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"Hurry, the Dog will Catch you here" That from one of the l
Thu Jul 16, 2015 09:34

"Hurry, the Dog will Catch you here"

That from one of the lady's on the desk at 2.10 AM. "Hurry, the dog with catch you here."

The Magnificents, our elder brothers, are on the desk in the business hours. Our elder sisters are on the desk in the other hours and on weekends.

Bitch says, "thank you sister for that useful message."

50,000 prisoners will wake up today in America, as they do everyday, living in a small box with no windows, all by themselves, no one to talk to. Sitting all day long in a little concrete box. Is that not a form of torture that is extreme in its hostility to any life forms, much less the high level life forms we are?

Is there not some way that labor will have mercy on the long suffering children of God in America and our world and shut this hellacious failed torture chamber tyranny down for good?

This is the state of America in the control of the only guy that has the authority to issue our money, weap Judah. Will labor not bring yourselves in and end funding this heinous beyond belief human torture?

"They mental degrade us."

Have we not read about prisoners that went on strike in the prisons? Now sitting in solitary confinement for long terms of their lives. Why? Is it asking too much to want better slave working conditions? Might labor not have an interest in the working conditions of imprisoned slave labor?

On the outside if labor wants a better deal, Judee infiltrates the labor group to learn who the leaders are of the labor movement. Do we recall that he claims a right to kill us?

On the inside in their prison houses, they put the leaders to suffer unending torture of solitary confinement, contaminated food and drink.

Does labor not see itself in this picture here? Do we not recall that our good God has had mercy on us and pulled their permit here?

"This is a fasci nation. It has proven unsuccessful. It is unsustainable except by force. It is no more. Put them out, theyíre criminals." God almighty of heaven and earth said.

"Youíre nice idiots, " Judee say.

"Hurry, the dog will catch you here."

"Itís our racket syndicate here," Judee say.

"They mental degrade us." Tele receive.

A man arrested, tried and convicted for the murder of a police officer and held for 22 years on death row and then put to death by the state of Georgia.

For those who have taken the time to look into the case, is there not a consensus that Troy Davis was an absolutely innocent man?

So if Troy was innocent and many in the state knew it, then why was he held and executed? Might this Tele receive not answer that question?

"They mental degrade us."

Bitch started writing about Troy before he was executed, and elder suggested it was useless to carry on with writing about Troy as the decision had been made to execute him and in Georgia there is no authority for the governor to grant a reprieve. Do we see here how Judah did his mind degrading experience to us in a state that the governor is prohibited from granting a reprieve to a convicted person?

The police officer that was slain. Do we recall that he was working a part time job when he was stolen away? Part time job? NO free bourse in his life to allow him to leisure at home with his family? Might the police officer have been one of the 20% strait guys?

Do we see the two sides of the coin that municipals in this corrupt tyranny might face? Take Judah paper checks and go along with Judah corrupt racket or face the alternative? Might it not even be amazing that 20% have resisted Judah paper lure?

David Rice and Edward Poindexter were convicted of setting off a bomb that killed an Omaha police officer, in 1970.

David Rice (1947-) is an activist writer and was involved with the freedom struggles when the suitcase bombing killed the officer.

Ed Poindexter is a Vietnam veteran that was involved in community activism at the time. He was a delegate to the 1968 Democratic county convention.

Both Rice and Poindexter are still imprisoned. For those who have read the cases of these men, does it not once again look to be two innocent men?

Setting bombs off to secure convictions against activist writers and political activists; who does that sound like?

Will labor not help us all and bring our civil rights in? The supremes told Rice and Poindexter in 1974 their appeals were out of time.

The same year the Omaha police officer died from a bomb, a San Francisco police officer died from a bomb blast.

From wiki

The persons that were involved were named by an informant. Here's a link to read about it:

We have at least one bomb a day going off somewhere in our world. Have we not had enough time to see that it is weap Judah that is always placing the satchel near to us?

"If you donít get Jewish out this beautiful nation will be destroyed." Elder from space said.

If there is some understanding that Judah attacked us all out with thousands of nuclear bombs in the middle of the night, is there not some awareness of the danger Judah presents to us still?

"Hurry, the dog will catch you here."

Continual bombings external. Bombings internal. Outrageous acts to secure convictions of innocents. No rights for any man in the Judah controlled United States of America.

David Lee Powell convicted of the shooting death of an Austin Texas police officer in 1978. The officer before he died, told witnesses that "Powell didn't shoot him, it was the girl that did it."
Travis County Deputy Robert Brice, left, and Sheriff Raymond Frank lead Davide Lee Powell from he courtroom to the jail elevator on Sept. 27, 1978. (Ed Malcik 1978 / American-Statesman)
David was a class valedictorian, voted most likely to succeed. He was an anti war protester.

The girl who did the shooting was released from prison 4 years after the loss of the officer.

David was held on death row for 32 years and then put to death by lethal injection. His execution had a party bus tour group go there to witness it.

Do we recall that our Father loves us and has revoked the permit of Judah tyranny rule throughout Father's village?

"It is no more. Put them out, theyíre criminals." Our good God said.

It is a terrible sickening feeling to know that this beautiful nation is being systematically destroyed with the loss of a third of the human race off of the face of planet earth, and this simple workingman has not been able to get any help at all. Nothing whatsoever as we slide right on out of life form with Judah still in full financial control of the fish. Will labor not reach up to God almighty and give us a victory in peace?

"Serve me optimistic." God said to Bitch. Father is Blessing us labor, will you not STRIKE THEM OUT?

This from yesterday:

"I hear ya, but youíre not ability." Tele receive 5 PM.

Can we not give Bitch credit for having the ability to get the news to the people that we have been attacked all out with nuclear missiles?

"It's an eviction lethal." 4.18 AM

Are the American people not aware of just what type of cipher they have allowed to decide for them?

We have had a worldwide intervention by high-level Beings from outer space who have done all that they can to try and help us save ourselves from weap Judah, and so far we have had absolutely no response yet. Not one pulse of an attempt too prevent the extinction of our race. We go on silently funding it.

Yet a fellow said yesterday, "I hear ya, but youíre not ability."

So are we to surmise that everyone has heard of our coming demise?

Is it not a real shame that with only a STRIKE, we would give ourselves a chance to survive?

Our beautiful nation being perfectly destroyed. Never again to draw a breath of healthful air. This from only 1 Jewish electricity power plant. Judah still has 435 more to try us with.

Elders from space have shut down over 40 Jewish electricity plants in the last few years. They did this to prevent Judah from crashing them and putting them all into uncontrolled meltdowns such as we have at Hitachi-GE

When Bitch posted the harsh hot savage words at officials the other day. Might it have been an anger response from being shot with the microwave beam early in the day?

Will labor not have some compassion and understanding of how a stupid guy can lose his temper after being put to harm so much? This is not a complaint labor, for have most people who challenged Judah right not been slain promptly? This is just a note that hopefully you will add in to your calculations to choose a strike.

When I insulted you's in April of 2012, just before that a Jewess showed up with two plain clothes to pull me out of my house and take me to a lock up for a die opp.

Because it was murder they were going to do to me for my service to Father's love, elders from space held me in.

After being put to a test of my life, then I stupidly insulted ya's.

If you're going to hold me to strict liability for what I said to you labor, do you not see that it will only end in catastrophe for all of us here?

If this war goes on, my life along with 200 million other Americans lives will be ended soon. I will die out with radiosis just as the mass of the Druid race in America will to. The Druids of Europe will also die out fabulously, as Judah has filled their homelands with Jewish electricity to get them out to.

The die wonít happen in a day, it will take the next 5 and half years to do it all. The 6 years of tears, our lady of Akita cried.

"Those who place their confidence in me will be saved."
"The demon will be especially implacable against the souls consecrated to God. The thought of the loss of so many souls is the cause of my sadness. If sins increase in number and gravity, there will be no longer pardon for them.

Will the people who read or hear of this not spend the 40 minutes and try to figure out just how fabulously our lives have been thrown out of here? Will we not think about the loss of our children and grandchildren to?

Bitch, a limited man of ability for sure. Never sought out being at the front desk, just worked in the background hoping to contribute to bringing us all into a better day. One people everywhere worldwide. Living in peace without war.

Judah will not countenance any person who opposes his sport war. Judah fists all who work for peace anywhere.

"Youíre dull," Judee say.

"You have a limited range, operate within it." Elder from space said to Bitch.

The millions in Judah prisons in America. Americans, the most imprisoned peoples on earth. The 50,000 that will spend another day and night alone in solitary confinement with no body beside them. Left stranded in an island of solitary pain. Will we not end the abuse of the children of God?

Is it not clear that Fear of this man Judah will not save us?

The next is reverse facial speech of one of the hybrid shell transplant Judah officials that are shooting us with their Jewish electricity from Fukushima:

"Our missionary budget lets us thump you right."

Do we not see that it is the ability to just write a piece of paper and access American labor that is allowing us to be wiped out by weap Judah? Does labor not see the absolute necessity of having real labor people be the issuers of our money?

For the 8 hours an average worker puts in everyday, does it not seem very wrong that 5 hours of our time creating labor values should be used to wage war in our world?

"They scotched you's." Tele receive. 5.17 AM

"Because of my hydrous, youíre going to pull Jew out of here. Our bust failed, but I'm still assigning you's out. With Loomis we always fouled you with cage. We just fight with tyranny, that's our way. With our palace cipher we're weaping oxygen. Our eviction is an open and shut case now. In a couple more days I wonít shoot," Judee say.

Bitch function is to share with the children of God that we have a beautiful, kind, precious sweet Father who wants us to survive the nuclear war that is being waged against us by Judah.

Does labor not see the significance of having our life forms saved from being perished out in an all out nuclear blast war? Is there not some way that the children of God will respond to the deep and prefect love of our kind, precious sweet Father above?

Now that our good God has saved us from weap Judah blast, can we not show our love and respect and act to free God's children from their solitary painful confinement? Will labor not free God's children from this prison abuse system and sooth our precious sweet Father's love for us? Will labor not STOP THE WAR?

If you hang me out to dry labor Iíll have to die off with you all in a few years, sick with one form or another of radiosis. No use for me upstairs if I canít get you to save yourselves.

The method of death has been of concern to me. Bitch used to work with a lovely lady who was about a decade senior to me.

One day while we visiting, she mentioned that all she wanted out of life was to not die by being murdered. At the time, Bitch was unaware of the structured nature of Judah massive internal die opps.

A few years ago while reading Chicago news, there was a story of a 67 year old woman that someone broke into her home and stabbed her death. Her name was the same as the woman that I had worked with many years before who told me all she wanted out of life was to not be murdered when it was her time to go.

Of course, how many people have the same names? Then again, the woman stabbing victim was just about the same age as my coworker friend?

When we worked together she lived far away on the north side and she road the El and bus to work everyday. The woman stabbing victim lived in a home only a couple of blocks from the office we worked in together?

Instead of traveling from the north side everyday, might my coworker lady friend have bought a home to retire to and live out her days in?

At the time, Bitch was in his early forties and being murdered as a way to leave here was not at the top of the list of concerns with Bitch.

Since discovering Judee and his shells and their vast die operations, it has gone to the top of the list of things to think about.

Rather than being murdered per se, the method of murder is of most concern to Bitch.

Bitch grumbled and complained when he hit the floor in Michigan in 1994 with cyanide that was tossed into my coffee when I left my mug in the truck.

Though, Bitch was glad that he was dying in a friend's house and not on the street.

Once Bitch understood that "Harold the Good" had been coffee, pie caked and double oxygen tanked out of here, if a guy that big gets tossed by Judee, what about the rest of us mice out here?

Anyways to make a long story short, my deceased lady friend's concern of not being murdered as a way to pass reached new levels in Bitch mind that he had never considered until Maxwell sought him out for interfering with their war machine.

When Bitch reached the inhalation ricin from the library and passed away, Bitch was only glad it was not in a bad way to go. No jail bars around me to die out of here.

Instead of my coworker friend's wish to not be murdered as the way she left here, Bitch merely wished to not be murdered in a lockup here. Is there not some way that labor will end funding this horrific Judah tyranny here?

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