only days ago.

Major American military, directed by Judah using the back of labor to fund it, now set to begin a major war with Soviet Russia. Nuclear waste pouring in on is, set to take us out in the hundreds of millions inside of America. Is it that Judah knows how to form his molest so well that he has been able to keep labor non-involved?

Will God forgive me for not being able to get a rise from labor after Father has warned us thousands of times over several years now to STOP THE WAR?

Nearly 2700 Hiroshima sized atomic bombs radiation equivalent dumping into our environment 24/7 until we stop it. Deaths up 18% in Scotland this year. Might it have something to do with invisible particles wafting in from Sellafield Jewish nuclear electricity?

Might Judee be hoping to force the rapture in now?

Do we not yet perceive that Judah committed suicide when he attacked us with thousands of nuclear weapons in the middle of the night of June 11, 2011? Every single nuclear weapon was shut down and taken away by our elders from space.

Does labor not see that when you have the purse in your hands, we can invite the shipyard workers in to tell us about the nuclear missile carrying submarines that returned to port with no nuclear missiles on board?

They've lost their big stick labor. Will you not come into this and give us a hand?

"Patrick saw you rightly and he's so stupid he told you the truth." If only Bitch had not been stupid and told you the truth in a non abusive way, would you have searched your hearts and minds to figure out what it is we need to get ourselves to peace?

Does the thought of getting put out with a nuclear waste genocide not make us want to bring ourselves together to get it stopped?

They'll kill the wage and sewer us right.

"We've been boomed right fist." Tele receive. 7.22 AM

Our good God is with us. How did we ever step so far away from the love of God that we quietly accepted a business model that put us into eternal war? Father is all-forgiving and wants us to return to his love. Will labor not help us to get ourselves out of war and into peace?

"Get incorrigible out." Tele receive. 9.30 AM

Will labor not help us get the incorrigible out? Will labor not STOP THE WAR?

Does labor realize we are still being aided by our elders from space?

"If there was no psychic we would just make you suffer. Contact was most congenial with our sport. Mercury has stopped us from failing you to death but I'm still doing genocide. Harold wonít let us equalize and he's fallen our bones. My passion is to rapture you out of this state," Judee say.

Continues at:

Do we see that Judah is hoping to hold us until Father removes his righteous from the s

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