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willpwilson 908
To Shawn Abrell from Will P. Wilson, Extreme Corruption?
Sat Jul 4, 2015 06:25

June 30, 2015 To Washington State Licensed Lawyer and Bar Association member named Shawn Abrell from Will P. Wilson. Shawn, I am having to use the local Express Motel Computer.

Regarding this injury matter, and how I was literally screwed by the first attorney who took the injury case that had taken place on September 02, 2002 at the Fred Meyer Store in Federal Way Washington that then became a case handled by Washington State Bar Association member named Dennis Potter.

Attorney (Jesuit) Dennis Potter took the case for me and then waited until the very last day of the statute of limitations to be over with and then after filing the case just simply withdrew from the case.

It was then that I found out that after Potter quit this injury case of mine that the Washington State Bar Association would not further allow for their members to further represent my claim against Kroeger Foods.

I had been attacked from behind by two store guards while I was still on the Fred Meyer property of which when I had been attacked without any warning by a 290 pound security guard and his associate both came down on on top of me simultaneously without any warning while I was on the Fred Meyer property, that then led to being a compound fracture of my hip.

I have two pins in my left hip and I have been left to be permanently disabled from this.

Instead of being able to claim for damages I have received nothing and my credit is ruined due to the more then one hundred thousand in medical costs that I could never be able to pay for.

The police who were on the seen all laughed at my circumstance and even took it upon themselves to proceed to even put their feet and stand on my back while all of this time, with my face being pushed into the hot concrete, my hands also being handcuffed behind my back, and at the time with my having also now a compound fractured hip, and then they proceeded to then drag me on the hot concrete, thus their then dragging my face into the concrete, and all of the while they thought that this was funny and were making jokes and laughing and then proceeding to inflict even more damage to me by standing on my back.

The EMT unit showed up to take me to the hospital of which instead of taking me straight to the Valley General Hospital, they, the EMT unit then proceeded to make three stops along the way where I could very easily see out the back window of the EMT vehicle, while I was on the ambulance gurney watching them selling little baggies of drugs to their customers at these apartment complexes.

Instead of my being taken directly to the Valley General Hospital Emergency room, that was less then five miles away, that they, the EMT Unit then took more then two hours to go maybe then less than five miles at the most to the hospital. Selling drugs to several apartment complexes on the way there. As I had watched out of the back of the EMT vehicle, these EMT Unit drivers literally dealing drugs on their way to take me with a compound fractured hip to the Valley General Hospital located in South Seattle.

Then, when I finally did get to the hospital, the hospital took another nineteen hours to find a doctor to even take a look at me, while all of the mean while, I was never issued any form of care whatsoever other then being left in an vacant emergency room, with a compound fractured hip, in pain that cannot be ever described. For nineteen hours,

This entire system has become a something that can only be described as a science fiction movie. None of what I have had to endure here including the forgery theft of my multi million dollar estate by the like of Michael Kunath and the operatives who are in part mentioned here.

willpwilson 908 I Was an Extreme Psychotronic Target of the Vatican Jesuits Thu Jun 11, 2015;article=154499;title=APFN;pagemark=60

willpwilson 908 - While the sheep are sleeping, the predators move in - Tue Jan 8, 2013;article=143536;title=APFN
- - and then at:-

Shawn, I have written many hundreds of news reports on this, I have had to contend with a system that shows all of the signs of Biblical Revelations and judgment now befalling upon all of mankind now upon this planet.

I greatly appreciate your asking about this and when I am back up and running in two days I will see if I can find some of the many reports that are on-line as that my computer files have been continuing being sabotaged and or stolen.

A box of all of my hard drives , twenty five hard drives, going back more then fifteen years just simply vanished out of Extra Space Storage unit two years ago.

You think that these (Jesuit Satanist.) criminals aren't still following me and their making even more sure that they can further try to destroy me and whatever evidence and record that I may have still had to put these scum like Kunath in jail for life including attempted murder.

Kunath is a Jesuit Thug and they have also been making sure that I never am able to recover financially one way or another due to their fear that I will find a way to go after them without the use of a corrupt judicial system.

So they behind the scenes with the help of the extremely corrupted Jesuit controlled NSA CIA and other governmental tax payer bilked and so called funded intelligence and FBI from actually working on my behalf,

No, they these so called governmental agencies and including the Washington State and the Federal
Attorney Generals Office simply ignored me and the FBI wouldn't even allow me to file an FBI report with this agency.

Millions of dollars stolen and the FBI refused to take a report on the matter.

They, the governmental agencies and the state judicial system and their judges have solely and only worked on the behalf of Kunath and his army of Jesuit Crime Syndicate operatives.

They completely control the entire judicial and law enforcement system here in the country and Bruce Rinne's parents, thereof, Bruce is one of Kunath's partners, were the first financial funders of Microsoft and you can see that Microsoft and Paul Allen, whose grandfather was the head of the Gambino Crime Family here in Washington State, and as I was informed by an investigator years ago, that Allen's grandfather murdered a prostitute a day for more then thirty five years who were the prostitutes competing with the Mob's strip bars.

You wonder about the real scenario that took place in the Green River murders years ago.

Bill Gate's father was the lead legal council to these crime families and now you know what this country actually is and ' why judgment is going to transcend very soon, here.

Shawn, I will see what may still be on the Internet and forward these links to you.

Sincerely, Will P. Wilson

willpwilson 908 alldaylive Ron Gillman Psychotronic Warfare Wed Jun 10, 201;article=154480;title=APFN;pagemark=60

Currently while trying to use the motel computer tonight that they are still trying to block my sending this to you right now.

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