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Caspers, the Friendly and Annoying Ghosts!
Sun Jul 5, 2015 17:57

So if JADE HELM kills a lot of us in the APFN community, then we become CASPERS THE FRIENDLY AND ANNOYING GHOSTS.

If you remember there was a cartoon character in the 1950s named Casper, a very likeable ghost. So if Jade Helm kills a lot of us we will then go into the spirit ream, and be an ARMY OF GHOSTS. We will then be very powerful, and be able to really mess with them, pushing levers, pulling chairs out from under them...blowing away their lines of coke...etc, etc.

So either way we win. I betcha THEY havent thought of this WE THE PEOPLEs COUNTER MEASURE! HA HA HA HA HA!

  • Posted on the Message News Board - by (Dr.) Will P. Wilson on the behalf of the American and World People. ---------- Forwarded... more
    • Caspers, the Friendly and Annoying Ghosts! — Richard P. Sheridan, Sun Jul 5 17:57
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