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"Force Couldn't' Win" That was what one Judee said to anoth
Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:11

"Force Couldn't' Win"

That was what one Judee said to another Judee as Bitch was watching them greet each other from a distance. Will we not say a prayer of thanks to our precious sweet Father for that? If not for the love of Father do we not see that we would already have been perished by Judah great balls of fire? Thank you beautiful Father for sparing us from the flames of Judah revenge.

Our elders from space have been putting into Bitch's ears for years the hazards from the nuclear waste that Judah is shooting us with in his Jewish electricity plants world wide. In particular, his wide-open dirty bomb shot that is taking us out in the hundreds of millions. Here is a scientist in Japan revealing some sobering truths for us to consider.

David Suzuki's Fukushima Warning Is Dire And Scary (VIDEO)
The Huffington Post B.C.
Posted: 11/04/2013 11:37 am EST Updated: 11/04/2013 2:00 pm EST

Suzuki said that an international team of experts needs to go into the Fukushima plant and help fix the problem, but said the Japanese government has "too much pride to admit that."

"I have seen a paper which says that if in fact the fourth plant goes under in an earthquake and those rods are exposed, it's bye bye Japan and everybody on the west coast of North America should evacuate," he said.

Suzuki said that an international team of experts needs to go into the Fukushima plant and help fix the problem, but said, "The Japanese government has "too much pride to admit that."

Are we not aware that the Japanese government is held by Judah hybrid transplanted shell people?

Rather than a case of "too much pride," might we not look and see the reality that they are waging a war of genocide upon us using a nuclear weapon, their Jewish electricity dirty bomb shot?

"I have seen a paper which says that if in fact the fourth plant goes under in an earthquake and those rods are exposed, it's bye bye Japan and everybody on the west coast of North America should evacuate," Suzuki said.

Here we have a scientist revealing to us that he has "seen a paper" informing us that when the plant blows all the way, America will need to evacuate the West coast.

Do we the ordinary people not see the urgency to end the genocide that is being inflicted on us? Are we not eyes wide open yet?

Is it not clear that Hitachi-GE rejected international help in shutting their dirty bomb down because it was a well planned opp by Judah to get us out in the hundreds of millions now?

While radiation is odorless, when it mixes with dust it can be smelled as a slight burning odor. Have we not noticed a strange burned odor in our air recently? Are Americans not aware that we are breathing radioactive waste from Judah dirty bomb shot at Hitachi-GE on the other side of our world?

If the scientist saw a paper revealing the vast loss of life and property from Fukushima, might the hybrid-transplanted shells that control the government not have seen the paper also?


"STRIKE THEM OUT." Tele receive. 2.30 AM

New Details in Stonewall Death Investigation
Updated: Fri 10:45 AM, Jul 10, 2015*353/jonathan+sanders.JPG
Clarke Co. coroner Greg Fairchild confirms 39-year-old Jonathan Sanders died Wednesday night. Sanders' attorney, Stewart Parish, tells Newscenter 11 that Sanders was exercising his horses in Stonewall when Officer Kevin Herrington pulled him off and choked Sanders with a flashlight.

Sanders' girlfriend, Charita Kennedy, says Sanders had his horse buggy equipped with the proper lights and wasn't violating any laws.

Is there not some way to convince labor to take the authority to issue our money away from Judah so that he no longer can finance his offends with free money?

Does the Druid not see that it is Judah or his white shells that are behind most of the offends against our brothers and sisters? Do we not recognize that polarization of the people is a strategy of Judah to harm us all in America?

"Deliver yourself." Tele receive. 2.56 AM

We'd had better defend ourselves my friends. The wipe out is in full swing and is on target to get us out in the hundreds of millions.

"A cannibal bistro." Tele receive. 3.04 AM

Our elders from space are here and have been here forever. Is there not some way that "We The People" will awaken our consciousness to guide us to make peace in our world?

Here's a Tele receive from shortly after posting yesterday:

"Pretty sad, too savage." 6.37 PM

That was elder in response to Bitch post of yesterday hollering about officials and urging us to bring on the grand juries to deal with the issues. Bitch rattled that he can’t get anything done trying to bring labor in to help us and instead of smooth convincing, resorts to yelling at officials. It doesn't help to savage officials, how does that bring the people who stand by and do nothing in to help us?

How to bring the people to do some thing, rather than shout at officials. So elders don’t go for yelling at officials. Sure hope you will help us labor to grand jury our public bourse recipients. Do we not see that as long as we do nothing, they will continue right on with harming us?

"I hear ya, but you’re not ability." Tele receive 5 PM.

Will the ability people of labor not step in here and bring labor together to take this menace away for good?

Here's some Tele receives from last night through this early morning:


Cored out your sale.

Cat rising score us breaking up.

Jew finished off our oxygen.

Now you’re into mortality. 12.25 AM

Dying you rascaled.

You're over failing, tossed yourself out.

Patrick, they squashed you out.

Patrick failed to save us. 1.50 PM

I think you’re awed.

Save your gorgeousness.

You die fistal if you let them take you out.

Their criminal deals wake you.

They're perfectly out for ditch.

You're fostering your facilities now lethally.

Toss them out and they'll stay out of here. 12.35 AM

Rightfully errant, you failed to save yourselves.

You died yourself off against your own fealty.

You died your establishment out.

Fantastic heretics, you failed to save your lives. 12.40 AM

The complex Jews hold you.

No velocity failed your rise.

Failed you lethal.

Circuit boy fails you out. 12.44 AM

From all this abuse we saved you.

A life of police really fails you; you’re right tossing out yourselves. 12.46

Jew technology will fail you.

They hire officials to false you away.

Help this scientist to save you.

You cast yourself out of here forever.

Your life has fallen jailable rusid.

You're melted constantly. 12.56 AM

Spiritually lost your way.

Jew exhausted you.

Eventually dead.

Officials, they’re all falsed out of here, they've obviously failed your oxygen good for sport lethal.

Die crusty here. 12.53 AM

Jew made us and you failed to save your life.

The radiation is in the air.

You’re busted racially. 12.55 AM

Force you out with savage failage. 12.57 AM

STRIKE their novelty.

Forcin out yourself. Outrageous conspiracy failed you.

They offed you excellently. 12.59 AM

Failed you hostage views.

You failed yourself ultimately delightfully.

It's fallen, it's over here. 1.01 AM

You gently falsed yourself out of life.

You racially sacrificed yourselves. 1.03 AM

The failure is Irish, though you are constantly dutiful. 1.05 AM

Your government is tossing you out of here viciously.

Fantastic orphanage.

Save your own personal life here.

They're enterprising a death squad.

You have initially died your field.

You failed to save yourselves, awesomely ill now.

Jew voltage tossed you vegged. 1.10 AM

You have personally bombed and bound yourself.

A smoke-a-gram coming in.

You're closing out your sacrament. 1.13 AM

Race judged, you failed to save yourselves.

Druid mouse and minnow destroyed the world.

They've tossed you out and you've failed yourselves.

You failed your sensible life times.

Your life falls out yourselves. 1.16 AM

Your past life is exhausted out of here.

You failed to save your life force deal.

You accomplished your die first for penalties.

Wiped you hustling. 1.25 AM

You failed to save your totem.

Hydrous fell. 1.28 AM

I want you to save your best lives.

Passed your wellness. 1.32 AM

The veg-o-mat skunked you. 1.37 AM

Rise your politic. 1.38 AM

You’re financially out your miracle.

Bad congressmen real waifered us. 1.43 AM

Truly dishonorable, they’ve pushed the button and you've done nothing. 1.47 AM

Shut your missile house here.


Pitched you's awesome and now you've failed to save yourselves.

Caper bust you lethal. 1.53 AM

ORGANIZE seriously. 1.54 AM

His mother failed you great. 1.50 AM

Ritualists conquered.

Economy is off for a cannonball.

Do right. 1.58 AM

They're wasting them out here. 1.59 AM

Falsed you right fold.

You’re scrounging up real sick. 2.03 AM

Sold. 3.49 AM"

Thank your for the Tele receives. After viewing them, some are from elders, most are from friends. Thank you. A special thanks to the lovely that sent in "Papa care" many months ago. Does that not sound just real real nice? NO compulsion at all to sign up for Papa care, just follow the love of Father for his kids on earth.

As a runner up to "Papa care," might we nominate one from long ago, "Don't mis confuse me?" Only much later it occurred, might it read, "Don’t miss confuse me?"

A special Thanks for that one also.

It's a higher-level life that we are welcome to come into. The life of peace for everyone, everywhere, all of the time. When Judah has the private authority to issue our money though, all he allows in is war, famine, terror and perish. The life of the false man. His homelessness sport.

God blessed the Jews in the early days, they were his chosen people. Made a covenant with them to follow God's ways.

"Their problem is rooted in abuse." One wise man said. They clearly understand that they have a problem, yet because their problem calls upon them to spend their life times harming their fellow human Beings, they choose to keep their problem. Judah Welched out on the deal with Father. Do we not see just how perfectedly our precious sweet Father let Judah let himself off here?

Judah knows that it is illegal in the Galactic Federation of light to commit genocide. Yet Judah carries forward, not deterred by any rules from any source in heaven or on earth.

His problem, manifesting itself as warfare, gives him selective advantage over the rest of us mere mortals. "Ethically, they’re criminals." God our Father said. That is the choice that Judah made. He has, as we do, free will. With his free will he chose to be a criminal.

Might it have been because of the advantages being a criminal gives him? What ever the reason, will we not just let him off right here?

Do working people in particular not see that the advantages that war gives us, are advantages that we just don't need?

Not only don’t need, do we not see now that under cover of war Judah is wiping us all out of here for good with his Jewish electricity?

"All our rights are thrown off to admonish us." Tele receive. 4.49 AM

Will labor not help us and put our human rights in once again?

Has our good God not told us about the circumstance of Judah now, "They have no defensible rights."

For attacking us with thousands of nuclear weapons do we not see that they no longer have any defensible rights?

Is there not some way that Druid will get a sight of peace and STOP THE WAR?

The bible tells us that in the end day's a third of our water will be poisoned by wormwood and with it, a third of the human race will perish. Does Druid not yet see that we are now positioned by Judah to be the third of the human race to perish from nuclear brimstone disease?

"ORGANIZE YOURSELVES." Tele receive. 4.57 AM

The dog has cancelled our lives now. You’re encouraged to end foolish and STRIKE THEM OUT.

"My pitchin fist died ya. I died you crystal. I cast you out of here forever. Selfish has helped us. I died. I screw you dumb as a mutt. Waste I'm managing with bourse sale. I have a heart of thief so my century is coming out. Judas just use wit to cancel you all out," Judee say.

Bitch summary from yesterday's post was a "fail." Too much useless shouting. Harsh words. They're of no use. What are the words that will bring labor in to help us all here? What are the words that will bring labor to STRIKE THEM OUT and take the authority to issue our money away from weap Judah?

A rice score is not usable. Any disagreement here? Can we not all agree on not harming one another? Will we not sooth Father's love for his beautiful little Simian children on planet earth and STOP THE WAR?

Father wants us to live in peace. This is directed to labor because does labor not see, labor is the one party that has the power to give us either war or peace?

Father loves us. Are the members of labor aware of this truth? Father brings to us an ancient wisdom of peace and love, that began its perfection 9 million years ago. Our Father is 2200 years of age. He has been our Father since 800 AD.

King Harald of Norway (860-940) was the first king of a unified Norway. His family was of the Yngling dynasty, the ancient royal house of Sweden, Harald succeeded his father at the age of 10.

Our Father in heaven is Father Harold. Father's name is mentioned with the profoundest respect and honor to Father's dignity.

That Harald, King of Norway in the 9th century came from an ancient royal house, did they not for sure know about our elders above? Certainly they did. Might that be how they chose such a nice name for their child who was to become king of Norway?

America, 1791, created by the insertion of its first ten amendments of the constitution, the Bill of Rights. The ancient regimes doing all that they could to remove the rights guaranteed for the people of the new United States of America.

Might we not examine what it is that has caused this once promising nation to prove so unsuccessful here?

The original framers were quite satisfied with a state of unfree labor. The constitutional convention was held in secret? Do we not recall that the state delegates didn’t buy their sales pitch, "trust us, we'll always be good?"

Only when the constitution was amended to include a statutory Bill of Rights, was there a deal to create this place called the United States of America.

Even after Abe's war between the states was ended, slavery was still in place in America. Only now a person had to be convicted first to be forced into slavery once again. Do we see why Judee needed his perjury rights to work us good?

Millions now enslaved in the American penal colony. The gulag state in North America. Might we not consider that the majority of penal colony time serving slaves are Druids? Though as a percentage of our population, the people originally kidnapped from the land of the good people still get it many times over.

Is it not something to ponder, that the largest number of slaves in America now are Druid people? Living their lives in captivity of Judah zoo behind bars serving the corporate labor needs of weap Judah. NO rights even if we're not in jail.

Judah, the only one that has any say in the organizing principle of society, the authority to issue our money. Have we not noticed that it is mostly Druid youngsters Judah sends off to fight his sport wars?

Continues at:

Judah continually makes it look as if there is such a thing a white power, w

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