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"This nice Bitch is telling you what the story is" That is
Sat Jul 18, 2015 10:34

"This nice Bitch is telling you what the story is"

That is a Tele receive, "This nice Bitch is telling you what the story is."

"It's a singe." Tele receive. Does that not explain it in about one word? "Singe."

"Please warn yourselves." Tele receive.

"Patrick, he's urging you to save yourselves." Tele receive. 1.33 PM.

The arrogance of a rude star. "Revenge is loyal." The way of Judah. The man that was a star over all the people of the world, everywhere, and he threw it all away in one night of shooting at us with his great balls of fire.

"They did not bend with the wind so they will break in the storm." God almighty said to Bitch several years ago.

"Judah failed beautifully." Tele receive. 1.34 PM

Father wants us to have the spirit of warmth, friendship, compassion, understanding, kindness and love between one another. What's so funny about peace love and understanding anyhow? The camels are off for foul.

The arrogance of the star that has been Mr. opposite since before the time he chased our elders from space off of the surface of our planet 2700 years ago in 700 BC.

"Keep them rising." Tele receive.

"Right falls the puratic." 10.43 AM Friday

"Your final false deal is coming from Italy." Elder said to Bitch today.

Naples did a nuclear attack some time ago. Elders MARKED it out well for us to investigate. Elders pulled all Judah atomic bombs and missiles out when they shot them at us.

A Mothership was captured in Houston

Posted on July 18, 2015
These great balls of fire shot by Judah are in the control of our elders from space who are burning them off at a high altitude to protect the people of Houston from being burned up. Here is a link to the video:

Here's some Tele receives.

"You're moused incredible.

Delightfully they oppress you.

Germany has out forced us.

They're imbued with a criminal spirit.

Error brained. Mercy them out beautiful.

Criminals whose rights are in.

Police always lie foolish.

This is a serious scientist here.

They're oppressive monsters.

Terror days be useless.

They're quite abusive.

Issue a RISE.

Their sinful force is out.

It's ended.

Shelter rights. 1.33

You're still boursing out yourselves.

They're perishing you obviously out of here.

Poly aggress.

Toss them out of here.

They want to be intimate with us to kill us.

Gentlemen I am trusting.

The dog appears to save us.

Environment sold you heart attacks.

God is good.

Hosing out your resource-able lives here.

Counsel boy is level.

There is contact.

They're cycling off of here.

You're right falsing out yourselves.

A heart attack is permanent.

Fault you out of your full right here.

Thank you so much here.

A ton of dies.

Totally frost us.

They need a ledge. (Allege?)

The camels are off for foul.

My god helped us.

Pat, your sight is obviously over died here.

It's a piece of cake, merciful.

Canonize yourself.

STRIKE THEM OFF of jealousy.

I pray.

Bogus fear.

Put the fierce away.

Casper arrived and policed it; the sacrifice.

The white tyranny is over here.

Judas sold us out.

Itís a Judas state.

Itís a singe

Courage. 7.04 PM"

All Tele receives. Thank you all for them.

How about these fantastic pictures from UFO chronicles of some of our elders space and water craft that were snapped by a submarine in the artic region?

Looking through the periscope of the USS Trepang

Theses photos were taken in 1971.
The USS Trepang that snapped the photos through their periscope.

Do we perceive how our elders have been introducing themselves to us?

A submarine undersea not visible on the surface and our elders know exactly where its at and when it is up periscope. So they act as if theyíre on a mission and fly in and out of the water allowing the submarine to capture the photos of them.

Might we only wonder who saw these 'secret photos' when they were taken in 1971?

These were taken in the artic near Norway. That is where our Vril family live. They may have reached the technological level to go into outer space about 8,000 years ago.

Bitch heard from one of our Vril elders "Nortica." He is mentioned here with respect and honor to his dignity. I thank him for communicating with me.

Mercury has bases inside our planet as do Venus and apparently many other species as well.

Inside the moon is a central location of the Mergetroid Beings.

The understanding of this chair is that the moon was put into earth orbit in the distant past. Possibly somewhere around 12-14,000 years ago.

Bitch is wondering, would archeologists have any way to tell when tides began on earth?

The Mergetroids brought their home planet that they live in, the moon, and put it into earth orbit and have been living with us since then.

Randal is a Mergetroid, and he communicated with Bitch a couple of times. He seemed a slight bit curt with me, it may have been because of how I blew it when I insulted ya's and set the transition back.

If Bitch had not made the blooper, can we only wonder, might labor have already struck them out and prevented the die of the Pacific Ocean on us?

I thank Randal for communicating with me and sending me pictures of where he lives. Randal is mentioned here with respect and honor to his dignity.

What is interesting, his clothing and body I have seen in cartoon characters. Might this not indicate that sketch artists have seen the Mergetroid Beings? Sure. How else could they depict them so well?

He wears a headband that has his long range telepathic transceiver in it. It has two bumps with the communication package in it. He was wearing a two tone green space suit in the picture he sent me. They are about four feet tall. Might that not indicate that they are biologically a couple of million years beyond us?

Elders live in lovely country club hotel type surroundings. All varieties of different species of high level Beings live together.

The pictures Randal sent may have been from the Valley of the Dolls, 4 light hours from planet earth. That is their resort and recreation area.

This is where Juliet departed from in November of 2008. She had also sent me pictures of where she lived at the time. It may be where George Wales, grandfather to me and my life long guardian angel, lives also. Thank you grandfather. I love you. Grandfather is mentioned with respect and honor to his dignity here. Grandfather is the only reason Bitch has survived.

Grandfather is retired now. The Galacticans retire at 1600 years of age. He was guardian angel to 8,000 earthlings in his years of caring for us. The main base where operations are conducted from are on a large space ship on the other side of the moon. It is 1100 miles long. It flew in to our solar system 1,000 year ago, and has been there ever since.

Grandfather watched over us from there. His apartment, is in the Valley of the Dolls.

To travel the 4 light hours distance to the Valley of the Dolls, elders walk through a hallway that has gold looking mirrors on the wall and a short distance walk of only a few seconds, they are 4 light hours away.

The Valley of the Dolls is 4 light hours from planet earth. Numerous high level extraterrestrial civilizations are living there. They have been there for over a million years. Bitch says that because one large space structure is abandoned and has micro meteor pits in it. The understanding is it was used for a million years. Does that give us some idea of how strong are the materials our elders use for their building projects?

The resources management center is in between earth and the Valley of the dolls. It is 2 light hours away.

Are we getting some ideas of the super civilization that gifted us with their high level genetics? They love us and have tears in their eyes, as we die off huge, destroying ourselves as slaves to weap Judah war machine.

A gentle man who does not accept harm to others, if he keeps his mouth shut and doesn't act, Judah may not bother him. If the gentleman acts to end the harm to others, Judah slanders him then frames him up, imprisons and fists him out.

Bitch, while thinking through his insult to ya's, thinks that part of his stupid is not understanding why the white fish is the savage to his brothers and sisters in this world.

Bitch himself was lured into the savage to his family when he was 17 years old. He was not drafted to go into the military, he was brought into it by the hopelessness of the surroundings he found himself in.

How does a young unskilled boy earn his income with little skills? Do we see it is earning income that is at the root of how Judee lures the white fish in to his savage machine?

Sitting off of the coast of South Vietnam as the 5 inch guns bombed the people for weeks at a time. Bitch think to himself, "This is all sh*t." At some level Bitch knew that the bombing was not about fighting some supposed enemy, it was to put a consciousness into us. Bitch didnít buy war from the beginning, it didnít work. He was anti war from the first moments he saw it.

But by that time, it was too late. Bitch was trapped into the navy.

The first year Bitch was free, 1969, a company he worked at, he went on a one-day strike that was called to protest the war in Vietnam. He recalls telling the boss he "wouldn't be in Monday." The boss asked, "Why?" And Bitch explained he was protesting against the war in Vietnam.

Boss could have fired him. The boss was a smart wealthy man. The war was never an issue with most people Bitch worked with. Was not a point of discussion. Most didnít care to hear too much about it. Bitch really didnít know the ins and outs of it himself, merely that intuition told him war was wrong.

Can you only imagine it was not until Bitch reached into his mid sixties did he learn of Judah hybrid transplant people, that had taken over the world? Is it not almost science fiction like that they planned and worked for thousands of years with only one plan in mind, to destroy all of the human race in war?

The hybrid shell Judah cipher still has control of the minds of the people of the world we live in. Over a century of "Project Earth," carried out by the Galactic Federation of light, has not freed the minds of the people of earth of Judah cipher yet. Judah is now in his last weap, taking out a third of the human race on his way out.

"I died him truthful." Our good God said.

So Judah cipher is a dead brand. Arrogant, rude Judah, tangled with the love power
of our good God and put himself out of here.

The Federation has saved us, but as of yet, we have remained deaf and by way of inaction, have now chosen to destroy ourselves.

Bitch so troubled by his fail to Father, yet to make things easier on himself, he thinks of how the bible has told us what would happen in the end times. So might we not consider that we have had about two thousand years of warnings to set ourselves right?

Will labor not end funding the prison or probationary control of the 6 million people of America here? Will labor not close out the contracts for private prisons in this land? Will we not stop shooting ourselves?

Might we consider, as one of the consequences of Judee getting a hold of the authority to issue our money was his ability to put the big depression of 1929 in?

Can we wonder about the affects on us of pushing large numbers of people into poverty? How might that affect our thinking and outlook of some of us? Might harsh conditions make us more receptive to working in war industries to eat? Might our own harsh conditions make us more accepting of Judah war?

Bitch studied economics for decades; each and every book he came across on the subject, never once read that the authority to issue our money is the "Organizing principle" of society.

One top labor leader, William Sylvis who left us in 1869 at the age of only 41, told labor people that, "it is labor that made the dollar work and that labor should sit in on the issue of it."

Bitch never heard of William until the age of the internet. Doing economic research led him to this magnificent labor leader thinking man Sylvis, who was stolen away at such a young age.

That William Sylvis had it figured at such a young age, can we only imagine what he might of accomplished if he had been gifted to live into old age?

1869 was during the time of the US issued greenback dollar. A roaring success to the people of America. Only 4 years after Sylvis passed, the "crime of 73" was committed by congress against the people of America.

1873, congress put the greenback dollar back on the gold standard. This move by congress effectively put the dollar into the control of Judah again. A 5 year depression followed.

President Lincoln needed cash to wage his war, and the greenback proved exceptionally useful and effective. In waging the peace after he died, it proved itself effective and perfectly acceptable. The people of America were all lifting themselves up. Our economy was blossoming. We were all on the way to prosperity.

"Every man has his price."

That was an admonition Bitch Father gave to him when he was just a child. "Every man has his price."

Bitch recalls the beautiful, warm, sunny, low humidity just gorgeous and Joyous mid September day in 1987 that he was informed about some things that were going on with some of the boys at 12th and State street. 12th and State is where the Chicago police department has its headquarters.

His friend who had the inside scoop at the department, had told him about "Jewish lightening" for years. Bitch was so extra very stupid then, even asked him if he was "anti Semitic" then?

The guy had watched Judah burning his buildings down for insurance for years and he knew what was going on. He was a decade older than Bitch, and Bitch just didnít get the picture at that time.

This nice September day in 1987, department insider told Bitch about some tricks the boys in the department had recently done. It was some of their old tricks that they had not pulled during the first term of Mayor Harold Washington. Bitch could hardly believe what he heard from his insider friend? He knew that when these facts reached Harold the Good in about 3 months, these guys would get themselves thrown out on their heads for what they had pulled.

Harold was 9 months into his second term, clearly a big winner with the voters of Chicago. 89% of the people from the land of good people voted for Harold first and second elections.

The Druid vote for Harold went from 18% to 25 % after his first four years in office. It was clear to everyone, Harold would now have a free hand to put in his policies that so benefited all of the people of Chicago.

His first term, the wilding from 12th and state had subsided. This was why Bitch was so troubled to hear of new wilding, only 9 months after Harold had won his second election.

Bitch remembers going home and sadly thinking about what his Father had said long ago, "Everyman has his price."

Bitch wondered, could it be that Harold had succumbed to an offer of a rich payday if only he would, "go along with the game?"

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What else could explain a new round of wilding on the mice from t

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    • "This nice Bitch is telling you what the story is" That is — Patrick Sullivan, Sat Jul 18 10:34
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