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"You can lead an American to Data but you can’t make him thi
Fri Jul 3, 2015 09:13

"You can lead an American to Data but you can’t make him think"

That statement, "You can lead an American to data but you can’t make him think," was a comment on this story:

What Americans Don't Know About Eastern Ukraine

A whole lot, but they’ve heard about this “politician guy” who was murdered in Russia and “the Boeing” that was shot down - by the Russians media said
(Captain Fifteen - blog)
Thu, Jul 2 |
Another day of American labors efforts? Another day of what American labor is casually financing in our world? For what reason is American labor funding this harm to Babushka? Has Babushka not always been kind to us?

How many of you know that American soldiers are actually in Ukraine training the Ukrainian National Guard - the troops that are then deployed to the East of the country? (Do a quick search, and even your “trustworthy” mainstream sources will confirm that - in a non-intrusive sort of way, of course.)

How many of you remember the context of Victoria Nuland’s “F--- the EU” comment in her conversation with the US ambassador to Ukraine Geoffrey Pyatt?

How many of you know that John Brennan, director of the CIA, visited Ukraine in April of last year, immediately after which Ukraine’s “counter-terrorist operation” began in the rebellious East of the country? (Do another quick search, and your “trustworthy” mainstream sources will again confirm that - also in a non-intrusive sort of way.)

Terry Ross • a day ago

You can lead an American to data, but you can't make him think.

Boris Jaruselski Terry Ross • a day ago

If only that applied to Americans alone, ...

Zagame Boris Jaruselski • a day ago

Yes, I'm an Australian and you can include the sheeple here also

Michel van dijk Rod Pearce • a day ago

The entire West has been lobotomised.

AMHants Michel van dijk • 14 hours ago

Must be something in the Monsanto diet - the only thing we all have in common?

· jabirujoe . Terry Ross • a day ago

You can show an American an atlas and he thinks it's a colouring book.

Jeff Taylor Terry Ross • 8 hours ago

Very well put my friend. If this whole situation weren't so dangerous and sad, I would have laughed much longer.
But the majority are asleep, believe all is told by the propaganda outlets and when things collapse (as they will) those sheep will be totally in the dark re the consequences !

John C Carleton Vtran • 21 hours ago

As an American, I am ashamed to say it, but almost all Americans are an ignorant rabble. It is not an accident, generations of Americans have been purposely dumbed down so they do not have the intelligence to understand what is going on. This was done through mandatory public schools, used as indoctrination centers. The honor and morals of America has been assaulted by the minions of evil in the district of Columbia and their minions in the state houses, along with an assault of the same from that pit of iniquity, Hollywood and the media. You would not believe the level of stupidity, arrogance and apathy displayed by these sheeple.

John C Carleton Papa_D • 7 hours ago

There reaches a point when there is no stopping a run away train, just got to let the thing crash and burn, repair the tracks and try again. Only through starvation, hardship, oppression and destitution will Americans learn to love liberty and freedom more than life. Only then can anything be done about this mess.
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"Thank you Beautiful Father for loving me. Thank you Beautiful Father for loving all of us."

Only the love of God our precious sweet Father has prevented Americans from being incinerated in the middle of the night with four hours of shooting by weap Judah. They've pushed the button and Americans have done nothing except continue to fund world wars and ignore our extermination that we are sourcing.

Even the Martians have not been able to bring Americans to do a thing to save themselves from weap Judah. And to think, in only a day all the war in our world could be gone forever and we might have a chance to survive the second nuclear war that Judah is waging on us, if only labor would STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from Judah.

"Very well put my friend. If this whole situation weren't so dangerous and sad, I would have laughed much longer."

Are the American people not yet aware that this situation is so dangerous that hundreds of millions of us have sealed in loss of our life forms already to weap Judah for free?

Has it not broken through to even the least informed of us that we have lost our fields and atmosphere and ocean to weap Judah nuclear war against us? Is there not some way that we will question our continued funding of Judah sport wars against ourselves and the rest of the human race?

The calamity is taking the health of our families away. Do we not see that the calamity just cannot be avoided?.

A world at war briskly taking itself out of existence because America is so wealthy it can afford to wage war everywhere and so it lets weap Judah do it.

As Americans are we not aware that it is our labor, American labor, that is providing the men and material for unlimited worldwide destruction?

"I have a strategy that is going to leave all of you dead," Judee say.

"They're dying us vicious, wicked." Tele receive. 5.22 AM

Because he has all the free money he wants, he shoots as many people as he feels like. He can offer big money to those who will do his dirty deeds for him. Here is a story of a young woman who was stolen away while in a public tourist area.

Woman randomly shot to death at popular San Francisco pier
Updated 12:13 am, Friday, July 3, 2015
Random slaying: Kathryn Steinle (left), 32, was shot to death, apparently at random, by alleged shooter Francisco Sanchez while walking with her father and a friend along a popular pedestrian pier on the San Francisco waterfront in broad daylight
Liz Sullivan, left, and Jim Steinle, right, parents of Kate Steinle, fight back tears as they recall how their daughter was shot to death right in front of her father's eyes during a family outing

Read more:
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SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — A young woman was shot to death, apparently at random, while walking with her father and a friend along a popular pedestrian pier on the San Francisco waterfront.

Her mother, 69-year-old Liz Sullivan, told the newspaper, "She just kept saying, 'Dad, help me, help me.'"

Her father immediately began CPR before paramedics rushed the woman to the hospital.

"She fought for her life," Sullivan said.

Sullivan said the killing was unbelievable and surreal.

"I don't think I've totally grasped it," she said.

The area is one of the busiest tourist destinations in San Francisco.

Steinle went to high school and previously lived about 40 miles east of San Francisco, the newspaper said. She recently moved just blocks from the waterfront and worked for a medical technology company.

Information from: San Francisco Chronicle,

Do we not see similar heart breaking things happening all around our world on a regular basis?

Are we not yet aware of the M.O. of weap Judah? That is the modus operandi, the operating mode of weap Judah. To walk right up in a public area, and steal an innocent victim away; is there any other than weap Judah that would fit the profile of the assailant behind such a thing?

Motive? Are we aware that with Judah one need merely be beautiful, attractive, especially spirited, too successful or merely friend of all, to become a target of Judah envy, jealousy molest? Insurance collection?

Are we not aware that it is the free money from American labor that is available to Judah that allows him to carry out his fiend deeds upon an unsuspecting population?

Bitch is hoping that we Americans can bypass the great oppression and destitution that is coming in. Father wants us to bypass it and save ourselves. Can we not learn from those who suffered in previous times, or will we need to learn the hard way not to make war? Do we need to learn it with a famine and genocide in this land before we will understand that we must live in peace if we want to live at all?

Judah is 1% of our population. Judah is the only group that can issue our money. He colludes with another 9% who have the game figured out well in their heads. Then he hires another 13%, who fight war and do the grip work of Judah for their daily bread.

That leaves us 77% of our population that produce all the goods and services that we need. Of his 77%, Judah has got it so that less than half are working full time. The rest of us get by on part time or no time at all.

Might Judee be keeping the labor force thin as a way to keep labor in line and nervous about opposing him? He can put labor out and use the other less than fully employed to come in and fill the slots of labor if his labor strikes him. Might we not surmise that to maintain such an unjust economic structure at home he must take the surpluses produced by labor and use them for waging constant war both overseas and right here at home? Is that not what we see?

Does labor not see that to correct it, we must go to the root level? Do we not see that the root of it all is whom it is that has the authority to issue our money? Must labor not be the ones that issue our own money?

"I crippled you's," Judee say.

With all the free money he wants, because he is the only one that is authorized to issue our money, he can hire continuous harassment to anyone who opposes his war crimes cartel.

Do we not see that Judah controls all nations worldwide by merely controlling the authority to issue our money?

Japan passing legislation to lock people up for ten years who are revealing what is going on at Hitachi-GE at Fukushima. A third of the human race going out of life due to the affects of nuclear brimstone and we cannot get any information because Judah made a law to put anyone who reveals the truth into a cage? Will labor not get hold of the authority to issue our money so that we can invite officials in to tell us what they know about this nuclear genocide that we are in here?

Bitch failed Father. Has American labor not viewed just how sorely it has failed us all? Might we now have to learn things the hard way?

"Our instruments are taking away pp completely. We shot the rabbits well," Judee say."

Will we be facing having many radiation sickened children from now on? Judah shot us. Is it not clear to all?

"It's our silly war where we bore and punish," Judee say.

As incredible as it seems, Judah set out with a policy from at least 2700 years ago to weap his cipher into all the cultures of the world with the intent to take them over and eventually to kill us all. Does that to an ordinary person not seem to be an incredibly insane mission to give oneself?

With the power of England's purse in his private hands since 1694, he hired on sea power to seek out people in far away distant lands and assault them out. Kept the Druid lands of the north in constant warfare for the last thousand years or more.

His biggest score to date, America, that his raiders put on their plate.

Do we see what his force is here? Is it not Jail? Have the people of England not been jail meat forever for the whims of Judah?

America, understanding Judah ways from ancient times, wisely refused to agree to a constitution that had no Bill of Rights in it.

Rapper Known as Chinx Is Fatally Shot While Stopped at Light in Queens
Onlookers on Sunday at Queens Boulevard and 84th Drive, where Lionel Pickens, a rapper whose stage name is Chinx, and a friend were shot in Mr. Pickens’s silver Porsche that morning. Credit Bryan R. Smith for The New York Times

“There are no success stories out here,” said another resident, who gave his name as Chris. “You’re killed when you get successful.”
Mr. Pickens, right, with the rapper French Montana in 2014. Credit Chad Ubiwa/Splash News
Read story at:

"We're sealed." Tele receive. 8.56 AM

Can we not pray that God almighty will bring the people of America to their senses? All the angels in heaven have tried and so far it has been to no effect. And now, "We're sealed."

Must it go as the one reverse speech from the other day said, "We'll halt this problem with deaf dead?"

Is that not a pretty hard way to halt a problem, to have the deaf die out? Is the whistle blowing on the train but the deaf can’t hear it?

The siren blowing to warn of an approaching tornado, but too deaf to hear it?

Could it be that, "They're not listening, perhaps they don’t know how, perhaps they never will?"

A non-Judah reverse speech: "Bitch fouled you for right abusive."

That last reverse speech was from a speaker living in a nice island somewhere that is under attack by a big power company that wants to light off a coal power plant in his neighborhood.

If instead of being stupid and insulting you's, Bitch instead had said it as our elders from space say it, "You’re involved with sin here." Might things have gone much better forward on?

Are Americans not yet aware that indeed, we are right abusive? Are we not aware that American labor is the one power in this world that is funding eternal sport war? By funding the slaying of our brothers and sisters are we not aware that we are involved in sin?

"Professor, we got you disgraceful," Judee say.

How did Judee get me disgraceful? He maybe thinks it was his diaper opp that he waltzed me into. Or pooch attempt love on alcohol. Or the many other false things he makes up about me.

While they may not be flattering, they did not truly disgrace Bitch. "Minutiae, idiosyncrasy," is what elders from space term them.

Yet Judee did disgrace Bitch truly in Bitch life once. Want to know how?

In 1966 when Bitch was a teenager, he was used by Judee when he was a child to participate in harming his brothers and sisters by going to war. That is the only true disgrace that Bitch has in his life. Bitch knew it shortly after being there. "There's something wrong here." His eighteen-year-old head told him after having his first clear thought about war after seeing it first hand.

First year out of Judee sport war in 1969, he began college with the specific intent of mind to learn why war was in our world. Get as much into this head, to find out how to end it.

To end war is the same reason that Bitch sought out our extraterrestrial family when he finally understood that they were here helping us survive Judah nuclear genocide.

Elders helped Bitch learn how to read the facial reverse speech of people speaking. Only with this psychic ability has Bitch been able to see just what this Judah cipher is all about.

"I died," Judee say. "Evase is dead."

Continues at:

Are we getting an idea of just how powerful is the truth when the false is placed

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