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UIN Broadcast 1 July 2015 - We Are In Big Trouble
Fri Jul 3, 2015 06:38

From the center of the United Nations we now summarize two broadcasts concerning the Festival of Cancer.

For those who have ears to hear and eyes to see this summary will give you extremely important information for the months ahead. Once again I am grateful to have been allowed to hear these broadcasts. Pray - Visualize - that you learn what GOD wants YOU to learn through these broadcasts.

The "Festival" of Cancer.

Cancer is about building a house and dwelling within your lighted house. What this means is you go forth and learn the truth, you seek that "Pearl of Great Wisdom" that GOD has placed before you despite all opposition.

It is in the sign of Cancer that GOD actually breathed life into Man and created the Human Race - at the Summer Solstice. Form and Life were created on that day and a New Consciousness was created in this New Form called Man.

On this day an New Consciousness is also being created where Man will learn a new way of being, casting off the Material Desires and moving into the Right Use of material goods and realizing that Spiritual Growth is not dependent on Material possessions but on helping others.

London: The Rose

Much was discussed about the Rose. Early in history across Europe the Rose was celebrated as a "Spiritual" flower - the Flower of Life - much like the Lotus Flower was in the East. The flower was so highly cherished that it was actually traded as legal tender until the trading ships began bringing new varieties from China.

The European Rose would bloom only one r twice in a season and have a wonderful smell. This represented the Stages of Spiritual Growth Man was taking - short but big steps of growth.

When the New roses form China began to appear they would bloom almost continually but have a lewsser smell - indicating a continual growth in the Spirit of Man.

So mush sought after were these roses that Napoleon ordered his Captains to bring new roses back to his wife Josephine and his chief gardener - during a time of war - was allowed transit to and from England openly to trade in New Roses.

So the goal of these members of Royalty was to acquire a Rose that bloomed continuously and smelled wonderful and fragrant all the time - thus representing the Spiritual Growth of Man.

Man's Soul is capable of such greed, envy and satism and yet capable of such great compassion and love.

It is estimated that the Drug,Sex, and Arms trade alone tops over $1 Trillion Dollars World Wide - actual estimates puts this at over $3 Trillion/Yr.

If is amazing that with all the Evil emanating form Christianity - the wars, murders, drug trade- that this religion (Catholic Church) has even survived - and yet not only has it survived it has thrived.

Yet Man is growing spiritually despite these obstacles and these religions that have suppressed man for milleneum are now coming together as one. Two good examples of this are

1) Pope Francis recently called on Man Kind to come together as one in Love, casting off your old ways of Materialism and moving into a world of "Spirituality."

2) The Dali Llama at the recent Glastenberry Festival also stated that all religions are all coming together in love and we are casting off out material shrouds and growing together spiritually.

Humanity may be left alone now to figure it out on out own - and that we must turn to our MASTERS the Asherons and seek truth and understanding as the Asherons seek truth form their Master Lucifer.

2) New York: Moving now New York.

Cancer is the sign of materialism, of Mass Consciousness, of being here in the Material World. It is here that we rebuild the Shrine of Human Living.

Our Word of Power is "Ommm,"

We have reached a tipping point where man is tired of War, Violence, Greed and is no longer going to tolerate these forms of violence. We have become so disgusted with this form of suppression and violence that we are rising up to come against this. We are reaching out in our Mass Consciousness to try and stop this.

My impression was that the Intelligence Agencies of the World - primarily the CIA - has purposely been creating wars and killing and destroying in order to wake Humanity up spiritually. They will continue to kill and destroy at an ever increasing pace until we do wake up.

This is the UN year of light, we will wake up. Again, these agencies like the CIA and DOD will be ordered to create more wars, kill more people, give more vaccinations to kill and destroy lives, to bomb more cities, destroy more nations, create more hate and strife - black against White, Chinese Against Japanese, Korean against Mongolian - to create such Havoc and destruction that man must awaken spiritually.

We must cast off or selfish desires or we will be destroyed by those who run this planet. We must awaken in a Mass Consciousness or die.

All of the Man Made wars, diseases, earthquakes, plagues, famines, Obama Murders, CIA Drug trade, Cell Tower Frequencies to fry our brains, Illegal Immigration, TV Frequencies to fry your brain, Fluoride and Chloride in your water, Spraying Poisons over your heads, Creation of a new species called Welfare Rats, purposeful destruction of the world's economy -- - all has been done purposely to destroy Man Kind and force it to awaken spiritually.

We still act as if matter has a predictable outcome; Ex: You eat you are not hungry, you push a rock and it moves forward, etc.

We must learn that this is a world made up of energy, not matter. We must wake up.

The Next Lucis Trust Meeting will be at their WALL STREET location.
The News You Wish To Hear

Dr William B. Mount

My impressions:

From the sounds of the broadcast is appears that Lucifer may be loosing control of Planet Earth as a Great Disunity arises on this planet. The War in the Heavens is not going well for him so man may once and for all be allowed to move forward without interference form him and his minions.

Those left on Planet Earth who follow Lucifer are about to push hard for the destruction of Humanity.

For Example: If the Messiah does not return on 14 September 2015 as the Jews Claim then shortly after that the New World Order (Rothchilds) will release a New US Currency and devalue it 30% in a day, and another 30% in a few months - creating a huge World wide Economic turmoil as US "Derivatives" crash world wide.

Greece and Puerto Rico declaring Bankruptcy is only a taste of things to come.

Like it or not - this is what the leaders of Planet Earth are planning so Be Ready.

Time will tell.

Again - Thank You Lucis Trust for the opportunity to summarize what your broadcasts. I personally find them both informative and incredibly well done.

Be Ready folks:

BE READY - YouTube

Thank You US Army Cyber Command for all spelling errors that may arise in this article. At least we have their attention.

Dr Wilson: Richard Sheridan has every right to complain. Since the world is watching APFN he shows the world a very important thing: When the monetary exchange comes all disability will be terminated. The only thing left that will be payed is the Physically Disabled Vet pay and the military retirement pay. The Veteran's Pension is a "Physical Pension" as outlined by the president in 1792. Richard P. Sheridan will have to get a job by the end of the year.

    • Thank you Mr Mount. WE ARE OUR BROTHERS KEEPER.Richard P. Sheridan, Fri Jul 3 18:25
      Great sense of humor. I have a job, and it is a great one, serving God in exposing Dallas racist tare. But yes, if my social security checks go away, which Ive earned, and in a way the govt is paying ... more
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