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Message For leaders of Russia, Greece, Spain and Germany
Sat Jul 11, 2015 14:52

The following are messages mean for the readership of the leaders of Greece, Germany, Russia and Spain.

For those who ware not familiar with these stories my roll has been to stop this coming Nuclear War through PRIOR notification of Nuclear False Flags, Presidential Assassinations and other key points.

So far, so good.

(((Please pray that those who would destroy America and Freedom are destroyed in the process very quickly)))

This role of mine has also allowed me to post such videos on You Tube as THE CURE FOR CANCER, THE CURE FOR LYME DISEASE, Etc and as a Retired US Army Captain I make no money off of my videos and offer them to you for free - You Have A Right To Know.

My 8 year assignment is now changing and we shall see what the Living GOD morphs it into.

1) For Russia: Do not accept the Diplomatic Mission to be sent to you by the US State Department corporation next week (6-10 Days). Around 5 Billion Rubles have been set aside in cash now by the US Embassy to create a 1917 style revolution, beginning in South Western Russia - a "Muslim" uprising complete with Russian Leadership ... "Change." The period of killing leaders should begin in 15 days and outright riots in the streets by 1 September. You need to also contain UN NGOs and the RED CROSS as they are the money launderers just like 100 years ago.

2) Greece: Keep your leadership under intense guard for the next 2 weeks as the US Death Angel (Victoria Nuland) has put in place your demise as of yesterday.

3) Spain - Since Greece can now leave the Euro and cancel their debts - you and your sister Portugal are next. The "Approval of one is the approval of all" - go ahead and reissue your own currencies and cancel your debts and keep the US/UK and Canadian Embassies under close guard - no local "Hit Men" in or out and like Russia - carefully watch the UN NGOs and Red Cross for money laundering and inspect with Radar US "Diplomatic Bags."

In Madrid you will need to OPENLY watch very closely the Iranian "Coffee Shops" known for - shall we say - shady dealings. Let your security forces be seen. A Dirty Bomb in a huge Train Station near Madrid may be a distinct possibility if you dare to vote on the issue - so do as Greece have done --- quietly and quickly. Portugal and Italy will follow. As YOU do this be sure to Nationalize your currency or there will be NO change in your debt load.

4) Finally, Germany - The Great Economic Powerhouse for the Roman Empire - still receiving funds through the Marshal Plan from America ----- You refused to cash the $500 Million Russian Bond that was submitted several months ago and GOD promised to make your Bankstas dearly pay until you do ---- remember?

Your Bankstas have just lost $270 Billion and control of Greece.

GOD Asks - shall we go for round two?

The Game will now intensify and YOUR Bankstas will be hit hard financially.

GOD is willing to play with the German and "Jewish" Bankstas if you are willing to continue to play so put in your Quarter and we shall see what Round Two brings: Rothchilds vs GOD.

Lets Play Spexit and Pexit and then Itexit - then Frexit and then Germany Falls since the Euro, Yen and US Federal Reserve Note are all tied to 300 tons of gold now in China. When these fall the US Treasury Note will not last long nor will their employees as Lucifer will have no further use for their services and they know too much.

To many World Leaders this is just a game - but to the Chief World Bankstas and Seven World Banking Families - - they see their own numbers dwindling as these failures bring an eternity of Hell for many of their family member and fellow employees.

We shall see how long these Bankstas will ignore the Living GOD.

Greece news live: Germany readies five-year temporary Grexit plan after finance ministers fail to reach agreement - Telegraph

Germany Approves Temporary Grexit Plan – Reports / Sputnik International

The News You Need

Dr William B. Mount

One final note: Lockheed Martin: If you wish to know how those Nordic Ships are getting through Tiny Wormholes in Texas and what their game is - you know my number. It has to do with the actual rotation of the different harmonics and galaxies and using their energies. Simple really.

You know - the X-Point Portals?

Simple physics.

Jade Helm-15 War Exercise Linked To Nordic Alien UFO’s Invading Texas

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