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"They've hoisted you all out of your lives, Totally Pushed y
Tue Jul 14, 2015 08:59

"They've hoisted you all out of your lives, Totally Pushed you out of here even though Bitch warned you. Completely Tossed Exhausted."

That was a Tele receive from overnight. Here are some more Tele receives.

"They're dying us off. 5.28 PM

Push away fist. 6.31 PM

Fascist murderers. 6.37 PM

Jews racket fear here.

Angry vicious.

His mother raided their weird. 7.10 PM

He calls you great fools.

Idiots canned ya's. 1.48 PM

Bourse failed you harshly. 11.50 PM

They falsed you out real well permanently.

Your real advisement horribly failed yourselves. 12.04 AM

Your incredible force is out unbelievable. 12.05

You're dying wholesale; whole staff.

You paid for a depraved fist.

Their heresy wiped you off of here.

Your best life holds you to fire, you're poisoned up well.

The cat is dying us out brutal.

Extremely sight awful here.

Contact couldn't save the white guys.

The white system made fire.

My god they terrify us here.

You're officially past idol.

Salem threw you's huckster. 12.15

It's obvious they out our wits leisurely.

They made you's fail, pushed you's out of life form Geronimously.

State falls ominously.

You're frightened of all BM.

Through state ballistics you folded.


Particle mooched you out of here.

You failed your nation, you failed your nursery.

You failed contact, you failed to save us, idiots won.

Virus spilled you off field.

They've lost their Rhine fisty. 12.30 AM

Their judges fell.

They cashed you's real good, stored cannibal.

Hate and perjury will go. 12.35 AM

They violently pushed you out of life with their sale.

Die well, it's set, you die for real.

The complete terrorist you now see.

Mousitics white.

They spend most of their time skinning our fields.

They're dying them off inside, you’re Jewin' out yourselves.

Jew storage is off of our fields.

Bessed us here.

Jewish time is forcing out yourselves. 12.51 AM

You are received. 12.53 AM

Spesh them out. 12.58 AM

The die for us is huge, they pushed the button and you've done nothing.

The right force is out of this field Lincoln.

Forcing us out of our rightfuls.

Forever they pitch constables. 1.09 AM

It's sad, they completely offed us giant.

Huge scourge, series cave us in.

Criminals threatened us huge.

We are death.

Jumped us all off of here fairly right. 1.54 AM

Falsed us out huge, it's their strategy.

We're dying for rage.

Dying for filthy.

Even though Bitch won, you're completely tossed exhausted.

The communists shagged us out. 1.59 AM

Holds us wide.

Your life is stupid. 2.01

Jew mentaled you completely.

Storage has failed us.

You failed yourselves completely. 2.03 AM

Brains false us out.

They terror a right fell.

Brave has all failed to harsh way.

We just fell to rape tards.

They falsed us out for bonus sale.

Houston is smashed complete.

Screw failured us. 2.13 AM

We're mentally butterballs on children.

You scratched yourselves multiple ways.

Avoid this tyranny rush.

Incentivize yourselves.

Incentivize your safety.

You's failed to human terror dumb.

Your assignment's cancelled.

Victory stopped you.

Rumor state has thrown you all out. 2.17 AM

Spiritual life is now forced out.

Analogy is wager on sin. 2.18 AM

Your psyche ment you. 2.19 AM

You volved yourself.

By playing the field you died yourself off.

ORGANIIZE hopefully.

Neuralgia is fearish.

Salting them out total.

They sold us out of here, sold us a dying force.

A historical oddity they crimen.

They cringe for stackin'.

Lost your grateful.

Embellished a shoot.

They're pure crazy.

Focus. 2.30 AM

They dogged you failure.

Your grandchild died swiftly from multiple degrade. 2.31 AM

Shuffled us right.

We died whisk.

Whiskey fouled.

Complete heart attack.

Your decipherment's inside you now.

Real velocity never knew you.

They pushed us out of life force here. They pushed us out of life form.

Scorbious confused.

Your resources are out of here. 2.43 AM

Scored you out with a passion. 2.44 AM

All rhyme is fish.

Pat, you're awfully righteous. 2.48 AM


You're edibles. 2.57 AM"

Elder also did a computer simulation early today and told me that I will pass out of here in 4 years, at 71 years of age. I will die out with the mass of Druids that are passing out of life form. Once America is poisoned out and destroyed, that's it.

Cancer can take a healthy person out easy. A heart attack or radiation-induced stroke can die a healthy guy real quick. So that is to be the end of hundreds of millions of us.

As 200 million Druids will pass out of life form in the next 5 and half years, it is going to be a huge die here. 95% of Druids will die out in these short years ahead.

"The majority won’t be around." Is what elder said.

The meek were supposed to come in here and inherit the earth. What happened here?

David Suzuki's Fukushima Warning Is Dire And Scary (VIDEO)
The Huffington Post B.C.
Posted: 11/04/2013 11:37 am EST Updated: 11/04/2013 2:00 pm ES

What is the NWO agenda? Chemtrails-GeoEngineering?
Governor Brown Has Repeatedly Received Scientific Evidence Indicating That The Drought Was Purposefully And Meticulously Geoengineered

And yet in spite of this indisputable evidence, he has never responded to those parties who have provided the volumes of scientific research showing how it was geoengineered. The soil samples alone have revealed shocking levels of aluminum, barium and strontium. Each of these chemical elements just happens to be the major components of the standard chemtrail mix which is sprayed daily across the skies of America.
Governor Brown
Read full article here:;article=154747;
Question Why Gov Permits Massive Chemtrail Spraying;article=154746

Are we not aware yet that the plan is genocide? If we understand that, might that explain why there has been no action to end the engineered drought and aerial spraying of us?

They tried with their four hour attack with thousands of nuclear warheads to get us in the middle of the night with their admiral force. As we have done nothing about it, might they not just go right ahead with their geoengineered genocide of us now?

Did we notice the Toyota executive who made the news for bringing in some drugs? Might a story like that deflect from some real news at Toyota like who got the deal to sell the trucks that ISIS is shooting up the middle east with?

Is it really such a big deal that some executive took some drugs versus learning who made the sale of trucks that contributed to vast death and destruction that American labor is funding?

We've lost our right field here; we've lost our lives.

Our genus is off of here. It's just that it will take few years to die out now.

"They're closing up our fields." Tele receive. 7.11 AM

Thank you for that. That of course is the exact plan. The bigger issue and first issue, is they’re poisoning our atmosphere. Do we not recognize that we must be alive to eat food? While they’ll get our fields over time, if we lose our health and then our lives from breathing polluted air, what will be the difference then?

Non-Judah reverse speech: "This going to be a record toast. We're being jolted by electricity."

Do some of us recall the 1964 movie, "Fail Safe?"

It was a story of nuclear bombers heading off to Russia and if everything went wrong, there was supposed to be a "Fail Safe" to prevent a nuclear war from beginning.

Might there have been a second meaning to the concept "Fail Safe?"

Here is a Judee reverse speech using the words "Fail Safe."

"My atmosphere right is my fail-safe."

Do we see that Judah built his nuclear power plant dirty bomb shots as "Fail Safe," if he failed to get us with his nuclear blast weapons?

Do we see that one way or the other he was planning to get us good?

"We're journeying because we offed your atmosphere," Judee say.

Is it becoming clear to everyone that we are now into a mass die off in America?

The American people with the rights of serfs. The title to our properties can be taken by whoever has the force at the moment. NO legal recourse. Your house, car, boat, camper, airplane, anything can be taken with no legal recourse to the courts.

That of course can be remedied when labor STRIKES THEM OUT.

Yet the nuclear waste that we are breathing. Do we not see that once our health is gone, then our lives will be greatly shortened?

"I hold you with horror town. I waste you off by image," Judee say.

300 people shot in one month in Chicago. Are we not understanding that it is paid shooters that are mostly responsible for those sorts of things happening in a major American city?

Will labor not end funding the sport of Judah upon us here even in America?

"Scareable," Judee say.

Will labor not take over the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money? Might we not be scareable any longer once Judah cannot hire free assaults done on us?

"Our mental is useless once the minnow strikes us," Judee say.

Do we not see that the power is in the minnow? When the minnow acts to STRIKE THEM OUT do we not see that war will end that very day in our world?

Father said to Bitch, "Serve me optimistic."

Might we consider that Judah failsafe with his Jewish electricity is loosely analogous to termites eating the floor boards out under us? No sound, no smell, and one day we walk into the front room and fall through the floor.

No sound, no smell, and yet our atmosphere is filling with the deadliest particles ever to offend us here.

Might some of us have lives so full of concerns that we just don’t want to add another concern of nuclear waste genocide in to all the things that we already have on our minds?

"We score you homeless, we'll go inside and watch you die," Judee say.

Might it be that the ordinary fish just doesn't have a full understanding or appreciation of just how hostile is Judah cipher to the rest of God's kids?

"They've scorched us. They scored us." Tele receive. 7.50 AM

Do we not yet understand that the die is sealed in? Judah scored us.

"I Vesuvius great. I'm completely out," Judee say.

For our history buffs, do we remember reading that Mt Vesuvius erupted in 79 AD burying the city of Pompeii along with 16,000 residents in ash?

"You’re perished." Tele receive. 8.17 AM

"We carnap," Judee say.

"Get them off." Tele receive. 8.26 AM

Will labor not help us to get them off?

"Toss them out for tragedy." 8.28 AM

"Pat, you miscared for us." 8.29 AM

They've set us in a perfectly beautiful tyranny to turn us from vertical to horizontal.

Father has never left us. In Father's care we will never be miscared for. Is there not some way to bring labor to join with Father and STOP THE WAR? The largest single die Judah has ever scored us with is now a work in progress.

American labor is sourcing all the war in our world and sourcing our very own die.

As long as Judah has the private authority to issue our money in his hands, does it seem like things will change anytime in the future? Seems unlikely doesn't it? Sure.

While we're checking how much miscare Pat may have put in, might we not ask, "has American labor not shown vast miscare for our family? Has American labor ever missed even one payment to Judah war machine?

Sure don’t want to pick on you labor, is that not what got me thrown off the court only six months after I reported that we had been shot with nuclear missiles in the middle of the night? Yet, is there not some conscience of the people that might enlighten and inform us that we are going in the wrong direction when we fund these errant guys shooting eternal war?

If we as a species cannot come around the deafness, density and dumbness to end allowing our money to be used to shoot, bomb, burn and gas our brothers and sisters in this world, then what might be in store for us then? Do we not understand why the bible told us that a third of the human race would perish from fire, smoke and brimstone in the end times?

"Ain't nothing to it son, just you being stupid made it a lot harder than it otherwise might have been." Tele receive 11.30 AM

Has it not been that most every useful mind that has shown up to help us STOP THE WAR has had to run uphill ever after then?

A gentle man gets pulled over for a supposed simple traffic violation and is shot 6 times. What happened there? Do we not understand that labor is allowing Judah to reward each and every shot that was put into the body of the gentle man?

May be $20,000 per round that is counted by the coroner later?

As labor has stood aside and let this go on and on and on, might we get an idea of why Americans are facing going out in the hundreds of millions now?

Judee shoots up a beach in Tunisia. Reportedly 30 Brits are killed. Then he rounds up 1,000 people as suspects in the shooting he did. Are we getting an idea of how Judee plays the game?

Can we only wonder, did 30 Brits really get shot, or did some ghost right on out?

Bigger question, for what reason is American labor funding all of this sport?

Mobile execution vans rolling through communities in China taking people out and putting them to death in vans in front of the station houses. Are there not some words or thoughts that will reach labor and bring labor to help us turn the insane cruelty of Judah cipher off in our world?

Will labor not get hold of the authority to issue our money, open the courthouses up and help us bring these murderous, errant, corporate official life forms to bay?

Bitch just said, "Good wishes" to Jason and his telepathic voice mail gave a message for today.

"Hunt your officials for punishing nice guys."

"Thank you Sir," Bitch say.

Will labor not give us some grand juries so that we can hunt them with words asked to them by 23 ordinary everyday people?

They've been seeking out our nice guys and putting them in. Our useful, our bright. the handsome and beautiful, they steal them from us all the time. Our spirituals don’t have a chance.

A world of eternal war Judah has forced upon America and the world using the authority to issue our money. Is this not understood by all?

"I died him truthful." Our good God said.

Our good God asked us labor, "Why didn't you try it? I gave you the peace, must you fail?"

"I gave you suckerage," Judee say.

As Father has given us the peace and had our elders from space pull every single nuclear blast shot off of us, is there not some sort of contribution that labor will make to help us get to peace?

Prayer is a telepathic communication with our elders from space. The only chance to save our lives is now in the hands of Father above us. Pray my friends, pray. Are we not yet aware that we have funded our own slow, harsh, brutal destruction?

"Oh; they got us!" 9.36 AM


God Bless you. God Bless us all.

Love God

Have mercy

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"Have pity on me, and I will have pity on you. Give me my hands, and I will give you peace. The more you honor me, the more I will bless you."
Tuesday, July 14 — Psalm 84:8–12
Isaiah 33:17–35:10; Eph

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