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"Our Lives Are Falling now" That is from a Tele receive, "Y
Sat Jul 4, 2015 09:58

"Our Lives Are Falling now"

That is from a Tele receive, "Your lives are falling now." 3.36 AM

We have failed to STOP THE WAR, and are now going into the 6 years of tears. "The majority wonít be around" is how elder put it. We are being died off with nuclear weapons. Nuclear power plants, the last weapons of choice. Actually only one power plant, on the other side of our planet, and that is all that will be needed to destroy America. A third of the human race is now being perished out of life form by weap Judah war disease.

Nothing new here, did the bible not give us the story of our end times about two thousand years ago? The fire, the smoke, the brimstone that is now in our air. The trumpets blowing in the sky. All here now, right on time. The end times. The times we are in now.

"You haven't managed well," Father said to Bitch. Bitch best facility of mind is in research, not management. Looking up books in the library and then digesting what they say and then looking for more books to answer basic questions.

Sure hope and pray that labor will come in and STRIKE THEM OUT and bring your own management team with you to handle the issue of our money then. Bitch will gladly do research to help put things strait for everyone. Elders from space are here to help us also.

Elders will help us get the dirty bomb shut down as soon as we can get ourselves to peace. Getting ourselves to peace, which is something we must do on our own. Elders took Judah big sticks away from him when he shot them at us. Do we not recognize our duty to ourselves is to be able to get together and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah and put it into the general community's control?

Seems like an easy enough task to do doesn't it? Instead of helping, has Bitch shouting compounded the deafness? What can explain that we have chosen not to help ourselves out of war? What can explain the silence as we are being burned out of life form? If only Bitch had managed well, might we already be living in peace with no threat from nuclear waste in our world? It's all speculation now, as we are now sinking deeper into the genocide that is being waged upon us, using our own dollar to source it.

Velocity power supplies are sitting on the shelf. In the undergrounds where Judee lives, they are and have been in use for two decades now. Full phase control. Can hook them right up to our existing machinery. NO modifications needed. Plug and play ready. But we can't have them because Judee says so. "Eat and breathe nuclear waste." Might that not be what Judah is telling us as radioactive waste increases in our environment?

Here's some Tele receives from last night and early today:

"Jew wits fade us.

If you're going to follow me, stingy off.

They make us, fail us.

Jetson riced us out. 6.59

You're past your hope assignment.

You cast your life away. 7.06 PM

You seal your ciphers out of here because pensioners fooled you corrupt.

You're striking out your cipher. 7.09

They squashed and are perishing us out, we're dying truthful. Squashed you out sightly.

You folded your life force in, Patrick failed to save us.

Your state is dying, your state is smashed distressfully.

Your life is failed.

We advise you to out this field.

Boy is stupid, involved in reasonable freedom.

Failed sightly genus sport.

Perished us all desightfully.

Contact leads to a fabulous life. 12.13 AM

ORGANIZE your fields, you failed to save yourselves. 12.30 AM

Bruisewit out your field nut and pushed the button.

Beautiful died, went aside, abusive they stabbed you.

Toss them out. 12.33 AM

Jew fish occupied you outrageous; they've now seized your wages obviously.

Mass abduction, parasite is obvious.

Kiss my transferee.

Realize you made a bush fire here. 12.38 AM

Falling out yourselves fantastic.

STRIKE flush them well.

They tossed you way back.

Youíre sourcing out yourselves completely.

Patrick is very conscious.

Chipped easily. 12.42 AM

They harm you for a strait luxury.

They've pushed the button and you've done nothing. 12.44 AM

ORGANIZE, think of your children's lives.

Particles will shame you purely radioactive. 12.46 AM

They die Jeffersly.

Logic has failed your jury.

ORGANIZE or you get accomplished great.

ORGANIZE because government is hostile. 12.49 AM

They're putting thee aside.

Outrageous spear they aborted you's.

They made eruptions to take liberty out and die and fry you's.

Cannibal rising corrupt there.

They racialed you's gorgeously.

Totally corrupted advisers corrupted your sight.

They're mousing up your salaries. 12.47 AM

You're rising freakishly.

They die you out of your colony, joy failed for tragedy league reason.

ORGANIZE, gorgeously they pinched, they sold your life force out; a genius melt.

Their STRIKE forced you out of this field.

Great human cannibal you died off official. 1.03 AM

Cat failed you artificial.

Failed delightful for wishes, sheared us all.

Failed your optic nerve kind of fiendish. 1.15 AM

They'll breeze you tragicous right out. 1.09 AM

Running waste, it's over shorted.

Your life form is out.

National life tumorish tyranny falls out your life.

Air makes your health off, will cost you terribly hydrous.

You failed your life sporting oucher field. 6.47 PM

Toss your filthy, congress lated here.

STRIKE EM RIGHT out until you have cash.

You mostly died corrupt enemy. You're out your exclusive. 1.13 AM

Patrick threw them out.

Lets get it, state stage off here. 1.35 AM

You failed to save us. 1.42 AM

Gena wits died you off camping time.

Instinct is abusive.

They toy here quite vicious. 2.04 AM

They total us electricity Jew racket.

Life is a videotape. 2.07 AM

Died romantic.

Burst the shield for fun days partial.

You sold them, it's all over. 2.08 AM

STRIKE abuse.

You filed your rude, youíre so abrasive weird.

Hate scrapped all. 2.12 AM

Mates fear gorgeous Jerusalem. 2.42 AM

Great foolish, STRIKE THEM OUT.

Walk right out for peace.

You never budge jokers. 3.12 AM

Jew is out for controversy. 3.16 AM

It irridates me. 3.18 AM

Score you out.

He stayed on instinct.

We're over failed. 3.32 AM

Your lives are falling now.

You lost your glory over the ocean.

They're play actors always. 4.34 AM

This Tele receive, "He stayed on instinct." Might that be what blocked the higher-level facility of mind, reason? For what reason would Judah hurt some one when he has all that he needs? Even if some one did not have all they needed, for what reason could there be that they would hurt some one? NO good reason, correct?

Do we not yet see the errancy of weap Judah?

Is it not interesting, that as only 1% of our population, by collaborating with another 9%, he was able to take the rest of us over worldwide?

By hiring 13% to be his grips, he controls the other 77% of us.

"For what reason?"

Bitch uncle had a package liquor store many years ago. A couple guys came in and robbed him. One took the cash register while the other held a gun in Unc's ribs. The robber holding the gun to unc's ribs said to him, " I ought to shoot you!"

Uncle responded, "For what reason?"

Apparently the gunman didn't have a real good reason for shooting uncle and so he didnít. Will we someday find the reason that Judah did shoot us? "For what reason?"

We are in contact with an extraterrestrial civilization. The Galactic Federation of light. They are our creator force. They gifted us with our high level genetic potentials 200,000 years ago. They created us to love one another and live in peace with each other.

We all have found our way to cooperate with and accommodate others, except for one cipher group that remains obstinate in the face of love. The dubious guy, weap Judah.

He Chose instinct over reason and by fisting us he won all the time. Budget Judee tells us about weap Judah, "He went the wrong way and got good at it." Judah went on to take over the entire world after he took over the control of the authority to issue our money in 1913.

Judah identified the "ORGANIZING PRINCIPLE OF SOCIETY," that is, the authority to issue our money, long ago.

He apparently knew the term "organizing principle," as early as 1604, from the mixt money cases that were heard in English courts then.

Bitch never knew what exactly the authority to issue our money was until elders from space put it into his ear recently. "Organizing principle. Elder said." Thank you brothers and sisters for that.

As the constitutional convention in Philadelphia in 1787 held their meetings in secret, can we only wonder if they knew what the authority to issue money actually was?

Might we not conjecture and speculate why they held their meetings in secret? Might it have had something to do with the true value of labor? Do we recall that many of the drafters of the constitution of the United States of America were themselves recipients of the values created by unfree labor?

Might the exercise of their natural rights to kidnap workers to take the most valuable resource of them all, labor, have something to do with why the state delegates did not take the word of the honorable gentlemen who drafted the constitution and would not sign on to it without a Bill of Rights included in it?

Sprouting and then re-sprouting itself from the corruption involved with the capture of the ill gotten gains of unfree labor, have the courts not proven themselves as perfectly inclined to corruption as Congress has? Americans, now in the grip of tyranny, anyone with no cause can be taken and sent over seas to be put to tortures and death. Who will do an autopsy of the death of the American Bill of Rights?

"Our lock is cancelled. I shot you on my core side and you lose halo," Judee say.

Is Judees core side not war? Have we not lost our halo from letting Judah shoot using our platform here in America? Elders say, "Youíre involved with sin." Does sin not take our halo away? Do we see how Judah is aiming to take us down by his using America to commit his crimes against our family in this world?

Bitch is still looking for labor to give us a strike.

"They've fused us? Oh my God." Tele receive. 7.17 AM

A couple of minutes later heard in the Telesphere: "For Israel's suicide." 7.19 AM

Do we not yet see the truth? That is do we not see that we have been fused completing Israel's suicide? Do the people of America not yet get it? Israel shot us with their nuclear boom booms. Much chance Israel will recover American sympathies once what they have done to us is understood?

Might we even say, what they are doing to us? This nuclear waste war that they are waging against us. When it finally reaches full thinking and the people understand that they and their children have been seriously poisoned, to the point of loss of life form, much chance the Jewish electricity model from Israel will be real popular with Americans any longer? Unlikely isnít it?

"Patrick I scorned you, I didn't know you would really stay with us." Tele receive. 7.10 AM

Our elders from space are still here so as long as they are with us Patrick will stay.

"We've lost our rights through Judah scrimmage. It's finished; with our rights out they carry us through interstate." Tele receive. 11.32 AM

Does labor not see how important are rights for each and every person to have? Can we surmise why Judah set it up so that we have no rights whatsoever? Do we not see that then he can commit crimes against us with no recourse?

"They threw out my rifles for sin," Judee say.

Judah has sinned against us labor. He tried to take us all away with his nuclear long rifles. God our Father in heaven had the angels spare us destruction. We exist due only to love of God for us.

"Please get that professor nailed, he's screwed us off completely. I thought you flouradie. Patrick rifled my store. Patrick rifled my sewer wrench," Judee say.

Will we not pray together that labor will come in and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah? Will we not pray that labor will STOP THE WAR?

"I shot, I'm nuts; the alien fell my war. They see the marsh man theyíll pull us out," Judee say.

STRIKE THEM OUT. Do the will of God and take the authority to issue our money into the hands of labor. Thank you.

God Bless you. God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy
Saturday, July 4 Psalm 81:6-10
Isaiah 19:18-22:14; Ephesians 2:11-22
O Lord my God, in you I take refuge; save me from all my pursuers, and deliver me. Psalm 7:1

Blessed are you when people insult you, persecute you and falsely say all kinds of evil against you because of me. Matthew 5:11 (NIV)

Dearest Lord, you are our refuge and strength throughout life's trials. Help us to know this and to help others to know your love. Amen.

Continues at:
"Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."

Be thou with me my joy and gladness

In deep repose my soul shall rest

My heart is glad when thou art near me

My eyelids closed by thy tender hands

My eyes with love will rest on thee

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750)

Continues at:

"I've left my factory and went into my shelters now. I'm a Roosevelt conservative. For my big molest I'm threw through out. We score. My big cheese goes for my nitrile. We got fired in Grand Haven for our toast, we all got to leave. Ignorant right is Jew out even though I still hold cash. I prefer them dying suicidally, I'm 20 ahead. Our rights have failed your air with our genius.

To cannibalize you perfectly our laboratory was always boursed. We zoom image man bad. Plus I was always crazy. I'm presumed dead. My rich arrangement called to cement the boys right. Yugo is my last scope. For my arson I'm permanently over.

We fat you to put you to death. I've had my five seconds, itís time for us to go in. My right purpose is to score your head. I failed speckin ruin here so I die. I die you with Jewlopathy for cash. The minnow I made him holsters. Our sport wrench cites you losers' time. My weap is through homey-genocide. It was a nice report of mineous Jew bad.

We're taking you off our list for winning all Jew bad, you win. With the viceroy we just get you wet. I canít compromise on genocide to throw you right out. I'm massly evil, I just have a cipher that tunes in on fish and I dispatch you. You failed to close Jew oppers clear so I'm still acting crazy. This peril will end because of a braver soul. My parasite died.

To get you right I had the spinach so I went ahead. My diet died poor lately. My badly I perceive. I'm a weapin with coursin nice here.

If Judee canít sport dynamite then I'm out. I just took white out with my tissue. I exhaust mounted and raped you's. I shot your air for a crush. I'm refused for minnow abuse. We're just foul sports. Judah pus fell, caution out here; donít hurt these precious boys.

It's a horrendemous threat. They've pulled off my Michigan shoot. They're taking the dirtiest soul out of Minneapolis and for my conscience he was great. We can't fetch vegetables without heroes doing our opps.

Unless you get a nice grand jury Iíll just do more molest. I shot, I'm nuts; the alien fell my war. I'm refused, my psyche is out. We had a house commitment to make you into beans. My oval teams been watching you, have happy faultiness. I just wanted to singe you. I'm a ricin fool. Our scandal is coming out with the police.

My stores off and I sold you out of life form. They see the marsh man theyíll pull us out. We ticket Arabs. Rabbit caught on. We advertise we vaporized you; I'm scrubbly," Judee sa

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