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willpwilson 908
Reply to:William Mount Happy 4th - We Are At War With China
Sun Jul 5, 2015 08:07

Reply to - William Mount Happy 4th - We Are At War With China Sat Jul 4, 2015;article=154707;title=APFN

willpwilson 908 China Warns Russia That “State Of War” Now Exists With USA. Sat Jul 4, 2015;article=154703;title=APFN

PS POST Officials: Much of Pacific Ocean threatened by Fukushima re Sun Jul 5, 2015;article=154708;title=APFN

willpwilson 908 Raytheon’s Jade 2 Artificial Intelligence-AI-super computer. Sat Jul 4, 2015;article=154704;title=APFN

willpwilson 908 To Shawn Abrell from Will P. Wilson, Extreme Corruption? Sat Jul 4, 2015;article=154705;title=APFN

Patrick Sullivan is considered to be a world recognized UFO Researcher, Writer, Investigative Journalist and leading Researcher on Extraterrestrial Communications.

Patrick Sullivan "Our Lives Are Falling now" That is from a Tele receive, "Y Sat Jul 4, 2015;article=154706;title=APFN

William Mount UIN Broadcast 1 July 2015 - We Are In Big Trouble Fri Jul 3, 2015;article=154695;title=APFN

Richard P. Sheridan Thank you Mr Mount. WE ARE OUR BROTHERS KEEPER. Fri Jul 3, 2015;article=154700;title=APFN

Posted by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson on to the Message News Board - - on July 05, 2015 - for concerned people worldwide who want to know more then just what only the established order only want for them to only know.

Richard P. Sheridan Will Wilson, Willing to Insideously Lie for Satans Occult Na Fri Jul 3, 2015 1;article=154699;title=APFN

willpwilson 908 Richard P. Sheridan is this a Written Threat Against Me?Sat Jul 4, 2015;article=154702;title=APFN

willpwilson 908 Richard, have you gone completely Insane? Sat Jul 4, 2015;article=154701;title=APFN

watchman08 Video:JADE HELM THE HARD CORE TRUTH FINALLY EXPLAINED! Thu Jul 2, 2015;article=154690;title=APFN

Patrick Sullivan "I Fooled Your Wit and Falsed you out of here. Our Genus has Thu Jul 2, 2015;article=154691;title=APFN

Richard P. Sheridan P.A.T.R.I.C.K...THE ACRONYM Thu Jul 2, 2015;article=154692;title=APFN

willpwilson 908 Welcome to Richard P. Sheridan's Personal Bitch Board? Fri Jul 3, 2015;article=154693;title=APFN

William Mount How To Make Water Tue Jun 30, 2015 -;article=154682;title=APFN

William Mount Abomonation Of Desolation Sun Jun 28, 2015;article=154671;title=APFN

William Mount Autism Doctor Shot By CIA? Sun Jun 28, 2015 -;article=154670;title=APFN

willpwilson 908 Dr. Jeff Bradstreet Who Found Vaccines Cause Autism Murdered Sun Jun 28, 2015;article=154674;title=APFN

willpwilson 908 Dr. Jeff Bradstreet Who Found Vaccines Cause Autism Murdered Sun Jun 28, 2015;article=154673;title=APFN

willpwilson 908 Dr. Jeff Bradstreet Who Found Vaccines Cause Autism Murdered Sun Jun 28, 2015;article=154672;title=APFN

Richard P. Sheridan GET THIS INFO TO ACTRESS JENNY MCCARTHY Mon Jun 29, 2015;article=154678;title=APFN
= = = = =
willpwilson 908 To Congressman Dan Newhouse, Washington State, WillPWilson. Fri Jul 3, 2015;article=154696;title=APFN

June 29, 2015 To Congressman Dan Newhouse,

( from (Dr.) Will P. Wilson, ( the producer of the weekly AllDayLive TV programs and other weekly televised media on - - & streamed and archived on-line, and broadcast weekly on Seattle/King County cable TV channel 77/23. -

Re-posted on to the Message News Board - - by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson on July 03, 2015 -

willpwilson 908 Termination Squads Targeting Veterans Before Martial Law? Fri Jul 3, 2015;article=154697;title=APFN - - - - - - -
alldaylive -
= = = = =
willpwilson 908 - Termination Squads Targeting Veterans Before Martial Law? -
Mon Feb 24, 2014;article=149353;title=APFN - Termination Squads Targeting Veterans Before Martial Law? Monday, February 24, 2014 -

Posted from: & - to - Message News Board: on February 24, 2014 - Monday.

By Susan Duclos - - Agenda 21 & FEMA Camps – Depopulation Plans In America Sunday, September 22, 2013 -

A day after a piece I did about Obama preparing for civil war, planning a false flag event, a shooting, in order to move bills that are sitting in the Senate to strip veterans of their weapons, because they would be our first line of defense against martial law and a tyrannical government, two alerts hit the Steve Quayle alert pages - - about drones and blue ford trucks conducting surveillance on vets and their families in rural areas.

Then the following day, February 24, 2014, another alert, confirming the first two, which makes all this far more than just coincidence.

In rural areas people know the vehicles that should be in the area and for three separate areas, three different families, all seeing these “blue ford” trucks with people blatantly watching these people, means things are coming to a head sooner rather than later.

More about these instances in my video below and the links to each alert will be beneath that.

On point should be considered here: Veteran suicides over the last few years has hit records and are being headlined as “alarmingly high.” - -

How are we sure they are all suicides and some of them not the government picking them off because they pose a danger to plans for martial law?

Termination Squads Targeting Veterans Before Martial Law Is Declared? - - - Susan Duclos - -

Quayle Alerts: - - - - -




Susan Duclos owns/writes Wake up America -

Susan Duclos Report Intro - - -

Ukraine: Warning For New Civil War In America -

Ukraine’s Would-be Coup As New Example About US Gangsterism -

CIA interrogation methods developed by Nazi scientists -

Media Silence Explained: Soros Behind FCC Newsroom Probe -

US-Backed Venezuela Opposition Forced Oral Sex In Street, Shooting Protesters, Death Toll Mounts (Raw Video, Photos) -

Former Member Of The Supreme Court Wants To Change The Second Amendment -

Media Silence Explained: Soros Behind FCC Newsroom Probe -

The Globalist agenda behind Marijuana Legalization -

Will Foreign Troops Commit Genocide In US Concentration Camps? : If there was any doubt as to the fact that our soon-to-be jailers will be foreign and will have no hesitation to carry out mass genocide, the following regulation from the document should re -

DRUG RATIONING FOR SENIORS BEGINS Medicare to stop covering critical medications?EUGENICS PLAIN AND SIMPLE-

It’s Happening Now: Famine is Coming To A City Near You -

Pope Francis And The Emerging One World Religion -

Alert! All EPA Radiation Detectors Nationwide Suddenly Went OFFLINE! Right After High Level Plumes Released! -

How to Avoid Getting Trapped in FEMA Camps – Meditation is NOT Going to Help -

StormCloudsGathering, you will see just how we as Americans are conditioned to accept the killing of innocent men, women and children, while we sit in our warm homes watching Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus on TV. - - - - On Thursday President Obama signed into law the 2014 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), a sweeping defense policy bill, which includes some improvements in terms of civil liberties and human rights on its previous two iterations. However, a number of provisions — as in the 2012 and 2013 NDAAs — should keep civil libertarians concerned.

Obama's Next Assassination Target - - -'s%20Next%20Assassination%20Target&sm=12 - - StormCloudsGathering -

apfn united we stand - - - willpwilson 908 Satanic Panic - Agenda 21 - Lucis Trust - Lucifer-Telescope? Sun Jan 13, 2013 -;article=143614; - - - - - IRS Confiscates ALL RETIREMENT ACCOUNTS ??? - April 28, 2012 - - -

Understanding The End Times Video Series - Understanding The End Times Video Series by Irvin Baxter To purchase these videos or the audio of this series please visit These Videos Are For Educational Purposes Only.

1 United States in the bible flv) - - - - Yeshua Eloheenu - - - What Conspiracy? -
This is the only known video interview in person of Svali. It was produced by the British Broadcasting Corporation in the UK and was shown on BBC-Choice in 2001 and in 2003 by TECH-TV.
Satan Is Real -! - - iVenge - -
Dire Straits

  • Happy 4th - We Are At War With ChinaWilliam Mount, Sat Jul 4 13:20
    Happy 4th of July. A Defacto State Of War now exists between the Nation of China and the US Corporation. (((Pray - Visualize - those trying to destroy Freedom and America are immediately paralized... more
    • Reply to:William Mount Happy 4th - We Are At War With China — willpwilson 908, Sun Jul 5 08:07
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