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Happy 4th - We Are At War With China
Sat Jul 4, 2015 13:20

Happy 4th of July.

A Defacto State Of War now exists between the Nation of China and the US Corporation.

(((Pray - Visualize - those trying to destroy Freedom and America are immediately paralized for life)))

For 8 years we have been trying to stop this coming war - stopping over 100 Nuclear Blasts and Presidential Assassinations around the world all planned to initiate a Nuclear World War through prior notification right here on this media outlet.

For 8 years the FBI (And certain segments of the CIA) have been trying to stop me through harassment, seizure of funds, etc. They simply desire this coming war.

For 8 years we have notified the Elite that their Underground Bases are set to "Blow" after they enter them - and some, like those set up for the US Congress, are set with Cyanide Gas others are set with Nuclear Weapons like those meant for the Chinese, Indian, and Russian Leaders.

We initially started by trying to stop the VA from selling military records around the world for grant money in violation of USC 8 - but the Supreme Court turned down the case in violation of the Constitution, the President ignored us and the Congressional Leaders ignored this AMBASSADOR.

Eventually many in the US Intelligence defected and went to China with the Algorythms that control access to the US Data Bases in their Cell Phones.... thus - every US Corporation and underground base has been hacked. This is why it was so easy to blow up the Trinidad and Mineral bases, why our Destroyers now run form Russian Jets, and why those in the Pentagon are afraid - there are 3 Nukes under the Pentagon ready for detonation as we speak there are 14 nations that have the ability to blow that place up.

These Corporate Elites have become so Brazen that even Hillary killed 2 Ambassadors on the same day - Christopher Stevens and the Japanese Ambassador to China, and had a third kidnapped.

When we tracked the 4 Nukes headed to the Ukraine and one was detonated 8 February 2015 we knew my time was ending - the War is coming unless we change course.

If we get to the point where the Nukes begin to fly what it means is the end of all of the Banking Elites, members of the Russian Dumas, members of the US Congress and the Executive department in total, Israeli Kinessette, English Parliament and House of Lords, etc - they will all be terminated.

When the Underground bases at Mineral, Trinidad and in Northern Italy were destroyed we though those in the US would get the message - stop trying to Nuke each other. Well - they did not get the message. These idiots in London and DC just kept on trudging along.

So now President Obama has gone too far - he has pushed the Chinese and Russians (and all of the BRICS) to form a War Coalition to stop this monster called the US Corporation controlled by David Rothchilds with force.

Watch as the Rothchilds Bankstas continue to die in mass. They have refused to pay me what they owe me and GOD said 8 years ago he would take away their money - and then terminate them. So be it - they have signed their own death warrants with GOD.

The Elites Families are getting pretty lonely up on their high perches - or so I have been told - as their allies simple fall out of buildings, shoot themselves 6 times in the back of their heads, cars explode, some are even killed with Baseball Bats.



So now it is my turn to just sit back and watch you die in droves - in Droves, so says the I Am That I Am, who was and is and is to come.

As for the Red Dragon Family - isn't it interesting that they now have $21 Trillion to lend and the Chinese have $21 Trillion in Bank Savings?

The Red Dragon Family - if they wished to stabilize the World's Financial System would do as GOD has directed them rather than watch their own economies crumble. So apparently the Chinese Bankstas and Elites also wish to die VERY soon.

So Be It - what they have put in motion let the Chinese, Russian and US Elites be the First To Die as they run like rats for their underground caves like cowards and children and are then terminated either by a blast, cyanide or - my favorite - suffocation in the dark cold ground as their bases loose power.

I know where I am going when I die and I know where YOU are going Elites unless you do as GOD has directed you to do.

One last note: If a "State Of War" does exist between China and the US then all US Debt Notes in any BRIC Nation becomes absolutely worthless and every piece of property and account owned by anyone in the BRIC nations in the US proper is hereby seized - and since the US Federal Reserve Corporation owns ALL Currencies you legally become their slaves or they can shut your Bank Accounts down within seconds.

Since President Obama has not ordered this then it is a pretty good guess he wants most American's Dead soon, So be it - let his Doubles be the first to die so HE has said it, so it shall be.
Happy 4th America

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